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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

This is a province event in which an occupied province wants to join the side of the occupier.

Note that the name of this event is dynamic. It actually appears in-game with the names of the province where it fires and the occupying nation, for example, Roussillon defects to Japan.


Province owner:


  • Is not a national capital
  • Is not of the owner's national culture
  • Has a garrison of at least 1000
  • Is not being sieged
  • Is not controlled by its legal owner
  • Is not controlled by rebels, pirates or natives

Province controller:

  • Has a war exhaustion of no more than 5

Mean time to happen

The base mean time to happen for this event is 300 months (25 years).

This is made less likely by:

  • Province owner is lucky (modifier: 5.0)

This is made more likely by:

  • Province does not have the owner's state religion (modifier: 0.8)
  • Owner has less than 0 prestige (modifier: 0.8)
  • Owner has less than -50 prestige (modifier: 0.8)
  • Owner has less than 0 stability (modifier: 0.8)
  • Owner is over the badboy limit (modifier: 0.8)


This event has two possible courses of action.

Option 1: "Integrate them into our country"

  • Province joins the nation of the occupier
  • Occupier gains 1 infamy

Option 2: "It is a useless piece of land"

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