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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

Decisions are another new feature in Europa Universalis III: In Nomine. Like missions, they are a powerful way to help players shape their country; unlike missions, there is more than one decision a player is able to select at a time. Most decisions have major benefits to countries, often making stability cheaper, increasing tax income, or giving free slider moves.


There are three types of decisions: Provincial, Religious, and National. National decisions affect your entire country, religious decisions affect the practice of religion in your country (mainly affecting stability costs and conversions), while provincial decisions affect individual provinces. Many countries will have unique decisions; England/Great Britain, for example, gets a number of naval-related decisions such as "Sing 'Britannia Rules the Waves'", while the Spanish can establish the Spanish Inquisition. One major change from pre-IN versions of EUIII is that all westernisation and unification events are now decisions. You no longer have to wait 50 years or more to unify Germany when you have all the necessary triggers—instead, you need merely select the decision.


National decisions are listed on a new Missions & Decisions tab in the Domestic Management interface, Religious decisions are integrated on the religion tab, while provincial decisions are listed in the provincial information screen, under the button with a scroll and hammer.

National decisions

Unifications and name changes

Icon Unification decision Available to
Form British Nation Great Britain.png British/Welsh culture group
Form Chinese Nation Manchu.png Ming only
Form Dutch Nation Netherlands.png Dutch/Flemish culture group
Form English Nation England.png English culture group
Form French Nation France.png French/Basque/Breton culture group
Form German Nation Germany.png Hannoverian/Pommeranian/Hessian/Saxon/Bavarian/Prussian/Rheinlaender culture group
Form Hindustan Hindustan.png Dravidian/Western Aryan/Hindusthani/Eastern Aryan culture group
Form Irish Nation Ireland.png Irish culture group
Form Italian Nation Italy.png Latin culture group
Form Malayan Nation Malaya flag.png Malayan culture group
Form Mughal Empire Mughals.png Altaic/Iranian culture group
Form Persian Nation Persia.png Iranian/Azerbaijani culture group
Form Kingdom of Prussia Prussia.png Brandenburg or Prussian culture group
Form Romanian Nation Romania.png Romanian culture group
Form Russian Nation Russia.png Russian culture group
Form Scandinavian Nation Scandinavia.png Scandinavian culture group
Form Spanish Nation Spain.png Iberian/Basque culture group
Form Sardinia-Piedmont Sardinia Piedmont.png Savoy and Sardinia
Restore the Byzantine Empire Byzantium.png Orthodox countries with Greek culture
Forming the HRE HRE.png Holy Roman Emperor
Unite Japan Japan.png Japanese daimyos

Nation Specific

Icon Country Name
ModIcon3.png Austria Austria.png Establish Habsburg dominance
ModIcon5.png Austria Austria.png Allow Fuggers financial control.
ModIcon7.png Austria Austria.png Establish Hofkriegsrat
ModIcon1.png Burgundy Burgundy.png Establish the Order of the Golden Fleece
ModIcon7.png Burgundy Burgundy.png Create The Compagnies d'Ordonnance
ModIcon5.png Byzantium Byzantium.png Reestablish the Theme System
ModIcon5.png Denmark Denmark.png Adopt Vordenskab
ModIcon1.png Denmark Denmark.png Sign 'Den Danske Lov'
ModIcon5.png England England.png

