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The music of Europa Universalis III was composed by Andreas Waldetoft. He has composed the soundtracks of other Paradox Interactive games, such as Europa Universalis: Rome, Hearts Of Iron III, Majesty 2 and Victoria II.

Score listing

Below is the complete list of tracks in the official EU3 soundtrack:

  • Battle Of Damascus
  • Choose Your Path
  • City Of Jerusalem
  • Dies Irae Intro
  • Eine Kleine Court Musik
  • Emperor Of These Lands
  • (Main theme) Conquistador
  • Mare Atlanticium
  • (Mood) A Song For Merchants
  • (Mood) Discover New Land
  • (Mood) Land Of Glory
  • (Mood) Night Falls Over Our Empire
  • Para Bellum
  • (Prologue) Europa Universalis
  • Somewhere
  • Swashbuckling Privateers
  • The Highland Wanderer
  • Travel South
  • (War) A Cruce Victoria
  • (War) East vs. West
  • (War) To Constantinople

Where To Get These

You can get the tracks from within the Game folder; if you go to the music folder you can get them from there.

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