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The historical advisors are located in .txt files in the history\advisors\ folder. There are files for various regions of the world here. If you want to add your own, you can change an existing file, or you can just add your own. All files in this folder are read at startup.

An advisor definition looks like this:

 advisor = {
   name = "John Fortescue" #English lawyer 
   location = 234 #Wessex
   skill = 1
   type = statesman 
   date = 1424.1.1 #30 years old
   death_date = 1476.1.1 #died

Here, location defines the home province of the advisor. The owner of this province may get him pre-selected, as mentioned above. The skill defines the bonus and cost of hiring him; type defines what kind of bonuses he gives while date and deathdate define the time interval during which he will appear as a historical advisor.

In this case, John Fortescue will be available as a level 1 statesman if you start before 1. Jan. 1476.

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