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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

The ledger is a virtual book which provides statistical information about the country and its economic, military, diplomatic situation. It can be opend by clicking the ledger button Button ledger.png of the special menus toolbar or the hotkey ‘L’.

The majority of pages can be sorted by clicking the titles at the top of the page. Clicking on the country in the second page takes the player to the nation's Capital.

Ledger national comparison.png Nation comparison

Nation statistics

First page of the ledger, columns: Country, Infamy, Prestige, Legitimacy, Stability, Inflation, Income, Trade Efficiency, Production Efficiency, Papal Influence.

Nations’ technologies

Country, Land technology, Naval technology, Trade technology, Production technology, Government technology.


Name, Employer, Home province, Tech group, Skill, Type

The best leader of the world

Name, Category (General, Admiral, Conquistador, Explorer), Country, Fire, Shock, Maneuver, Siege, Overall

Holy Roman Emperors

History of Emperors: Name, Country, ADM, DIP, MIL, From, Until


Country, Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Manpower, Total (Does not include manpower)


Country, Big Ship, Small Ship, Galley, Transports, Total

Number of provinces

A time series of number of provinces, can show up to 8 countries. Has subpages for Neighbours, Friends, Enemies, Most.

Ledger national statistics.png National statistics

This section is focused on the internals of the country.

Country overview

Province, Tax, Tariffs, Production, Manpower, Culture, Religions, Trade Good, Fort level

Previous rulers

Name, ADM, DIP, MIL, From, Until


Province improvements separated into sections,Government Land Naval Forts Production Trade Manufactories Unique

Buildings overview

Province, Manufactory, Government, Army, Navy, Production, Trade, Fort, Unique

Province decisions

Sort by province or number of decisions 1-10


Province, Population, Growth, Colonist cost, Colonist chance, Days, Native size, Ferocity


Four charts, Religion, Production, Cultures, Provinces (ratio of core to non-core)

Technology overview

Lists of technology unlocks, Land, trade, Naval, Production and Government.

Ledger military statistics.png Military statistics

National Armies

Name, Province, Region, Inf, Art, Cav

National Navies

Name, Province, Region, Big, Light, Gal, Tra

Army regiments

Name, Unit, Home, Unit type, Off Shock, Def Shock, Off Fire, Def Fire, Off Morale, Def Morale, Speed


Name, Unit, Home, Type, Guns, Speed, Hullsize

Ledger economics.png Economics

Income overview

Category, Last year, This year, Percent of total

Cost overview

Category, Last year, This year, Percent of total


Lender, Borrower, Expiry date, Amount, Interest yearly cost


Location, Owner, Value, Our income, Auto send priority, Monopoly, Free spaces, Number of our merchants present, Merchant cost, Merchant compete chance, Merchants sent, Stagnation


A time series of income, can show up to 8 countries. Has subpages for Neighbours, Friends, Enemies, Most.


A time series of inflation, can show up to 8 countries. Has subpages for Neighbours, Friends, Enemies, Most.

Trade goods

Name, Base price, Supply, Demand, Current price

Strategic goods

Name, Strategic effect, Market share, Trade leader, Production leader

Ledger relations.png Relations

Friendly relations

Country, Alliance, Royal Marriage, Vassal, Personal Union, Trade agreement, Guarantee, Access

Hostile relations

Country, Casus belli for us, Casus belli against us, Embargo against us, Embargo by us, Trade agreement, Truce

Casus belli

Target, Casus belli, Duration

Current wars

War name, Attacker, Defender, War score