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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind is the fourth expansion to Europa Universalis III. It was announced on September 9, 2010 and focuses on the Far East, although it also contains improvements in many other areas. It requires all expansions to date in order to run. Divine Wind was released for digital distribution on December 14, 2010 through GamersGate, Steam, Impulse, Direct2Drive and other portals. The current version of Divine Wind is Version 5.2.


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On May 27, 2010 Paradox asked the community what their download team should work on next. A poll was created with 4 options:

  • EU3 - With focus on "Rest of the World"
  • Rome - Alexander era, revised map
  • HoI3 - Expanded timelines, battle scenarios
  • Victoria 2 - US Civil War

EU3 won with 46% of the votes, followed by Rome at 25%, Victoria 2 with 18% and lastly Hearts of Iron 3 with 10% of the voters.

This sparked the development of Divine Wind.

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