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An After Action Report, or AAR, is a form of story of a player's game popular on the Paradox forums. They can be written in a number of styles; gameplay, narrative, or history-book, among others.

This page will give a WritAAR some information on how to create his own masterpiece, and provide some links to other people's gameplay stories about EU3 experiences. All of our AARs come from the EU3 After Action Reports forum.

Writing an AAR

Choosing a country

A potential WritAAR's main concern should not be selecting who to play as, though this helps greatly. The country should, ideally, be located in a relatively active region - the Inca, for example, will generally be rather boring for the first few centuries. Europe and Asia are the usual options for an AAR, but this should not limit a WritAAR in his decisions.


Often the country chosen will influence the style of writing. For example, a One-province minor will often be written as a comedy, because the WritAAR may not expect it to last very long. This is not always the case, as there are exceptions, and many WritAARs have a style completely unrelated to their country.





History Book

AARs for a Mod