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The patch was released on Jan 23, 2007. These are the patch notes from the updated ReadMe.txt you get in the root EU3 directory after updating the game.

Johan Andersson (the producer) posted patch notes on the official forums, but those were incomplete.


  • If the game fails create a device with the resolution settings from settings.txt it will start in the same resolutions as the desktop.
  • If the player has less the 128mb graphics memory the game will still start but display a warning. This will make the run on computers with shared graphics memory.

New Features

  • The launcher will now detect installed mods and the player will be able to select which mod he/she wants to play.
  • Total War: New event series that simulates the turbulent times befalling large empires such as the Timurid Empire and Ming China before their eventual fall.

Gameplay Balancing

  • You can now declare war on a nation you have military access on, for a severe stability penalty.
  • Military access is now cleared properly when war starts.
  • You now only get the -1 stability hit from declaring war on your own religion, if its actually your sect.
  • You can no longer refuse peaceoffers from an AI if you have all your provinces occupied.
  • Fixed a few rules to only have alliance leader give up cores, release and cancel vassals.
  • Former Alliances now break for anyone force-vassalized.
  • You now get a call ally option if you vassal is attacked.
  • Fixed a few bugs where badboy wars would not occur when they should.
  • Releasing a country as a vassal now reduces badboy.
  • Papal controller now reduces badboy slightly.
  • You can now only assault if you lead the siege.
  • You can no longer diplomatically annex countries that are at war.
  • You can no longer recruit mercenaries in colonies.
  • Retreating units no longer reinforce while moving.
  • Transport ships can now do slight damage in combat.
  • Units will now be eliminated if the only possible retreat targets holds garrisons bigger than their current force.
  • Rebels now have decent morale when they spawn.
  • Deus Vult now gives a free CB on heretics in the same religious group as well.
  • Religious governments will no longer change state religion.
  • You can no longer force convert religious governments.
  • You now lose control of curia and cardinals when going Protestant.
  • It is now impossible to change religion if been force converted until current ruler has been replaced.
  • Relation hits from changing religion is now bigger.
  • Entering an inland province with an army and discovering it, now also discover the adjacent seazones.
  • There is now a delay of 50 years instead of 25 before discoveries spread.
  • Colonies now get assigned to CoT's as soon as possible now.
  • Adjacent status is now calculate directly after a colony is constructed.
  • Disabled build navy when you don't have core and build army when nobody has core
  • There is now a slightly bigger spread between 1, 2 & 3 skill advisors.
  • Hiring an advisor is now reflected immediately in the costs balance.
  • Cost of Temples dropped to 50.
  • Gold is no longer modified by production efficiency.
  • Rebalanced quite a few spy actions for costs in ducats, badboy & prestige.
  • Badboy and non-culture cot now affects foreign compete chance instead of previous trade-related issues.
  • Changed some paths on which governments allow conversions to which governments.
  • You now only get new cultures from cores you actually OWN.
  • There is now a minor revolt risk in provinces with different culture and religion as default.
  • Monarchs are now a tad bit more likely to die after reigning for quite a while.
  • Who can inherit after a monarch dies, now depends on monthly income instead of number of provinces.
  • Regencies can no longer become targets for succession wars.
  • Created specific benefits for positive and negative stability.
  • Positive stability now gives tax benefits.
  • Negative stability now increases revolt risk slightly.
  • Stab investment now redistributed even if stab is max during mid of month
  • Tech costs are now slightly more expensive.
  • Technology costs now scale with countrysize.
  • Ahead penalty is now a fair bit harsher.
  • Neighbour bonus is now actually only given from each country ahead of you in your group.
  • Rebalanced tribal governments, increasing their technology costs by 50%.
  • There is no longer attrition when in home waters.
  • Attrition at open sea is now harsher.
  • There is no longer accumulates at-sea attrition after naval tech 20.
  • Tweaked pirate appearance distribution.

Interface Enhancements

  • Global tax modifiers should now be properly visible.
  • Popup when changing settings is now always on top when it appears.
  • Increased size of player list in lobby
  • Changing defender of the faith now update screen immediately
  • Clicking defender of faith shield now selects that country.
  • It is now possible to kick people in the ingame lobby.
  • Outliner now differentiates between colonies and other provs.
  • Units are no longer reported as moving in the tooltip if they are in a battle.
  • You can now build temples in the ledger.
  • Added text field to show navy load capacity.
  • Improved ability to merge units in coop mp
  • Changed the way save-transfer in multiplayer looks.
  • You can now load saves by clicking shield as well
  • Improved coop mp functionality.
  • Spycost now visible in confirm dialog.
  • HRE-screen now hides relation to yourself
  • Name of overlord now properly displayed in frontend.
  • Outliner combat tooltip now gives countries.
  • Added message for declining sell province.
  • Added some tooltips to various places that needed them.

