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Patch 1.3 is the last patch for the vanilla EU3, released on 08 June 2007.

Gameplay Balancing

Military Changes

  • Attrition is now a gradual percentage when above supply limit.
  • Strongest regiments will now always be in the center of battlelines.
  • Tweaked recruit speed to be slower in non accepted culture provinces, and overseas.
  • Decays for tradtion is now working as originally intended, and should actually give normal levels of tradition.
  • Regimental camps now give 25% manpower bonus instead of increased supply limit.
  • Forts now increase supply limit.
  • Units created from reorganisation in neutral territory can now move out of it properly.
  • Navies can no longer be given movement orders when they are unloading.
  • You can no longer retreat into terra incognita.
  • Leaders at units disbanded at sea should now die as well.

Colonial Changes

  • There is no longer nationalism in colonies.
  • Colonies can no longer be assigned centers of trade, only cities can get those.
  • It is no longer possible to incite natives in a colony without natives.
  • Distance for colonists now works properly for all ports.
  • It is no longer possible to attack natives in territories owned by someone else.
  • It is no longer possible to attack natives while your army is moving.
  • Colonies can now also defect if rebel controlled.
  • You will now lose badboy for someone stealing your colonies.

Economical Changes

  • Free minting is now a thing of the past.
  • The non culture CoT is now a non-core CoT penalty.
  • Tweaked province to trade center allocation to check size of city holding CoT instead of value of trade goods in the CoT’s own province
  • Merchants that compete now takes the empty slot directly.
  • Mercantilism now increases placement chance while freetrade increases compete chance for mechants
  • Merchants despised now reduces trade income by 25% instead of compete chance.
  • Splitted the trade_income_modifier into a global and a local version.
  • It is now quite alot cheaper to send missionaries to pagans compared to other religions.
  • Confucianism is now a little bit worse when it comes to tax.
  • Tweaked the years ahead penalty to not be logaritmic.

Spy Changes

  • Prestige penalty is now applied correctly if a spy mission is discovered.
  • Cardinals now give you slightly more efficient spies.
  • Prestige now effects efficiency of your spies.
  • Centralization and Narrowmindedness improves defence versus spies.
  • You now need government tech 23 for counterfeit currency, and government tech 6 is required for sow discontent.
  • Fabricating a claim now reduces your prestige by 10% always.

Diplomacy Changes

  • Reworked warscore to have some sort of relevance to the actual war. Now it depends on percentage occupied.
  • You can now only get a maximum of +25 or -25 from battles for a peacescore.
  • Cost for vassalization now depends on the value of the provinces of that country.
  • The cost for forcing the release of a country is now same basis as a vassals.
  • Stabhitting is now actually only when a peaceoffer is 40% less than peacescore.
  • Union leaders now automatically take control in wars.
  • Diplomats send to a country will now tell the target country about where its capital is.
  • You now get a permanent casus belli on anyone above the badboy limit.
  • You can no longer make deals with a country you’ve annexed

Other Changes

  • New countries created as vassals or revolters must now always contain their old capital.
  • Pirates now need a certain minimum colony level to appear nearby.
  • Culture loss threshold is now 5% instead of 20%.
  • Losing a core due to not pursuing it is now a serious prestige penalty.
  • Annexed countries now lose all cores on overseas territory and provinces with a different culture group.
  • Force conversion should now stick until the current monarch dies.
  • Reformed can now convert back to catholic.
  • Newly released countries will not change religion
  • Impact of distance on Missionaries have been dropped severly.
  • Religion is now restored when a province is destroyed by natives.
  • Tweaked probability to inherit through unions to be bigger.


AI in MP

  • If a player drops or does not load before game starts, it will now be replaced by an AI for MP.
  • Whenever a player drops in multiplayer there is now an option to replace them by an AI.

Multiplayer Interface

  • Chatconfiguration should now stay when you close the window
  • The amount of players in an MP game is now shown in the lobby.
  • Chattext in lobby now wraps properly.
  • Chattext in metaserver now wraps properly.
  • Chatshields are now strike through when disabled instead of greyed out.
  • Changed 'Cancel' in ingamelobby to 'Abandon Game'
  • Province tooltip in frontend now shows who selected the country
  • Added message to all button in the ingame chat.

