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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

Map modes are one of the items in the interface. In Divine Wind there are 22 map modes.


Icon Name Use
Mapmode Terrain.png Terrain Shows the map, also shows fraction of each terrain type which is used to determine effects in battles
Mapmode Political.png Political Shows the nations and their borders, occupied provinces are shown using hashed lines
Mapmode Religion.png Religious Shows the various religions, differences between state and national religion are shown using hashed lines
Mapmode Empire.png Imperial Shows nations in HRE, Princes' provinces in dark green, Electors and Emperor in light green.
Mapmode Trade.png Trade Shows the provinces attached to each Centre of Trade. Hashed red lines show and embargo, black lines show out of range and other colours show Trade leagues
Mapmode Diplomatic.png Diplomatic Shows friends and enemies, Vassals, Alliances and Royal Marriages in shades of green, wartime opponents in red.
Mapmode region.png Region Shows regions for each province, for provinces in multiple regions then hashed lines are used.
Mapmode culture.png Culture The culture of provinces, subdivisions within culture groups are shown by hovering the mouse over the province.
Mapmode sphere.png Sphere of Influence Shows green for countries in the sphere of influence, grey for those too large or out of range and beige for possible additions.
Mapmode rebel.png Revolt Shows revolt risk in with increasing risk is deeper red, also shows sea zones vulnerable to Pirates
Mapmode colonial.png Colonial Provinces that can be colonised in green, already colonised in blue and with trade winds over sea zones.
Mapmode Economical.png Economical Shows provinces by their economies, useful to spin off a vassal controlling poor provinces
Mapmode Manpower.png Manpower Shows manpower generated by each province
Mapmode Fortlevel.png Fort level Fort level in shades of blue with green hashing showing temporary bonuses
Mapmode stabilitycost.png Stability cost Green for low cost and red for high cost, again useful for deciding to release a troublesome province to a vassal
Mapmode Tech.png Technology Shows the relative technology levels, green for leaders and red for laggards. Useful for deciding who to contact for Westernising
Mapmode Tradevalue.png Trade value Shows the goods in each province and their relative value, note gold production is in blue
Mapmode Supplylimit.png Supply limit The relative supply limit for the province, useful for avoiding high attrition
Mapmode Building.png Building From grey to blue with number of buildings built, unique buildings are shown in hashed lines
Mapmode Recruitment.png Recruitment Shows current recruitment of army units
Mapmode Building ships.png Ship building Shows production of naval units
Mapmode Missionaries.png Missionary Shows the provinces and relative success chance, highly likely provinces in green with less likely in darker colours, active missionaries in blue.