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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

Prestige is a number, ranging from -100 to 100, that is essentially a measure of a nation's success, and countries are ranked according to their prestige. Prestige is gained by successful playing, such as by winning battles and wars, by diplomatic actions such as gaining a vassal or establishing a royal marriage, and by discovering new lands and establishing new colonies. It can also be gained by having a philosopher as an advisor, or by selecting certain national ideas. Prestige can be lost by the inverse of the above actions, for example by losing battles or wars, having diplomatic actions rejected, or by having a colony seized or destroyed. It should also be noted that prestige will automatically return to zero over time (-5/year base modifier), so you must continue with prestige gaining actions to keep your prestige as high as possible.

Positive Prestige Modifiers

Negative Prestige Modifiers

Each prestige modifier is a percentage value per year.

  • Base Prestige : -5%
  • Catholics : Excommunication : -2%
  • Non-Latin nation with Latin neighbor and good relations : Western Influence : -1%
  • Enlist privateers decision : -1%
  • For each core province owned by a non-vassal at peace with you (Uncontested Claims) : -0.3%
  • Counter Revolution triggered modifier : -0.5%
  • Not following an alliance call: around -20pts
  • Losing a War-of-Succession: around -30pts
  • Annexing an One-Province-Minor: -10pts
  • Conquering territory in the empire as the emperor: -10pts


The following are affected by prestige, either negatively or positively, dependent on the prestige level:

  • The chance of gaining territory through dynastic succession.
  • The chance of having diplomatic proposals accepted.
  • The cost and salary of court advisors.
  • The monthly rate of change of your relationship value with other countries.
  • The rate at which you gain new diplomats. [+(prestige/100)/year]
  • Merchants' and colonists' success rate.
  • The morale of armies and navies. [+(prestige/2)% ]
  • The success rate of influence attempts on cardinals.
  • Fort Defense (+/- 10%)
  • Global Trade Income Modifier (In Nomine) (+/- 10%)
  • Merchant Compete Chance (+/- 10%)
  • National Spy Defense (+/- 10%)
  • Yearly Diplomats (+/- 1)
  • Stability Cost Modifier (+/- 25%)
  • Mercenary Cost (In Nomine) (+/- 25%)
  • If a nation has negative prestige and leads a Personal union when the ruler dies, then the union is dissolved.