Misc fixes

  • There is no longer a badboy increase for declaring war on another human player when you have a casus belli in an MP game.
  • Game now remembers last host, even if connect fails
  • Game should now be able to transfer larger savegames

Interface Enhancements


  • The deficity modifier will now only show if it estimates that you will go below 0 before the end of the year.


  • Modifiers for missionary chance is now shown as a tooltip.
  • Supply Limit is now shown in attrition tooltip.
  • The estimated arrival should now be a bit more correct.
  • Fixed tooltip for province religion
  • Fixed tooltip position for a number of textobjects
  • Condensed tooltip for battle results.
  • Fixed the tooltip for when there is negative progress for a tech.
  • Fixed the tooltip when not able to convert ruler due to being lesser part of a union.
  • Mercanaries no longer included in manpower need tooltip
  • Added linebreak in stabilitytooltip
  • Fixed tooltip for when a core is lost
  • Fixed tooltip area of taxes
  • There is now a tooltip for when you are ahead in technology.
  • Added linebreak to religionview tooltip


  • Fixed countryview overlaping outliner
  • Siege result is now always capped at 100% in display.
  • Reorg screen now in front of siegeview
  • You can now see ship strengths in a naval combat.
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the a/d/m display order between own and other monarchs.
  • Fixed a few problems with the display of province modifiers.
  • Made update on sliders a bit smoother
  • Multiple loans should now be visible in the ledger
  • Backend text should now be 'title-neutral' (no more 'Stadtholder Charles XII')


  • Gotobutton on building popup now takes you to buildingscreen
  • Payment of loan messages should now be correct

AI Improvements

Military AI

  • AI should no longer keep all ships in separate fleets.
  • AI is now a little bit better at getting bigger standing armies when threatened.
  • AI will no longer send privateers next to its own coasts.
  • AI now understands a bit better how to use large fleets.
  • AI should now be focusing on blocking straits as well as blockading.
  • AI will no longer ignore high attrition provinces completely and move in troops there to deal with enemies if needed.
  • Tweaked AI’s understanding of his warcapacity.

Diplomatic AI

  • AI is now a bit more likely to start wars between major power rivals.
  • AI should be a bit more reasonable with surrendering in peace when losing the war.
  • AI will now only warn countries that it knows about.
  • AI is now only embargoing some of his enemies, to not wreck his trade income completely.
  • Pagan AI’s will no longer send spies to non-pagan provinces.
  • AI is now more restricted with costs for spy actions.
  • AI won’t take ideas for missionaries if they will still end up below 0 with them.
  • AI should now be a bit less suicidal when it comes to declaring wars.


Religious Events

  • Tweaked spreading and appearance of protestantism slightly.
  • The spread of the Reformation is slightly quicker in a Reformed theocratic nation
  • Religious struggles - changed province scope to country scope
  • Natives - added limit to keep the event from targeting Catholic/Protestant provinces
  • Intolerant society - it’s possible to end the war with an increase in funding

Random Events

  • Agricultural Revolution, Medical revolution - superfluous owner tag
  • Good harvest - won’t occur as often for larger countries and you receive less money
  • Fortification efforts - option b gives you money instead of an investment
  • Non-enforcement of ordinances - changed province scope to country scope
  • Poor Government Policies - A bad reputation increases its likelihood while a statesman could prevent it
  • Removed all triggers based on a value below 4 for adm, dip and mil
  • Bad Harvest - is triggered by inflation and a low number of grain resources
  • Fortification efforts - option B gives you money
  • Plague - tweaked mtth for larger nations
  • Noble Feud - increased the amount of badboy required and added prestige as a new factor
  • Medical Revolution - gives you a production investment instead of a slider change
  • Agricultural Revolution - removed the luck factor
  • Revolt - changed the name of the country flag
  • Wave of obscurantism - added check to keep it from happening too often

Civil War events

  • The "Total war" and "Civil war" events are a bit harsher
  • Tolerant society, Civil War, Negotiations break down - changed province scope to country scope

National events

  • Colonial expansion - tweaked mtth for larger nations
  • Becoming an elector gives you more prestige
  • National Decline only affects Latin countries
  • Creating the Persian Nation or the Mughal Nation set your government type properly.