AI Improvements

  • The AI now takes vassal's overlords into account when declaring war.
  • AI now has a minor threshold on morale before assaulting.
  • AI is now a bit more likely to honor alliances defensively.
  • Improved the AI's understanding of enemy sieges, particularly Rebels.
  • The emperor will now guarantee the independence of electors and princes of the Empire.
  • The emperor will no longer gobble up any states he lacks cores on.
  • The emperor will now be more likely go to war with anyone fighting the HRE states.
  • AI now understands military access when moving troops to garrison its isolated parts, as well attacking out of them.
  • Improved colonial AI slightly.
  • Improved the AI's handling of when to send attacking forces.
  • The AI is now better at merging its forces.
  • The AI will now send troops to help its allies across land.
  • First version of AI offensively using military access.
  • Fixed a bug which caused units to get stuck in the front AI when two fronts get close.

Modding Support

  • Rewrote manpower modifier types into local & global and changed the name of the modifiers.
  • Added a new modifier called "foreign_merchant_compete_chance".
  • Implemented a "technology_cost" modifier that is common for all technology tables.
  • Implemented a "num_of_religion = { religion = <name> value = y>" trigger.


Random events

  • Road construction, added a treasury requirement of 60 ducats to make sure the event has an effect.
  • Plague, added a city size requirement of at least 2500 to make sure the event has an effect.
  • Religious conversion, converted to a country event instead of a province event
  • Buddhist influences, new event
  • Heretical advisor, invalid trigger
  • Noble feud, invalid trigger
  • Vatican infiltration, not as likely to trigger if you have high prestige
  • Italian engineer event - the effect should move the policy slider towards defensive instead of offensive
  • Revolt, tweaked the effects to make it a less harsh
  • City-state wants independence, should only apply to Liguria and Venice
  • Italian engineer available, decreased the likelihood of it triggering
  • Foreign drill instructor available, decreased the likelihood of it triggering
  • Boundary dispute, will have an effect on your relation with the affected country
  • Revolt Events, Exceptional year, Nobles ally with foreign power, Non-enforcement of ordinances, Peasants getting uppity - added stability modifiers to make stability investment more important
  • Religious conversion - missing scope change

Great Men

  • Theologian, decreased the prestige effect
  • Added three new country modifiers (theology, colonial, spy) and modified the effects of the diplomat, philosopher, trader, spymaster and theologian to make them a bit more interesting.

Cultural uprisings

  • American Revolution, duplicated id
  • AmericanRevolution, duplicated core
  • AmericanRevolution, ColonialUprisingBrazil, ColonialUprisingCanada, ColonialUprisingChile, ColonialUprisingColombia, ColonialUprisingLaPlata, ColonialUprisingLouisiana, ColonialUprisingMexico, ColonialUprisingPeru,ColonialUprisingQuebec, CulturalUprising, added stability modifiers to make stability investment more important

Spread Of Protestantism and Spread Of Calvinism

  • Protestantism and Calvinism spread won't affect the Papacy anymore
  • The number of converted provinces is counted to keep the spread from getting out of hand.
  • Decreased likelihood of Orthodox countries converting to Protestantism/Calvinism

Event chains

  • Hanseatic League Declines, won't happen as long as you have a hanseatic league country modifier
  • Civil War, removed irrelevant country flag, retreating_rebels
  • Religious Wars, triggers for Muslim provinces as well
  • Time of Troubles (Famine), can only occur if you have a city size of at least 2000
  • Added country flags to prevent these events from firing more than once for every event chain.
  • Time Of Troubles, Civil War, Religious Wars, Empires, Liberalism, Peasants' War and Revolution, added stability modifiers to make stability investment more important
  • Leave the Holy Roman Empire, can trigger for islands as well

Nation events

  • Added one more Spanish nation event to allow Castile to form Spain between 1506 and 1517
  • Reorganized the nation effects so that they occur before the nation changes its name to make sure they have an effect.
  • Spanish Nation, requires you to own Andalusia instead of Madrid
  • Spanish Nation: When Spain is formed the capital is transferred to Madrid


  • Native Exploitation, requires the province to have a native size above 5 to make sure the event has an effect
  • Raids, requires the province to have a city size of at least 200 to make sure the event has an effect

Static_modifiers and Triggered_modifiers

  • The initial effects of the Peasants' War, the Revolution and Times of Trouble are now handled via triggered modifiers instead of static

