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In this history\countries folder you will find text files defining the starting historical position of all countries in the game through time. The format is as follows:

government = feudal_monarchy
aristocracy_plutocracy = -3
centralization_decentralization = 4
innovative_narrowminded = 1
mercantilism_freetrade = -5
offensive_defensive = 0
land_naval = -3
quality_quantity = 0
serfdom_freesubjects = -4
technology_group = Latin
primary_culture = bavarian
religion = catholic
capital = 65	#München!

Government defines the starting government form of the country in 1453. The following eight lines defines the domestic policies slider settings. Negative values means to the left of the middle (e.g. aristocracy_plutocracy = -3 means three steps toward aristocracy). The last lines defines the country's technology group, primary and accepted cultures, state religion and the province that holds the capital of the country.

After this, there can be a various data defining historic monarchs and military leaders, changes in policy, tech groups, cultures, state religion etc. for this country. This is then used when you start a game at a set date.


The format is quite easy:

1438.7.3 = {
    monarch = {
        name = "Albrecht II"
        adm = 5    
        dip = 5
        mil = 5

The first line defines the date (yyyy.mm.dd) this definition takes effect. For a ruler it is the start of their reign. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to the name is that all names here should be spelled the same as those defined in the country definition file in the common folder. ADM/DIP/MIL denotes the skill values of the monarch. Female monarchs are marked female = yes.


1558.1.1 = { 
    leader = { 
        name = "Clinton" 
        type = admiral 
        rank = 0 
        fire = 2 
        shock = 3 
        maneuver = 4 
        siege = 0

The format is similar to that for monarchs. Type is either admiral or general, rank is ignored (holdover from EU2) and fire/shock/maneuver/siege defines the leader's skills.

Other valid effects

In addition to the ones already listed at the top of the page, there are numerous other effects that can be defined to any date:

elector = yes

Makes the country an elector of the Holy Roman Empire. Comparatively, elector = no will remove this status.

emperor = yes

Makes the ruler of the country Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

add_accepted_culture = <culture>
remove_accepted_culture = <culture>

Adds or removes the specified culture as an accepted culture.

set_country_flag = <flag>
clr_country_flag = <flag>

Sets or clears the specified country flag

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