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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

Events[1] can strike under certain circumstances and can affect a nation or province in various ways. Many events are 'random events', meaning that they have a small chance to occur if their conditions are met. Others are triggered immediately by other events or special occasions such as elections or slider moves.

Number of events

Game version Events
Divine Wind 5.1 931
Heir to the Throne 4.1 763
Napoleon’s Ambition 2.1 473
EU3 1.3 268

Types of events

Country events

Country events fire for a whole nation. They typically concern the government, the monarch, ideas and policies. Effects can range from stability to slider settings or a tax bonus.

Province events

A provincial event is a type of event that is triggered for a specific province, depending on a combination of national and local factors. These factors include trade goods, national ideas, local revolt risk and province culture, etc.

Typical examples of province events are "Fort crumbles" and "Excellent vintage". Border disputes, spread of the reformation and cultural assimilation are also dealt with by province events. Having many provinces that satisfy the conditions for these events will mean they will happen relatively often. This is in contrast to country events, which only depend on global factors like having a certain national idea, a great artist or a poor monarch.

Pulse events

Pulse events are triggered by the bi-yearly pulse, and work slightly different from other events. They are usually country events.

Event chain

An event chain is a series of interconnected events under a particular general topic. The following event chains may appear in the game:

List of events

Note: Events are sorted according to the .txt file they are located in.

