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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

A country's manpower denotes the number of reserves that can be drafted into military service. This draft happens either through the raising of new regiments, or by reinforcements to existing regiments. Manpower is recruited from your provinces, and thus the most effective way to improve your manpower is to gain more provinces - be it through conquest, diplomacy or colonization.

Province manpower

This is the amount of manpower you gain each year from that province.

province manpower = int((125*Units)*baseMP + buildings)*(%modifiers)

where Units is a number derived from population (and, starting in v3.1, base tax) and baseMP is the province's manpower value in the province history file which is visible in-game as a modifier to the garrison growth rate. The Armory, Training Fields, Barracks and Conscription Center buildings give bonuses of 250, 250, 1000 and 5000, respectively, that are added to the base manpower before modifiers are applied.

Some 'global' %modifiers:

In addition to the above, the difficulty levels gives additional modifiers: Human-played country:

  • +50% on very easy
  • +25% on easy

AI-played country:

  • -10% on very easy
  • -5% on easy
  • +25% on hard
  • +50% on very hard

There are also some modifiers which only apply to individual provinces:

  • +20% for a Regimental Camp building
  • +30% for an Arsenal building
  • +10% for a capital city.
  • +10% if affected by a National Focus
  • +10% per level for a Center of Trade.
  • -30% non-accepted culture
  • -50% overseas (i.e. no land connection to capital and on different continent from capital)

All applicable modifiers are added together before multiplying by the other factors in the equation.

Holy Roman Emperor bonus

Finally, if you are the Holy Roman Emperor it gives you the following

  • +500 manpower for each member state in the Holy Roman Empire. For example, if there are 10 member states in the Holy Roman Empire you will get an additional 5000 added to your yearly manpower.

Max manpower pool

The maximum size of your manpower pool is ten DW.png (two for all previous versions) times the total of your yearly manpower. For the modders: This factor is defined in defines.txt as #_MDEF_MAX_MANPOWER_.


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