Great BritainGreat Britain.png

Establish British Merchant Navy
ModIcon7.png England England.png

Great BritainGreat Britain.png

Sing 'Britannia Rules the Waves'
ModIcon7.png England England.png

Great Britain Great Britain.png

Establish the Fleet as our Wooden Wall
FranceFrance.png Move the court to Versailles
ModIcon11.png FranceFrance.png say "L'État, c'est moi"
ModIcon1.png GenoaGenoa.png Confirm thalassocracy
ModIcon5.png Hansa Hansa.png Build Krantor Crane
ModIcon7.png Hansa Hansa.png Commission Adler von Lubeck
ModIcon1.png Hansa Hansa.png Confirm thalassocracy
ModIcon2.png Japan Japan.png Enforce Sakoku Law
ModIcon1.png,ModIcon2.png Japan Japan.png Enforce Sankin Kotai
ModIcon15.png Japan Japan.png Hire Ninjas
Japan Japan.png Request the title of Kampaku
ModIcon7.png Japan Japan.png The Sword Hunt
ModIcon11.png Japan Japan.png Western Embassy
ModIcon11.png Korea Korea.png Found Hall of Worthies
ModIcon11.png Korea Korea.png Hangul Writing System
ModIcon11.png Manchu Manchu.png Create Manchu Alphabet
ModIcon13.png Manchu Manchu.png Create the Eight Banners
Manchu Manchu.png Form Manchu Dynasty
ModIcon13.png Manchu Manchu.png Create Green Standard Army
Ming Ming.png Encourage the Bureaucrats faction
Ming Ming.png Encourage the Eunuchs faction
Ming Ming.png Encourage the Temple faction
Mughals Mughals.png Move Capital to Delhi
ModIcon5.png Netherlands Netherlands.png Establish Bank of Amsterdam
ModIcon5.png Netherlands Netherlands.png Found Oost-Indische Compagnie
Ottomans Ottomans.png Make Constantinople Capital
Papal StateThe Papal State.png Declare the Kingdom of God
ModIcon7.png Poland Poland.png Rely on Polish Hussars
Poland Poland.png Move Capital to Warsaw
ModIcon1.png Portugal Portugal.png Establish Afonsine Ordinance
ModIcon5.png Portugal Portugal.png Remember the Navigator
ModIcon7.png Prussia Prussia.png Enact Prussian Military Reforms
Russia Russia.png Make St.Petersburg the Capital
Russia Russia.png Go east into Siberia!
ModIcon7.png Russia Russia.png Establish Russian Patriarchate
ModIcon7.png Scotland Scotland.png Use Highland Charge (Removed in DW.png)
ModIcon5.png Spain Spain.png Commission Gold Fleet.
ModIcon7.png Sweden Sweden.png Create 'Indelningsverket'
ModIcon1.png Sweden Sweden.png Institute the Absolutism
ModIcon7.png Sweden Sweden.png Use Finnish Cavalry
ModIcon7.png Sweden Sweden.png Use Swedish Steel
ModIcon1.png Venice Venice.png Confirm thalassocracy
ModIcon7.png Venice Venice.png Expand Venetian Arsenal
ModIcon1.png Venice Venice.png Promote Printing Industry
ModIcon5.png Venice Venice.png Enact 'Stato da Mar'

Holy Roman Empire

Icon Name
ModIcon11.png,ModIcon3.png Call for Reichsreform
ModIcon11.png,ModIcon3.png Institute Reichsregiment
ModIcon12.png,ModIcon3.png Reform the Hofgericht
ModIcon6.png,ModIcon5.png Enact Gemeiner Pfennig
ModIcon1.png,ModIcon1.png Ewiger Landfriede
ModIcon4.png,ModIcon3.png Proclaim Erbkaisertum
ModIcon12.png,ModIcon11.png Revoke The Privilegia
ModIcon3.png Renovatio Imperii


Icon Name
ModIcon2.png Pass Licensing of the Press Act
ModIcon1.png Pass Tenures Abolition Act
ModIcon2.png Declare Statute in Restraint of Appeals
ModIcon2.png Pass Witchcraft Act
ModIcon2.png Pass Education Act
ModIcon2.png Pass Abolition of Slavery Act
ModIcon5.png Pass Judiciary Act
ModIcon2.png Pass Combination Act
ModIcon1.png Pass School Establishment Act
ModIcon2.png Revoke Restraint of Appeals
Pass Dissolution Act


Icon Name
ModIcon5.png Benign neglect
ModIcon1.png Colonial Expansion
ModIcon5.png Establish a House of Trade
ModIcon2.png Colonial Restrictions