Event name ID File Type
American Quest for Independence 1021 americanrevolution.txt country
Trade Restrictions 1022 americanrevolution.txt province
Colonial Assembly 1023 americanrevolution.txt country
$PROVINCENAME$ University -- Class of $YEAR$ 9464 Buildings.txt province
A Beautiful Statue 9465 Buildings.txt country
The $PROVINCENAME$ Speech 9467 Buildings.txt province
The Council of $PROVINCECAPITAL$ 2020 Catholic.txt province
The Kingdom of God on Earth 2021 Catholic.txt country
The Pentarchy 2022 Catholic.txt country
Pirates Detected 11331 ChineseEvents.txt province
Pirate Raid 11332 ChineseEvents.txt province
Prepare Wokou Expedition 11334 ChineseEvents.txt country
Wokou Expedition 11336 ChineseEvents.txt country
Wokou Expedition Returns 11338 ChineseEvents.txt country
Wokou Expedition Returns 11340 ChineseEvents.txt country
The Forbidden City 11341 ChineseEvents.txt province
Eunuch Offers His Service 11000 ChineseFactions.txt country
Eunuch Schemes for Influence 11002 ChineseFactions.txt country
Eunuchs Isolate The Emperor 11004 ChineseFactions.txt country
A Grave for a Eunuch 11006 ChineseFactions.txt country
The Yellow River Trade 11008 ChineseFactions.txt country
A Eunuch's Vase 11010 ChineseFactions.txt country
Destitute Banknotes 11012 ChineseFactions.txt country
Quick-fingered Eunuch 11014 ChineseFactions.txt country
Eunuch Excels at Examinations 11016 ChineseFactions.txt country
The Eunuch's Vice 11018 ChineseFactions.txt country
The Examinations of $YEAR$ 11100 ChineseFactions.txt country
A Jade Seal 11102 ChineseFactions.txt country
The $PROVINCENAME$ Levy 11104 ChineseFactions.txt province
Field Marshal Dishonored 11106 ChineseFactions.txt country
Heir Lends an Ear 11108 ChineseFactions.txt country
Confucian Wisdom 11110 ChineseFactions.txt country
Literati Publishes 11112 ChineseFactions.txt country
Retainer Flogged 11114 ChineseFactions.txt country
Drama on The Pearl River 11116 ChineseFactions.txt country
Gold Mine Discovered 11118 ChineseFactions.txt country
Bullion Leaves the Country 11120 ChineseFactions.txt country
Renovating a Pagoda 11122 ChineseFactions.txt country
The Buddha's Smile 11200 ChineseFactions.txt province
Crack-down on Heresy 11202 ChineseFactions.txt province
Temple Faction Diplomacy 11204 ChineseFactions.txt country
Bound Feet 11206 ChineseFactions.txt country
Imperial Insults 11208 ChineseFactions.txt country
Inspecting The Banners 11210 ChineseFactions.txt country
Temple Conspiracy 11212 ChineseFactions.txt country
Examining the Examinations 11214 ChineseFactions.txt country
A Gift From the Temple 11216 ChineseFactions.txt country
Records of the Grand Historian 11218 ChineseFactions.txt country
A Tibetan Monk 11220 ChineseFactions.txt country
Burning of Books 11222 ChineseFactions.txt country
Burying of Scholars 11224 ChineseFactions.txt country
Jin Era Statuette 11226 ChineseFactions.txt country
The Classic of Music 11228 ChineseFactions.txt country
Cheating at Examinations 11230 ChineseFactions.txt country
Withdrawing Excess Paper 11232 ChineseFactions.txt country
Honoring the Ancestors 11234 ChineseFactions.txt country
Bad Feng Shui 11236 ChineseFactions.txt country
Court Bickering 11238 ChineseFactions.txt country
The Necropolis of $MONARCH$ 11240 ChineseFactions.txt country
The Gilded Pagoda 11242 ChineseFactions.txt country
The Shadow that Stalks the Corridor 11300 ChineseFactions.txt country
Bureaucrat Swindles the Treasury 11302 ChineseFactions.txt country
Brigands on the Silk Road 11304 ChineseFactions.txt country
Reputation for Cruelty 11306 ChineseFactions.txt country
Portentous Solar Eclipse 11308 ChineseFactions.txt country
Awakening of The Great Buddha 11310 ChineseFactions.txt country
Temple Desecrated 11312 ChineseFactions.txt country
Plague Strikes The Court 11314 ChineseFactions.txt country
Daggers in the Dark 11316 ChineseFactions.txt country
The Concubine's Child 11318 ChineseFactions.txt country
A Riding Accident 11320 ChineseFactions.txt country
Flawed Insights 11322 ChineseFactions.txt country
Gold turns to Lead 11324 ChineseFactions.txt country
Grand Secretary Howls at the Moon 11326 ChineseFactions.txt country
Taxe Barge Sinks 11328 ChineseFactions.txt country
False Edicts 11330 ChineseFactions.txt country
Civil War! 3091 CivilWar.txt country
A Cry for Help 3092 CivilWar.txt country
Unscrupulous In-laws 3093 CivilWar.txt country
$PROVINCENAME$ is Lost 3094 CivilWar.txt province
Army Deserters 3095 CivilWar.txt province
Retreating Rebels 3096 CivilWar.txt country
$LIKELYREBELS$ Rebel Uprising! 3097 CivilWar.txt province
$LIKELYREBELS$ Sentiment 3098 CivilWar.txt province
Submission of the Clergy 9600 Cleanup.txt country
