Assassination attempt discovered

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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

Assassination attempt discovered is a country event.

DW 5.1

ID Conditions MTTH Modifiers Notes


  • Or:
  • Has country flag = assassinate kanrei
  • Has country flag = assassinate kanrei again
  • Not:
  • Has country flag = revealed assassin

0.95 if has_country_flag = assassinate_kanrei 0.15 if has_country_flag = assassinate_kanrei_again 0.05 if shogun_influence = 50 0.05 if stability = -1

This event can be found in JapanEvents.txt.


Assassination attempt discovered

The samurai returned to you, not with a bloodied sword, not with a proud look upon his face and certainly not with the head of the Kanrei carried by its hair. He returned to you in chains, beaten, bruised and broken. The Shogun escorted him in, demanding an explanation. Still, your word counts for more than the words of your warrior. You barely escape the wrath of the Shogun and you can feel his suspicion.
Option A: I would have gotten away with it too...
  • Prestige = -0.05
  • Stability = -2
  • Set country flag = revealed assassin
  • Set country flag = ninjas arriving
  • Clr country flag = assassinate kanrei again
  • Clr country flag = assassinate kanrei