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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

Gold is a special resource that is never traded. It is sent directly to the country that owns the province and is added to the country’s monthly income. This also results in a small amount of inflation that depends on what percentage of a country’s total revenue is derived from the gold.”[1]

Gold income

Province Krain

Gold has its own income category: gold income. It contributes nothing to the other categories (tax, production, trade income or tariffs).

The value of gold is a hard-coded constant of 40Ducats.png per unit. To calculate the annual gold income of a gold producing province, this value is multiplied only by the number of units produced. Note that this number appears rounded in the province interface. (See the example on the right side: calculated 1.47 units, but displayed 1.4 units.)

Annual gold income = 40Ducats.png × units


For gold producing provinces oversees the calculation of gold income is similar to tariffs calculation of normal provinces oversees.

Annual gold income overseas = 40Ducats.png × 0.50[2] × ( 1 + Tariffs modifiers ) × Sea-lane efficiency


Gold reasoned inflation is controlled by two values in ..\common\defines.txt:


The first number is the fraction of total income that may be gold income without causing inflation. The tricky part is that for this purpose, “total income” includes only monthly taxes, trade, gold and production income. It doesn’t include tolls, harbor fees, census taxes, tariffs, vassals etc. This means one can’t use the “percentage of income” stated in the ledger to determine whether the threshold for gold inflation has already been achieved.

The second number is the percentage of inflation added yearly for every percentage point gold income above the foregoing threshold.

Gold type resources

A trade good having the above characteristics is defined as goldtype = yes in ..\common\prices.txt. In (unmodded versions of) Europa Universalis III gold is the only trade good of this type.


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  2. This 0.5 stands for _EDEF_TARIFF_BASE_ in ..\common\defines.txt.