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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

The Indian Coast region consists of the following provinces.
The relevant information is contained in the files regions.txt and definition.csv in the folder ...\Europa Universalis III\map.

Province ID Name Culture Religion Base Tax Trade Good
515 Kathiawar Gujarati Hinduism 1 Cotton
528 Surat Gujarati Hinduism 7 Cotton
529 Dadra Marathi Hinduism 6 Tea
530 Konkan Marathi Hinduism 4 Spices
531 Goa Marathi Hinduism 8 Spices
532 Raichur Doab Kannada Hindusim 6 Spices
533 Mysore Kannada Hindusim 6 Fish
534 Calicut Malayalam Hinduism 7 Fish
535 Malabar Malayalam Hinduism 6 Spices
536 Madurai Tamil Hinduism 7 Naval Supplies
537 Tiruchchirapalli Tamil Hinduism 5 Spices
539 Madras Tamil Hinduism 6 Spices
541 Kondavidu Telegu Hinduism 3 Spices
542 Telingana Telegu Hinduism 5 Spices
549 Parlakimidi Telegu Hinduism 4 Spices
572 Jaffna Sinhala Buddhism 5 Spices
573 Korales Sinhala Buddhism 9 Sugar