  • New Wars - War of Castro, First Ottoman-Venetian War, Bohemian-Hungarian War, War of Burgundian Succession, Pazzi War, Ottoman-Neapolitan War, Mad War, Breton War of Independence, Muscovite-Swedish War, Second Ottoman-Venetian War and Ottoman-Polish War
  • Anglo-French War - changed date
  • Russo-Turkish War - added Crimea as attacker
  • Burgundian War - added Lorraine as defender
  • New wars - Orissa War, Talikota War, Mughal Conquest of Gujarat, Mughal Conquest of Bengal, Mughal-Deccan War, Mughal-Persian War, Afghan-Maratha War, First Siamese-Burmese War, Second Siamese-Burmese War, Third Siamese-Burmese War, Fourth Siamese-Burmese War, Fifth Siamese-Burmese War, War of Nine Armies, Burmese-Laotian War, Trinh-Nguyen War, War of the Cambodian Succession, Vietnamese-Cambodian War, Burmese Chinese War & Siamese-Vietname War.
  • Korean Seven Years War - added more battles and changed the name to the Imjin war
  • Religious Wars - adjusted to Muslim countries
  • Increased Swedish losses in the Battle of Poltava
  • Added Galoop Cavalry and Latin Caracolle as preferred units for the Netherlands
  • New Battles: Battle of Preveza (Third Ottoman-Venetian War), Siege of Vienna (First Ottoman-Habsburg War), Battle of Keresztes (The Long War), Battle of Saint Gotthard (Sixth Ottoman-Habsburg War), Battle of Otluk Beli (First Ottoman-Venetian War), Battle of Zonchio (Second Ottoman-Venetian War) and the Battle of Cosmin Forest (Ottoman-Polish War)
  • War of the League of Cambrai + bookmark - tweaked dates
  • First Ottoman-Venetian War - added Albania and Montenegro as participants
  • Third Ottoman-Habsburg War - added Transylvania as an attacker and tweaked the start date
  • New Wars_ First to Eighth Ottoman-Safavid War, First Ottoman-Habsburg War, Third Ottoman-Habsburg War, Fourth Ottoman-Habsburg War, Sixth Ottoman-Habsburg War, The Long War, Third Ottoman-Venetian War
  • Tweaked the date for the total_war flag for Japan


  • Ryukyu becomes a vassal of Japan 1609
  • Vientiane becomes a vassal of Ayutthaya instead of annexed
  • Pattani - date tweak to Pattanese ownership
  • Indian_alliances - Tweaked the end date of the alliance during the Talikota War
  • Genoa is in a personal union with France and then Milan instead of being directly controlled.
  • Changed the date of the Anti-Swedish alliance between Denmark and Prussia
  • Duplicated alliance between Habsburg and Spain
  • The Mughals and Bengals are in a personal union between 1540 and 1553
  • German alliances - Brandenburg and Denmark, Prussia and Brunswick
  • Austrian alliances - Holy League of 1684, Habsburgs and Transylvania, Austria and Great Britain (Treaty of Worms) - Austria and Russia, Austria and Venice
  • Lowland alliances - Netherlands and Denmark, Netherlands and Brandenburg, Burgundy and Savoy
  • Scandinavian alliances - Denmark and Poland
  • Turkish alliances - Ottomans and Transylvania
  • Italian alliances - Venice and Ak Koyunlu, Milan and Florence, Venice and Naples, The Holy League of 1538 The Papal States and Venice, Holy League of 1511, Holy League of 1571, the League of Cambrai
  • French alliances - France and Prussia, France and Cologne, France and Munster, France and England (Secret Treaty of Dover), France and England, France and Aragon (Treaty of Granada), France and Venice (Treaty of Blois), France and Venice (Treaty of Bles), France and Austria (Treaty of Versailles, the League of Constance
  • Russian alliances - Russia and Sweden, Russia and Prussia, Russia and Sweden and Russia and Poland (the Eternal Peace)
  • Iberian alliances - Spain and the Papal States, Spain and England, Aragon and England (Treaty of Westminster), the League of Venice
  • British alliances - England and Brittany (Treaty of Redon), England and Burgundy, Great Britain and Hesse-Cassel
  • New advisor for Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Owner/Controller changes