Decline of Renaissance 9610 Cleanup.txt country
Founding Father in $PROVINCENAME$. 1420 Colonial.txt province
A Firebrand Preacher stirs up $PROVINCENAME$ 1421 Colonial.txt province
Corrupt Governor in $PROVINCENAME$ 1422 Colonial.txt province
Minorities flock to $PROVINCENAME$ 1423 Colonial.txt province
Minorities flock to $PROVINCENAME$ 1424 Colonial.txt province
Minorities flock to $PROVINCENAME$ 1425 Colonial.txt province
Brazilian Quest for Independence 1030 colonialuprisingbrazil.txt country
Brazilian Colonial Assembly 1033 colonialuprisingbrazil.txt province
Canadian Quest for Independence 1025 colonialuprisingcanada.txt country
Canadian Colonial Assembly 1034 colonialuprisingcanada.txt province
Chile's Quest for Independence 1031 colonialuprisingchile.txt country
Chile's Colonial Assembly 1035 colonialuprisingchile.txt province
Colombian Quest for Independence 1028 colonialuprisingcolombia.txt country
Colombian Colonial Assembly 1036 colonialuprisingcolombia.txt province
Haiti's quest for independence 1045 colonialuprisinghaiti.txt country
Haitian Colonial Assembly 1049 colonialuprisinghaiti.txt province
Brazilian Quest for Independence 1030 colonialuprisingbrazil.txt country
Brazilian Colonial Assembly 1033 colonialuprisingbrazil.txt province
Canadian Quest for Independence 1025 colonialuprisingcanada.txt country
Canadian Colonial Assembly 1034 colonialuprisingcanada.txt province
Chile's Quest for Independence 1031 colonialuprisingchile.txt country
Chile's Colonial Assembly 1035 colonialuprisingchile.txt province
Colombian Quest for Independence 1028 colonialuprisingcolombia.txt country
Colombian Colonial Assembly 1036 colonialuprisingcolombia.txt province
Haiti's quest for independence 1045 colonialuprisinghaiti.txt country
Haitian Colonial Assembly 1049 colonialuprisinghaiti.txt province
La Plata's Quest for Independence 1032 colonialuprisinglaplata.txt country
La Plata's Colonial Assembly 1037 colonialuprisinglaplata.txt province
Louisiana's Quest for Independence 1026 colonialuprisinglouisiana.txt country
Louisiana's Colonial Assembly 1038 colonialuprisinglouisiana.txt province
Mexico's Quest for Independence 1027 colonialuprisingmexico.txt country
Mexico's Colonial Assembly 1039 colonialuprisingmexico.txt province
Paraguay's quest for independence 1044 colonialuprisingparaguay.txt country
Paraguay's Colonial Assembly 1048 colonialuprisingparaguay.txt province
Peruvian Quest for Independence 1029 colonialuprisingperu.txt country
Peruvian Colonial Assembly 1040 colonialuprisingperu.txt province
Quebec's Quest for Independence 1024 colonialuprisingquebec.txt country
Quebec's Colonial Assembly 1041 colonialuprisingquebec.txt province
Central America's quest for independence 1042 colonialuprisingupca.txt country
Central America's Colonial Assembly 1046 colonialuprisingupca.txt province
Venezuela's quest for independence 1043 colonialuprisingvenezuela.txt country
Venezuela's Colonial Assembly 1047 colonialuprisingvenezuela.txt province
Cultural assimilation 7200 CulturalSpread.txt province
Settlement policy 9461 CulturalSpread.txt province
$PROVINCECULTURE$ Revolt 3051 culturaluprising.txt province
$PROVINCECULTURE$ Revolt 3052 culturaluprising.txt province
Religious minorities 2100 decision_related.txt country
Minority Groups 2101 decision_related.txt province
National Merchants 2102 decision_related.txt province
Popery Act 2103 decision_related.txt province
Japan Discovered! 9000 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Kyoto Discovered! 9001 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Nanban Trade 9002 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Christian Pater 9004 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Christian Converts 9006 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt province
Kirishitan Tensions 9008 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt province
Red Seal Ship Returns 9010 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Western Embassy Returns! 9012 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Fumi-e in $PROVINCENAME$ 9014 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt province
Tempura Introduced 9016 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
A Batch of Western Arquebuses 9018 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Kabuki Theater 9020 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Ronin Offers His Service 9022 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Nogaku Performance 9024 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Karesansui Garden 9026 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Loyal Samurai 9028 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Travelling Monk 9030 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Visiting a Shrine 9032 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Cherry Blossom Festival 9034 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
