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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

Exploits are ingame tactics, that were not degined by Paradox. They and make game overly easy and ahistorical. Some exploits have been developed recently, while others have been known since game release. All tactics classified as exploits have been banned in multiplayer and are likely to cause ejection from any game where an exploit is used. Exploits are not bugs, they work within the designed rules of the game but produce unexpected results. In some patches various exploits have been fixed.

  • Spy exploit: A spy mission existed to give a core on a province. In the first place a player could release a vassal, on non cored province to create a core, then cancel vassalization and get a core province there. Going Mercantalstic, Plutocratic and taking the Espionage National Idea gives many spies and thus many cores. It was of course, costly, but a core meant no nationalism in province, and full tax income. This was removed in In Nomine expansion - the spy mission became available only in enemy capital, and didn't give a core, instead it gave a casus belli against the enemy.
  • Turbo-annex: If a country had less controlled provinces than rebel controlled provinces at the end of the month the country collapsed. All provinces occupied by enemy armies were ceded. This meant, that a player could just let 1 province of the enemy revolt and take several provinces. This mean, that you could annex whole country in two wars. This was removed in the In Nomine expansion - countries could only collapse if at peace.
  • Manufactory Selling: Each manufactory increased price of building another. As manufactories are greatly increase income, this meant that a player could ask another who has a low number of them, to buy province from you for 0 gold, and build manufactory there, for which they would pay a considerable sum. With the removal of cores when selling provinces in Divine Wind this exploit has been largely rendered useless.
  • Navy force limits: Buying a ship and then reducing the naval force limit greatly increases the value of the ship. Selling this ship then allows a vast increase in funds very quickly.
  • Vassal military access: Before Divine Wind 5.1 vassals did not give military access to opponents allowing a nation surrounded by their vassals to attack opponents with impunity.
  • Blockade missions: by leaving 2 enemy sea zones unblockaded the mission to blockade provinces within the sea zones will fire allowing a player to patrol a ship between the two provinces when receiving blockade missions enabling a player to make 20 ducats every 2 days for as long as the mission kept repeating.

When in use a player can earn about 300 ducats per month.