Scenario Setup

Province history setup

  • Added missing historical setup to the province of Irian
  • Control of Lappland is now transferred to Sweden in 1640
  • Control of Eisdiva, Agder and Hålogaland are now transferred to Denmark in 1536
  • Date tweak to fix inconsistency between the end of the Second Ottoman-Hungarian War and when Lausitz, Croatia, Sopron, Slavonia, Pecs, Ersekujvar, Szolnok, Partium, Carpathia, Ratibor, Moravia, Bohemia and Plsen change hands.
  • Owner/controller change to Vlaanderen and Brabant. They should belong to England and not Great Britain before 1707.
  • Tweaked the date when Galicien and Ruthenia becomes part of Austria, after the partition of Poland.
  • Tweaked the date when Polotsk and Mogilyov becomes part of Russia after the partition of Poland.
  • Gascogne is now owned by England in 1453 instead of France to match the Hundred Years' War.
  • Croatia is no longer in a union with Hungary but instead a part of Hungary proper.
  • Girona and Barcelona should be controlled by France in 1641 instead of Catalonia
  • Adjustments to the date of the Manchu's annexation of Ming China.
  • Unamakik is no longer discovered by France in 1534
  • France should discover Yamasee and the Coast of Carolina in 1526
  • The Coast of Cameroon should be discovered by the Kongolese in 1453
  • Wrong date format for Portuguese discovery of Diego Suarez Bay
  • Atlas should be discovered by all Latin countries in 1453
  • Province religion changed from Reformed to Protestantism for St. Helena, Bermuda, Bahamas, Turks Islands, Jamaica, St. Kitts, Antigua, Barbados, Mosquito, Belize, Salish, Manhattan and Acadia
  • Zeta's province religion changed from Catholic to Orthodox

Country history setup

  • The United States' state religion should be Protestantism instead of Calvinism
  • Ingrian now belongs to the finno-ugric culture group instead of the Baltic
  • Removed occitain as an accepted culture for France since they belong to the same religious group.
  • Added missing culture and religion for Diego Garcia and Bourbon
  • Crete's state religion changed to orthodox instead of Catholic and culture to Greek instead of Lombard
  • Athens' state religion changed from Orthodox to Catholic
  • Revised historical policy values for countries with values outside allowed range for their type of government.
  • Increased dip/mil/adm value for historical monarchs with values below 5
  • Removed duplicated monarchs for Bourbonnais, Burgundy and Champagne
  • Adjusted monarch name for Tripoli
  • Castille's capital transferred from Madrid to Castilla La Vieja
  • Changed Chile's form of government (tribal_despotism to administrative_republic), religion (animism to catholic) and technology group (new_world to Latin)
  • Changed Avignon's government type to Theocracy instead of Papacy
  • Removed incorrect advisor - ChinaKoreaJapan
  • Added death dates to leaders of the Ming Empire
  • Added two new leaders to Japan
  • Added two new random leaders to Münster
  • Removed Manchu leaders outside of the game's time frame
  • Removed monarchs outside of the game's timeframe.
  • New country flag (total_war) added to Japan, Ming and the Timurid Empire to simulate the problems fasing those nations.
  • Removed cores on Pattani, Udong, Panduranga and Siem Reap for Ayutthaya and An Nam since they haven't been owned nor been in war.
  • Added missing Manchurian cores on Taiwan(1638) and Deren (1689)
  • Fixed some historical entries in the province of Curaçao that weren't in order


  • Split the Ming-Manchu war into the "Manchu conquest" and the "Ming-Manchu War" to represent the situation better
  • Added the fourth phase of "The Hundred Years War"
  • WarOfTheSpanishSuccession - date tweak to peace date to match province history files.

Text fixes

  • Cape Farwell renamed to Three Kings Islands
  • KanemBornu to Kanem Bornu - missing space


  • Spanish Nation: When Spain is formed the capital is transferred to Madrid


  • Fixed some memory leaks and made some minor optimizations.
  • Tracked down and rewrote a few underlying logics for fixing order of history in memory.
  • Fixed some bugs on how shadows worked.
  • Oceanwater doesn't deteriorate over time anymore.
  • Arrows for disembarking much better.
  • Progressbars are now visible all the time.
  • Mapwidget in peaceview should no longer interfere with textrendering
  • Removed tooltip eating area in the left round of the screen
  • Fixed several places where text overlapped.
  • You can't unpause in first tutorials anymore.
  • Selecting ships in ports works as it should now.
  • Fixed the crash when accepting a player loanoffer in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed the crash with special characters in gotobox
  • fixed crash bug related to the next/prev unit buttons
  • Fixed some ways that could cheat missionaries and merchants sending.
  • Fixed a bug which reversed the AI chances in event options.
  • Fixed a few bugs with straits not blocking.
  • Loading more than maximum amount of troops on a ship is no longer possible.
  • Fixed the problems that were happening whenever a country changed name.
  • Moving Colonist Symbol should no longer Disappears on Loading a Saved Game.
  • Colonization animation should no longer jump around when it reach the target province.
  • Colonyview now updates to cityview at the proper time
  • The problem where the ledger was open and then automatically closes is fixed.
  • Alignment problems in the ledger should now be fixed.
  • Text fuzziness when switching pages of ledger is now gone.
  • Improved handling of the chronicles when resigning.
  • Scrolling list-boxes should now be more streamlined.
  • Fixed icons for constructions in outliner
  • Tooltip for buildings you cant afford now expands properly
  • Find province now works better for provinces of different names
  • Native size is now reported correctly in effects.
  • Fixed some typos in the English language files.