  • Hamgyenong, Pyeongan, Gangwon, Chungcheong, Gyenongsang and Jeolla - added Korean control
  • Mysore, Calicut, Malabar, Madurai, Tiruchchirapalli, Kongu, Madras, Bangalore & Kondavidu - changed the date when Vijayanagar loses control
  • Ahmadnagar, Maharastra, Kathiawar, Ahmadabad, Baroda & Surat - changed the date for Mughal control
  • Gyeongsang, controlled by Japan in 1597
  • Adjusted the dates for Ottoman/Persian control for Basra, Karbala, Iraq-i-Arab, Mosul, Luristan, Hamadan, Sharizhor, Azerbaijan, Van , Armenia, Qarabagh, Murgan, Imereti, Kartli, Shirva, Dagestan, Albania, Morea, Athens, Sopron, Pecs, Szolnok, Banat, Partium and Transylvania.
  • Bihar and Maital under Mughal control from 1529 and Bengal from 1537
  • Delhi, Agra and Oudh remain under Mughal control between 1534 and 1554

Monarch/Leader changes

  • Normandy - new monarch, Charles I
  • New leaders: Ming - Li Rusong, Japan - Todo Takatora and Kato Kiyomasa
  • Removed Richard Neville as a leader, he already exists as an advisor
  • Changed the start date and lowered John Mowbray’s stats
  • Lowered John Neville’s stats
  • English leaders: Changed the start and end date for Prince Rupert, Added John Talbot as leader
  • Added the Suri dynasty as monarchs over the Mughal Empire from 1540 to 1556
  • Duplicated monarch for Zaporozhie
  • Changed the name of the Hamburg rulers to Der Volksrat
  • Added Islam Shah Suri to the Bengal monarchs

Capital changes

  • Philadelphia becomes the capital of USA in 1776
  • Made Derbent the capital of Dagestan
  • Changed the capital of Hamadan to Hamedan
  • Changed Saxony’s capital
  • Qasvin serves as the capital of Ajam and Persia from 1548 to 1598
  • Changed the capital of Lausitz from Plsen to Bautzen

Religion/Culture chagnes

  • Changed culture to Schlesian for Silesia (Ratibor and Breslau)
  • Flores gets Portuguese culture
  • Changed Ryukyu’s religion to animism up until 1624
  • Changed Timor’s culture to Portuguese

New cores

  • Prussia gets a core on Warmia, Danzig, Ostpreussen & Memel
  • Sardinia gets a core on Sardinia


  • Rabaul can now be colonized.
  • Changed the colonization date for Taiwan

General Bugfixes

Bancrupcy bugfixes

  • Empty units are now removed properly at a bankruptcy.
  • Units are now capped properly at morale immediately after a bankruptcy.


  • Optimized the 2d render pipe, mainly sprites and text-rendering.
  • Fixed the lockup in tooltips with large amount of units in 1 stack.
  • Dailyupdate is now faster due to some optimisations.

Compatibility Issues

  • Now the game checks if there is enough video-memory when using high resolutions and high multisampling. In 2048x1800, 4x multisapling takes 60 additional MB of videomemory.. this has caused out of videomemory for some people.
  • Modding: Trying to extend certain .dds files should now work.

Interface fixes

  • Fixed a fair amount of typos.
  • Blurred shields/no shields should be fixed now.
  • Fixed a fair amount of typos and broken egnlish.
  • Fixed bug where you could accidentally minimize a fullscreen window
  • Fixed a bug where the same option was for both options in succession wars.

Savegame bugfixes

  • Fixed a serious bug where units created from events after a reload may have caused crashes.
  • Lucky status is now cleared properly when a player takes over a country in a savegame.
  • Natives are now saved properly even if a combat is ongoing.

Multiplayer bugfixes

  • Kicked players should now allways be out of the game
  • Fixed a bug where savegame transfer was not reset when rehosting
  • AI will no longer take control over a player country in multiplayer when that country changed name/tag.


  • Unloading conquistadors to neutral undiscovered, but owned, territory should no longer cause it to be stuck.
  • Fixed a broken shipname that caused a crash.
  • Fixed the broken strait at gulf of aden.
  • Fixed some last-war dates at start times to not be in the future.

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