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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

Steppe Wolf
Basic Info
Mod name Steppe Wolf: The Coin, The Sabre and The Pigeon
Website forum:545796Topic On Paradox Plaza
Vitosha Pictures Studio site
Mod version 1.13, August 12/11 2012
Game version Divine Wind v5.1b (July 22th, 2012)
v5.2b (August 6th, 2012)
Mod Type
Mod extent Master mod / Total Conversation
Mod focus Map, Gameplay, Historical plausibility

In Nomadic tradition each and every family follow Totemic animal symbol. Among with eagles, bears and horses one of most used symbols is the wolf. While The Wolf is pretty name, it was used already so the mod gain the name of nomadic wolf - The Steppe Wolf.


The main aim of the mod was to transfer the previous version Eastern Tales: The Hurricane mod from Heir to the Throne to Divine Wind. However because of the new map size in Divine Wind (almost twice as bigger as the one in Heir to the Throne patch), Vitosha team altered the Victoria II map. The new province ID changed completely the mechanism of the mod, so the mod was gradually changed starting with the pilot versions of Airotciv until the last one of Steppe Wolf: The Coin, The Sabre and The Pigeon.

The team worked with the great cooperation of the forum members, who found most of the glitches and bugs in the game.


  • Heavily altered map from Victoria II with 3283 provinces
  • Existing provinces improved (more accurate land shapes)
  • Many new countries and cultures
  • Timeline extended from 11 to 2010
  • National ideas altered to fit the new timeline
  • Events for formation of new countries or migrations of tribes and nations
  • More governments forms, based on Rising Nations 7 governments
  • 36 religions combined with bonuses for holding holy lands (for each religion)
  • The faction system added to early Chinese countries
  • New decisions for formation or release of countries. Released countries, gives anti badboy bonus

Elements from other mods

  • Rising Nations 7
  • Renaissance 3
  • The Whole World Mod
  • Septentrionalis Universalis - Shields and wood icon
  • EU Factions Mod
  • and many minor changes which we saw as ideas around the net.