Icon Name
Accept Cultural Shift
Commission Tapestry
ModIcon9.png Gilded Iconography
ModIcon1.png Arrange Organ Concert
ModIcon9.png Byzantine Refugees
ModIcon11.png Charter a Guild of St Luke
ModIcon3.png Commedia dell'Arte Performances
Commission Painting
ModIcon11.png Diwani Script
Endorse Culture
ModIcon1.png Endorse Renaissance Philosophy
ModIcon13.png Golden Age of Dutch Painting
ModIcon13.png Introduce Heir
ModIcon13.png Liberté, egalité, fraternité
ModIcon11.png National Epic
ModIcon3.png Support Baroque Music
ModIcon3.png Support The Florentine School
ModIcon7.png The Last Jousting Tournament
ModIcon9.png The South German Organ Tradition
ModIcon13.png The Way of Tea


Icon Name
ModIcon5.png Pass Liquor Act
ModIcon5.png Pass Joint-Stock Companies Act
ModIcon5.png Pass Merchant Shipping Act
ModIcon5.png Pass Court of Wards and Liveries Act
ModIcon1.png Agricultural Cultivation
ModIcon5.png Pass Importation Act
ModIcon5.png Pass Mining Act
ModIcon3.png Implement The Gold Standard


Icon Name
Adopt Imperial Administration
Adopt Plutocratic Administration
ModIcon12.png Cult of Reason
ModIcon11.png Formalize Separation of Powers

Hanseatic League

Icon Name
Join the Hanseatic League
Leave the Hanseatic League

Indian Trade Company

Icon Name
ModIcon5.png Found Indian Trade Company

Liberum Veto

Icon Name
Institute Liberum Veto


Icon Name
ModIcon7.png Pass Naval Recruiting Act
ModIcon7.png Pass Militia Act
ModIcon1.png Pass Navigation Act
ModIcon5.png Enlist Privateers
ModIcon5.png Establish a Naval Convoy System
ModIcon1.png Pass Anti-Piracy Act
ModIcon7.png Pass Recruiting Act


Icon Name
ModIcon2.png Declare Statute of Monopolies
ModIcon1.png Close Foreign Trade


Icon Name
Reform the Government


Icon Name
ModIcon2.png Westernize
Military Modernization

Province decisions

As well, there are province decisions:

Nation Specific

Icon Country Name
ModIcon5.png England.png England Designate Calais as The Staple Port
ModIcon5.png France.png France

Rev. France.png Rev. France

Introduce Provincial Taxation System
ModIcon5.png France.png France

Rev. France.png Rev. France

Take Control of the Guilds
ModIcon7.png Korea.png Korea Border Patrols
ModIcon1.png Korea.png Korea Coastal Defense
ModIcon7.png Manchu.png Manchu

Ming.png Ming

Repair of the Great Wall

Repair of the Great Wall

ModIcon6.png Manchu.png Manchu

Ming.png Ming

Construct the Forbidden City
ModIcon7.png Ottomans.png Ottomans Adopt the Devshirme System
ModIcon5.png Ottomans.png Ottomans Adopt the Provincial Government System


Icon Name
Promote Land Enclosure
Intelligence Agency
Yearly Provincial Festivals
Provincial Court System
Town Hall
ModIcon1.png Embassy


Icon Name
ModIcon1.png Improve Frontier Defences
ModIcon1.png Establish Penal Colony

Colonial Takeover

Icon Name
Assimilate Colony


Icon Name
Build Royal Palace
ModIcon7.png Improve fort defense
ModIcon8.png Repair fort


Icon Name
ModIcon1.png Support Local Customs
Promote Cultural Unity
Arrange festival

Holy Roman Empire

Icon Name
Join the Holy Roman Empire
Abandon the Holy Roman Empire
Return Unlawful Territory

National Focus

Icon Name
ModIcon8.png Enact settlement policy
Revoke settlement policy
ModIcon11.png Expand the bureaucracy
ModIcon5.png Formalize scales, weights and measures.


