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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

The unification of Persia works differently in different versions of the game. In EU3 and Napoleon's Ambition, it was implemented as country event that, when the preconditions were met, could be accepted or declined, but only once. In Nomine has changed this unification to a decision. The article below lists the requirements and effects for each version separately.

Divine Wind, Heir to the Throne and In Nomine

Form Persian Nation is a country decision. This decision can be found in persiannation.txt.


At the mere age of 15, $MONARCH$ has taken his father's position as head of the Shiite Turkmen tribe. He has quickly established a base of power in the northwest and proclaimed himself Shah of Iran. Several of the neighbouring regions have been conquered and the possibility of a resurrected Iranian nation doesn't seem so absent anymore.


  • Persia doesn't exist
  • Country is not the Mughal Empire
  • Culture is either from the Iranian group, or Azerbadjani
  • Own and have cores on the following provinces:
    • Luristan
    • Hamadan
    • Azerbaijan
    • Mazandaran
    • Fars
    • Makran
    • Khurasan
  • Country is at peace


  • Receive cores on Luristan, Hamadan, Azerbaijan, Mazandaran, Ajam, Fars, Khuzestan, Gilan, Gurgan, Khurasan, Dash-i-Lut, Makran and Kerman
  • +1 base tax and +125 base manpower in a random province
  • -2 Centralization/Decentralization
  • +5 prestige
  • Country changes to Persia
  • Government changes to Theocracy

EU3 and Napoleon's Ambition

This map shows both the required provinces to form Persia and the optional ones needed to decrease the MTTH. The capital provinces of those countries with the correct national culture to receive the event are marked with a star.


  • Persia doesn't exist
  • Forming Persia wasn't declined in the past
  • Your state culture is Persian
  • You own each of Luristan, Hamadan, Azerbaijan, Mazandaran, Ajam, Fars
  • You're not at war

Mean time to happen

The mean time to happen when you meet all the above conditions is 216 months. The following events speed up the event:

  • You own each of: Khuzestan, Gilan, Gurgan, Khurasan, Dash-i-Lut, Kerman
  • You are decentralized, each of three rightmost steps increases your chances
  • Your monarch is a good administrator (7 and more) or a great military leader (8 MIL).
  • You have a six-star statesman advisor

Note: Having Bureaucracy national idea doesn't help here like it does in most of unifications so you can ignore it.


If you accept:

  • Tax and manpower in one province increased
  • More centralization
  • Some prestige (0,05)
  • Government type changed to Theocracy
  • You become Persia

If you refuse:

  • Nobody ever in this game will get a chance to become Persia
  • More decentralization
  • Less tax and manpower in one random province

AI will most likely accept Persia if it gets a chance (75% of cases).