1000 Koku Tax 9036 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Death of a Geisha 9038 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
The Sharpness of The Tanto 9040 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Unruly Daimyo 9042 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Koku Reform 9044 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Rangaku Books 9046 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
The Old Pond 9048 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Rice Crop Fails 9050 DiscoveryofTheFarEast.txt country
Carnal sins 9450 Dynastic.txt country
A beloved heir dies 9451 Dynastic.txt country
Palace coup 9452 Dynastic.txt country
The weeping song 9453 Dynastic.txt country
A silent spring 9454 Dynastic.txt country
Soarée 9455 Dynastic.txt country
Heir falls ill 9456 Dynastic.txt country
A child in the reeds 9457 Dynastic.txt country
Jousting tournament 9458 Dynastic.txt country
Hunting accident 9459 Dynastic.txt country
Family secret? 9460 Dynastic.txt country
Scheming bureaucracy 9462 Dynastic.txt country
The $DYNASTY$s 9463 Dynastic.txt country
Regent usurps the throne 9468 Dynastic.txt country
Lux Stella 9469 Dynastic.txt country
Marriage policies pay off 9470 Dynastic.txt country
The $DYNASTY$s 9476 Dynastic.txt country
The $DYNASTY$s 9477 Dynastic.txt country
Fear and loathing in $PROVINCENAME$ 9481 Dynastic.txt province
The discovery 9482 Dynastic.txt country
Dance macabre 9483 Dynastic.txt country
Our monarch dies 9492 Dynastic.txt country
Wedding bells 9484 Dynastic.txt country
A modest proposal 9485 Dynastic.txt country
A rose from a foreign land 9486 Dynastic.txt country
A thorn from a foreign land 9487 Dynastic.txt country
The aftermath 9488 Dynastic.txt country
$COUNTRY ADJ$ moon 9489 Dynastic.txt province
Seeing the real you 9490 Dynastic.txt country
Election! 700 Elections.txt country
Election! 701 Elections.txt country
National decline 1071 empires.txt country
Threats to the Crown 1072 empires.txt country
National Fragmentation 1073 empires.txt country
$TREASURER$'s Reforms 1074 empires.txt country
Prospering Times 1075 empires.txt country
Colonial Ventures 1076 empires.txt country
Integrating $THISCOUNTRY$ 610 GenericOnActionEvents.txt country
Rise of a Pretender 611 GenericOnActionEvents.txt country
Constitutional Restoration 9479 Governments.txt country
The worst excesses stop 9480 Governments.txt country
$PHILOSOPHER$ 4021 greatmen.txt country
$NATURAL SCIENTIST$ 4022 greatmen.txt country
$ARMY REFORMER$ 4023 greatmen.txt country
$NAVAL REFORMER$ 4024 greatmen.txt country
$ARTIST$ 4025 greatmen.txt country
$TREASURER$ 4026 greatmen.txt country
$THEOLOGIAN$ 4027 greatmen.txt country
$STATESMAN$ 4028 greatmen.txt country
$COLONIAL GOVERNOR$ 4029 greatmen.txt country
$SPYMASTER$ 4030 greatmen.txt country
$DIPLOMAT$ 4031 greatmen.txt country
$TRADER$ 4032 greatmen.txt country
$SHERIFF$ 4100 greatmen.txt country
$HIGH JUDGE$ 4101 greatmen.txt country
$ALDERMAN$ 4102 greatmen.txt country
$COLONEL$ 4103 greatmen.txt country
$MASTER OF MINT$ 4104 greatmen.txt country
$BANKER$ 4105 greatmen.txt country
$LORD PROPRIETOR$ 4106 greatmen.txt country
$PIONEER$ 4107 greatmen.txt country
$GRAND ADMIRAL$ 4108 greatmen.txt country
$NAVAL ORGANISER$ 4109 greatmen.txt country
$NAVIGATOR$ 4110 greatmen.txt country
$REAR ADMIRAL$ 4111 greatmen.txt country
$PRIVATEER$ 4112 greatmen.txt country
$SERGEANT MAJOR GENERAL$ 4113 greatmen.txt country
$GRAND CAPTAIN$ 4114 greatmen.txt country
$ARMY ORGANISER$ 4115 greatmen.txt country
$COMMANDANT$ 4116 greatmen.txt country
$QUARTERMASTER$ 4117 greatmen.txt country
$RECRUITMASTER$ 4118 greatmen.txt country
$FORTIFICATION EXPERT$ 4119 greatmen.txt country
$INQUISITOR$ 4120 greatmen.txt country
$AMBASSADOR$ 4121 greatmen.txt country
$GRAND MARSHAL$ 4122 greatmen.txt country
Join $FROM$ into the empire? 9493 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
$PROVINCENAME$ joins the Empire. 9494 HolyRomanEmpire.txt province
$PROVINCENAME$ refused! 9495 HolyRomanEmpire.txt province
$FROM$ has left the empire! 9496 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Favourable Relation 1054 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Unfavourable Relation I 1055 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Unfavourable Relation II 1056 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Vote on Reichsreform 9057 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