Icon Name
Support Local Shipbuilding
Establish Recruiting Centre
Establish March!


Icon Name
ModIcon1.png Support Religious Minorities

Removed with Divine Wind

Religious decisions

Finally, there are religious decisions which are accessed from the religion tab (marked with a cross):

Nation specific

Icon Country Name
ModIcon5.png Portugal Portugal.png

Spain Spain.png

Institute the Societas Jesu
ModIcon9.png Spain Spain.png Establish Spanish Inquisition
ModIcon9.png Mughals Mughals.png Introduce Din-i Illahi
ModIcon1.png Aztec Aztec.png

Chimu Chimu.png
Inca Inca.png
Maya Maya.png
Zapotec Zapotec.png

Religious sacrifices
ModIcon10.png Ottomans Ottomans.png Enact Ottoman Tolerance
ModIcon9.png France France.png Enact Edict de Nantes
France France.png Revoke Edict de Nantes


Icon Available to Name
ModIcon9.png Catholic.pngOrthodox.pngProtestant.pngReformed.png Pass Advancement of Religion Act
ModIcon9.png Catholic.pngOrthodox.pngProtestant.pngReformed.png Pass Blasphemy Act
ModIcon9.png Catholic.pngOrthodox.pngProtestant.pngReformed.png Pass Act of Uniformity
ModIcon9.png Catholic.pngOrthodox.pngProtestant.pngReformed.png Pass Suffragan Bishop Act
ModIcon1.png Catholic.pngOrthodox.pngProtestant.pngReformed.png Introduce Church Taxes
ModIcon9.png Catholic.pngOrthodox.pngProtestant.pngReformed.png Establish Sunday Schools
ModIcon9.png Catholic.pngOrthodox.png Pass Declaration of Indulgence Act
Catholic.pngOrthodox.png Iconoclasm
ModIcon9.png Catholic.png Pass Conventicle Act
Catholic.png Reestablish The Kingdom of Jerusalem
ModIcon9.png Catholic.png Pass Heretico Comburnedo Act
Catholic.png Send Delegate to the Pope
ModIcon9.png Catholic.png Embrace the Counter-Reformation
ModIcon1.png Protestant.pngReformed.png Superintendents
ModIcon9.png Protestant.pngReformed.png Pass Test Act
ModIcon9.png Protestant.pngReformed.png Pass Dissolution of the Monasteries Act
ModIcon9.png Protestant.pngReformed.png Pass Popery Act
Protestant.pngReformed.png Convert to Catholicism
Catholic.pngReformed.png Convert to Protestantism
Catholic.pngProtestant.png Convert to Reformed


Icon Available to Name
ModIcon9.png Shiite.pngSunni.png Establish Sheikh ul-Islam Office
ModIcon9.png Sunni.png Adopt the Title of Khalifa
ModIcon9.png Shiite.pngSunni.png Denouncement of Sect Practises
ModIcon9.png Shiite.pngSunni.png Islamic Centre of Scholarly
Shiite.pngSunni.png Introduce Jizya
ModIcon9.png Shiite.pngSunni.png Establish an Ibadat Khana

Eastern religions

Icon Available to Name
ModIcon9.png Buddhism.png Monastic Education
ModIcon9.png Buddhism.pngConfucianism.pngHinduism.pngShinto.png Anti-Christian Edict
ModIcon9.png Confucianism.png Promote Neo-Confucianism
Confucianism.png Denounce Neo-Confucianism
ModIcon9.png Hinduism.png Anti-Muslim edict
ModIcon9.png Hinduism.png Accept Religious Sects
ModIcon9.png Hinduism.png Support the Haridasa Movement
ModIcon9.png Hinduism.png Support the Advaita Movement
Shinto.png Kirishitan Conversion


Icon Available to Name
ModIcon1.png Animism.pngShamanism.png Encourage divination
ModIcon1.png Animism.pngShamanism.png Introduce vision quest