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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine and Heir to the Throne 4.1b.
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Oriental Mod is a mod by Trin Tragula that aims to improve India.

Oriental Mod
Basic Info
Website Paradoxplaza thread
Mod version 1.02
Game version HTTT
Status in active development
Mod Type
Mod focus History and geography of India



  • 98 new provinces, mainly in India, Transoxiana, Afghanistan and Persia. (and many changed ones)
  • Over 100 new or changed countries with flags, monarchs and heirs, etc. (gone are the fictitious Indian countries). Some of the vanilla flags have also been replaced (so hopefully there are no more 21st century designer logos among them).
  • East India Companies as vassal countries for Europeans.
  • A mechanism for the rise of religious sects in Persia (leading up to the formation of a Shiite Persian state).
  • New ways for the steppe countries to become sedentary (as well as more features specific to them, they get their own unit group and tech group)
  • Much expanded religious tolerance features including the game keeping track of religious tolerance in Indian sultanates with possibilities for reactive revolts and the eventual (historical) birth of a wave of Islamic orthodoxy with probable conflicts with either the ulema or the sultanates Hindu subjects being inevitable.
  • The addition of the Sikh religion and it's rise among the Jats of northern India.
  • Special modifiers, events and decisions to cover the specific problems of the deccan sultanates and the eventual rise of the Marathas.

Global changes

  • City population growth entirely redone. It is now entirely dependent on the factors of the specific province where the city is the capital.
  • Cities may increase quickly in population but may also decrease during bad harvests or wars. Most cities however will increase or decrease to a population the land can support and stay there. No more eternal city growth.
  • Many random events have been modified to have an effect on city growth in different parts of your country.
  • A new, optional, way to generate CoTs. The thresholds for the normal CoT generation have been increased.
  • Some changes to sliders and other balance changes (free subjects increases tolerance slightly, narrowmindedness decreases it, serfdom slightly boosted, effects on science for innovativeness and free subjects have been switched)

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