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Christian religion
Finance effects Production efficiency: +10%
Tax effects National tax modifier: +10%
Colonial effects Colonists: +0.5 yearly
Missionary effects Missionaries: +0.2 yearly
Missionary chance: +5%
Diplomat effects Diplomats: +1 yearly
Tolerance effects Tolerance of heretics: +1.0
Stability cost Stability cost: +30Ducats.png per province

The Protestant[1] faith is one of four Christian faiths in Europa Universalis 3. It does not exist when the game starts in 1399 (or 1453), but is created via an event. This event takes place in a random European country that is Catholic and has a theologian advisor in the year 1500 or later. Sometimes the Protestant faith will spread like wildfire, and major countries will convert to it. Other times, however, it will have a very limited spread.

Decisions enabled by Protestant religion

Religious decisions

Cultural decisions

Country decisions

Province decisions


  1. The properties can be found in ../common/Religion.txt.
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