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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine and Heir to the Throne 4.1b.
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Europa Universalis III: Heir to the Throne is the third expansion for Europa Universalis III, released on the 15 December 2009. Among its new features are an expanded, goal-driven casus belli system, Spheres of Influence, dynasties, Cultural tradition, Trade Leagues, magistrates and National Focus.

Heir to the Throne cover

The expansion requires an installation of In Nomine or Europa Universalis III: Complete to play.


HTTT has been released only as a digital download. The game is available at:

Features and changes

  • For example, Merchant Republics can acquire agreements with other nations to have all their trade with a resource only go through your centers of trade.
  • A Merchant Republic now also has a special casus belli against anyone leaving their trade league, allowing them to demand gold or rejoining the trade league in the peace treaty without any negative impacts.
  • For example, playing successfully as Holy Roman Emperor will make it possible to use imperial authority over a long period of time to unite the whole HRE into a single nation.
  • Imperial Authority can also be used to "Bestow Imperial Grace" towards a country, which is a very powerful diplomatic move to improve relations.
  • The changed casus belli system now gives different effects to infamy, prestige and peace costs depending on which casus belli was stated when declaring war and if that casus belli allows for those specific demands in the peace treaty. There are twenty-nine different types. Some examples follow.
  • "Reconquest" is the traditional casus belli.
It can be used against any nation holding one of your core provinces.
Demanding core provinces in the peace treaty of such a war you will result in no infamy, double prestige and these provinces cost half the normal value.
  • "Religious Unity" is a new casus belli.
It will activate for the Holy Roman Emperor if a nation refuses an imperial order for Religious Conformance.
If this is the casus belli for a declaration of war you will get no infamy, twice the prestige and half the peace cost for demanding religious conversion in the peace treaty.
  • "Imperialism" is another new casus belli.
It will be a casus belli against any nation if you are a Revolutionary Empire, Revolutionary Republic, Enlightened Despotism, Republican Dictatorship or Absolute Monarchy.
Since these are advanced government types, this casus belli will not be an option until late in the game.
During peace treaty negotiations this casus belli does not change the prestige, but infamy and peace costs are both at three quarters the normal value.
  • Advisors are now created by the player by spending the appropriate type of tradition points. Depending on the type of advisor the cost will be split between cultural, land and naval points.
  • There are also new mapmodes to show revolt risk and colonial range (which also shows the new trade winds, speeding up ships using these).
  • Several provinces were added in what was formerly Terra Incognita in Australia, Madagascar and Scandinavia. Also, the provinces in France and Russia have been rearranged.

HttT Versions

Stable releases

Stable release patches are normally distributed through the EU3 game launcher.

  • Version 4.0a - Demo
  • Version 4.0c - Initial release
  • Version 4.1b - See Patch 4.1b for details

Public beta releases

Public betas are released through the "EU3 - Tech Support" subforum of Paradox Interactive Forums.
As of September 2010, six public betas have been released.
It is worth noting however that as these patches are betas, they have not gone through the full quality assurance process and so can be expected to contain bugs.
Also, updating to and in between the betas may cause saved games to not work as intended anymore.
They do on the other hand often contain fixes critical to some users or may be required for some mods to function.

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