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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine and Heir to the Throne 4.1b.
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Demanding tribute is one of several ways to end a war. This option allows the player to demand the opponent's surrender, and opens the menu in which the player chooses what his opponent is to give in order to end the war. It should only be taken when the player is winning a war, as the enemy will rarely surrender when winning.

There are a number of options when demanding tribute in a peace negotiation.

Option Effects Additional information
Concede defeat Victor only gains prestige No infamy acquired
Cede provinces Ownership of selected provinces passes from losing nation to victor Normally, the victor may demand every occupied province that is not the capital of the target nation.

It may be possible to demand the loser's capital if its province does not have a direct land border or sea connection to any other province of the same country [1] or if the province is also your core. In either case you can ONLY demand the loser's capital province, none of their others.

Give up cores Losing nation will no longer have claims to the selected provinces.
Cancel vassals Selected existing vassals of the losing nation will be freed from their master.
Release nations One or more of the losing nation's provinces will be freed as independent nations. Released nations are born as allies to the victorious nation.
Force Personal Union The Recipient becomes the lesser partner in a Personal Union Is only possible with the Fabricated Claims Casus Belli or the Claim Throne Casus Belli.
Force religion Losing nation changes state religion to match the victor.
Force Vassalization Losing nation immediately becomes the vassal of the victor. Generally only works against smaller nations
Demand tribute Losing nation pays reparations, in ducats
Cancel treaties Losing nation cancels treaties with the selected third-party countries. Treaties include alliances and guarantees.
Join Trade League (if applicable) Losing nation joins the victor's Trade League This option is only available to Merchant Republics.

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