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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

Achievements are a feature added in Divine Wind, obtained by accomplishing certain goals in-game and displayed on Paradox Interactive's forums. There are several types of achievements, of various difficulties. The number of Paradox Points (PP) awarded for each achievement is related to its difficulty.

List of Achievements

5 PP

  • For the Glory - Diplo-annex a vassal as France (1399 start).
  • It was a hard campaign - Win a war in the grand campaign as France, one of the most powerful countries in the game.
  • Pure Capitalism - Gain 5 merchants in the same Center of Trade.
    • This is easy to do playing as Holland or any other country with high Free Trade slider.
  • Until death do us part - Secure a Royal Marriage with another country.
  • That's a Grand Army - Build up your army to your country's maximum army forcelimit.
    • This is easiest to do playing as OPM and hiring 1 or 2 mercenaries depending on your forcelimit.
  • Joan of Arc - Playing as France in the grand campaign, secure control of an English province in mainland Europe.

10 PP

  • Truely Divine Ruler (sic) - Get an 8/8/8 monarch.
  • Isn't this the way to India - In the grand campaign, discover Americas as Spain.
  • Cortes & Pizarro - In the grand campaign, conquer the Aztecs and the Incas.
    • This achievement is recommended to be done along with the Isn't this the way to India achievement playing as Spain.
  • Azur semé de lis or - Conquer all french cores in the grand campaign as France.
    • Can be gimmicked by giving up all unowned cores in a peace settlement.
  • It's all about the money - Accumulate 2000 gold in the grand campaign.
    • This is easy one, you probably get this when you do either Spanish or French achievements.
  • Respected - 0 badboy, 100 prestige, 100 legitimacy (monarchy)
  • One League to rule them all - Get 25 members in your trade league.
  • Seriously?! - Kill 10,000 men in one battle.
    • This is easy, just start at 1789 as French.
  • True Catholic - In the Grand Campaign, secure at least 33% papal influence.
    • Just play as France or Spain

15 PP

  • Pure harmony - starting in 1399 as China, enforce religious unity.
    • Release Xia immediately.
  • Norwegian Wood - Become trade leader and production leader of Naval Supplies as Norway.
  • Market control - Be trade leader of 7 different goods.
  • No Pirates in my Caribbean - Control all of the Caribbean before 1600.
    • Easiest to do when you play as Spain.
  • Master of India - playing as any European nation, own all of India (1399 start).
    • Only requires owning the "Indian Region", which doesn't include the northern third of India for some reason.
  • My armies are invincible - Gain at least 7.0 land-morale. (1399 start)
    • With Military Drill, average leader, average sliders and full maintenance, requires land tech 59 (1798). With a 9-star leader, 6-star commander and 100% prestige, requires land tech 43 (1735). With the above plus Defender of the Faith and full Land/Offensive/Free Subjects sliders, requires land tech 29 (1644). With the above plus being Shinto or Shi'ite, requires land tech 19 (1540).
  • The wooden wall - as England, have a navy of at least 30 Three-deckers (naval tech 38) (1399 start).
  • World discoverer - playing the grand campaign, discover the entire world.
    • You get this as any country after discoveries spreads, only requires discovering one province on each continent.
  • This navy can take it all - Gain at least 7.0 naval-morale (1399 start)
  • Sultan of Rum - As the Ottomans, destroy the Byzantine Empire and acquire Constantinople (1399 start).
  • Traditional Player - reach 90% in culture, army and naval tradition.
    • Land tradition is easier to get with a small country. Navy tradition is best gotten through exploring.
  • The pen is mightier than the sword - As Austria, have three unions at the same moment (1399 start)
    • Form royal marriages and claim thrones.
  • On every continent - own a province on each continent (1399 start).
    • This can be also done in your game as Spain.
  • Spain is the Emperor - Starting as Castille in the grand campaign, become the Holy Roman Emperor.
    • Vassalize 3 or 4 electors.
  • For Liberty - as the USA, secure peace with the British without giving up any land (1776 start).
  • One Night in Paris - Control Paris, playing as the British (1789 start).
  • War has never been so much fun - be at war during a regency period.
  • The flag is Oranje - form the Netherlands and own its nine provinces (1399 start)
    • Required to start with Dutch culture (Holland is easiest).
    • Start as Holland and trade until your personal union with hainaut breaks.
  • East & West - playing the grand campaign, own a core in both the carribean and Asia.
    • This can be also done in your game as Spain.
  • All belongs to Mother Russia - Form Russia (1399 start)
  • Sweden is not overpowered - Control entire baltic coastline as Sweden.
    • Start in 1665.
  • It's all about luck - Win a battle against a great (6/6/6) leader, without a leader.

20 PP

  • Poland can into space - as Poland, reach the maximum level in all technologies (72) (1399 start).
    • Become a OPM with vassals and build a trading empire.
  • Trade Controller - Own five monopolies at the same time.
    • Play as Holland
  • World Conqueror - starting in 1399, conquer the entire world.
  • A Kaiser not just in name - unite the Holy Roman Empire into a single country (1399 start)
  • Basileus - Restore the Byzantine Empire to its historical borders (1399 start)
  • The Crysanthemum - playing as one of the four daimyos, unite Japan in the grand campaign.
  • An Early Reich - playing as the Teutonic Order, form the German nation before 1800 (1399 start)
  • Can he be trusted? - Gain a 6/6/6 military leader.
    • Set leaders to historical and start 31 May 1793, 1 day before you get Napoleon.
  • African Power - As any sub-saharan country, conquer entire africa.

>20 PP

  • Jihad (90 PP) - playing as Najd, conquer all of Europe, Africa and Asia and convert all of your provinces to sunni islam (1399 start)
    • Bugged, to get this achievement you need to convert the Old World to Sunni, but have a different state religion.
  • No trail of tears (90 PP) - playing as the Cherokee, westernize and survive until 1800 (1399 start).
    • Avoid taking coastal provinces until you are ready to Westernize to avoid DoWs from countries you can't see. Straightforward once westernized.
  • Napoleon was not this good (90 PP) - as France starting in 1789, dismantle the Holy Roman Empire within three years.
    • Since the HRE is Tuscany, not Austria, this isn't that hard - Berlin is the only tricky province to take.. You start as a monarchy but should become a Republic to use the Revolutionary CB.
  • The Three Mountains (100 PP) - As Ryukyu in the grand campaign, conquer the entire world!

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