Mass national migrations

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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

The basic idea here is to move an entire nation out of Europe or the Near East and into a richer or more protected area like Brazil or Africa. The strategy is good for small European powers who would otherwise have problems expanding on the ground in Europe. A few candidates are Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, Dutch or Germans minors, and Milan/Naples. The strategy is valid for all nations but takes longer and more effort for Eastern or Muslim nations than it does for Latin nations.


Start with your chosen nation at the optimal start date (i.e. If your chosen nation has 3 provinces in 1402 and 2 in 1400 then start in 1402). Start the game and look for advisors that boost Government Tech and Naval Tech. If it's possible to conquer your area do so, but attempt to avoid too many wars to keep Stability at +3. Instead maintain a small army and build up your supply of ducats (aim for several thousand and least). Invest roughly 50% of your money in Gov and 30% in Naval. Increase your Technology levels until you can get "Quest for the New World". Keep saving and improving technology levels for 40 years or more from your start point. Once you get QftNW it will take some more research to be able to colonize the Americas (IN/NA Only). Once you can start colonizing pick a specific area and concentrate there. Spread out on the coast to prevent rivals from establishing their own colonies. Build up one colony into a city as soon as possible. Wait until that province becomes a core, and when that happens move your capital to that province ( You will suffer a Stability hit of -4). Now sell or vassalise all of your European provinces including your ex-capital. You have now established your capital in North America!! Now colonize as normal conquering natives as you please.


Colonies are the heart of your nation. They produce massive amounts of money and provide cores for you much faster. Their only disadvantage is that they are remote and difficult to defend. By moving your whole nation to the colonies they are much easier to defend. Once you have moved build a massive fleet (around 300 ships) and you will be safe from any European threats.


Specific Regions to colonize

  • North America: Modern day America or Canada.
  • Central America: A very rich region, but you will have to conquer the Aztecs.
  • Brazil
  • West Africa
  • Indonesia