Colonial Ventures (Event)

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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine and Heir to the Throne 4.1b.
Please help update this page to include information on the DW expansion.

This is a random country event based on the selection of the National Idea of the same name.

HTTT v.4.1b

ID Prerequisites MTTH Modifiers Notes


North America
Central America
South America

264 months (Common)

  • -10% if ≥ 1 conquistador
  • -10% if ≥ 1 explorer
  • -10% if Viceroys
  • -10% if stability ≥ 1
  • -10% if stability ≥ 2
  • -10% if stability = 3
  • +10% if stability < 0
  • +10% if stability < -1
  • +10% if stability < -2

This is a naval bonus event enabled by Colonial Ventures and prevented by Naval Glory.

Colonial Ventures

"With the discovery of the New World, we have entered what looks like our greatest period of prosperity. Despite the immense wealth returning to us allowing $MONARCH$ to finance one of the most outstanding armies in the world, we have not been successful in creating a strong naval force and his attempt to conquer the neighbouring states has so far failed miserably."
Option A: Invest in the naval force
  • Set country modifier Naval Improvements for 120 days, giving:
    +20 Ducats/mo. naval tech investment
    -2% Naval tech cost modifier
    +5% Big ship cost
    +5% Light ship cost
Option B: Abandon the idea of naval supremacy
  • Set country modifier Naval Disarmament for 120 days, giving:
    +8 Ducats/mo. land tech investment
    -10 Ducats/mo. naval tech investment
    +2% Naval tech cost modifier

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