The Diet in $PROVINCECAPITAL$ 9058 HolyRomanEmpire.txt province
Reichsreform Revoked 766 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Vote on Reichsregiment 9059 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
The Diet in $PROVINCECAPITAL$ 9060 HolyRomanEmpire.txt province
Reichsregiment Revoked 767 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Vote on Hofgericht Reform 9061 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
The Diet in $PROVINCECAPITAL$ 9062 HolyRomanEmpire.txt province
Hofgericht Revoked 768 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Vote on Gemeiner Pfennig Reform 9063 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
The Diet in $PROVINCECAPITAL$ 9064 HolyRomanEmpire.txt province
Gemeinerpfennig Revoked 769 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Vote on The Ewiger Landfriede Reform 9065 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
The Diet in $PROVINCECAPITAL$ 9066 HolyRomanEmpire.txt province
Landfriede Revoked 768 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Vote on Privilege Reform 9067 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
The Diet in $PROVINCECAPITAL$ 9068 HolyRomanEmpire.txt province
Privileges Restored 771 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Vote on Erbkaisertum 9070 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
The Diet in $PROVINCECAPITAL$ 9069 HolyRomanEmpire.txt province
Erbkaisertum Revoked 772 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Renovatio Imperii Romanorum 9071 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
The Diet in $PROVINCECAPITAL$ 9072 HolyRomanEmpire.txt province
Renovatio Imperii Romanorum 9073 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Renovatio Imperii Romanorum 9074 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Privileges Revoked 9075 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Privileges Revoked 9076 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
The release of $FROM$ 9090 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
The province of $FROM$ 9091 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
The Emperor is Dead... 900 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
A Prince Restored 901 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
A Heretic Prince 902 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
A Wayward Sheep Returns 903 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Glory to the Empire! 904 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
A Prince Undone 905 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Foreign Influence Stopped 906 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
A Prince Released 907 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
In Defense of the Empire! 908 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Dishonourable Emperor 909 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Imperial Reconquest 950 HolyRomanEmpire.txt country
Popular Support for our Grand navy 6000 ideaevents.txt country
Popular Enthusiasm for our Navy diminishes 6101 ideaevents.txt country
Promising Admiral Appears 6102 ideaevents.txt country
Aristocrats concerned 6103 ideaevents.txt country
Naval Developments 6104 ideaevents.txt country
Naval Hubris 6105 ideaevents.txt country
Improved Blockade Tactics 6106 ideaevents.txt country
Slipping Standards 6107 ideaevents.txt country
Naval Technical Developments 6108 ideaevents.txt country
Concerned Shipwrights 6109 ideaevents.txt country
We Rule the Waves 6110 ideaevents.txt country
The Fleet has declined 6111 ideaevents.txt country
Recruits flock to the standards 6112 ideaevents.txt country
Nations don't want to be conscripted 6113 ideaevents.txt country
Isn't our Army Grand? 6114 ideaevents.txt country
Our Army isn't so grand 6115 ideaevents.txt country
Military Improvements 6116 ideaevents.txt country
Military Complacency 6117 ideaevents.txt country
Promsing General 6130 ideaevents.txt country
Nobility concerned at loss of privileges 6131 ideaevents.txt country
Glory of the Army 6132 ideaevents.txt country
Our Army has seen better days 6133 ideaevents.txt country
Our Merchants are adventuring 6134 ideaevents.txt country
Our Merchants are doing poorly 6135 ideaevents.txt country
Colonist Rush 6136 ideaevents.txt country
People Flee to the Colonies 6137 ideaevents.txt country
Colonial Company founded 6138 ideaevents.txt country
Colonial Company goes bankrupt 6139 ideaevents.txt country
Merchants Attracted 6140 ideaevents.txt country
Trade Complacency 6141 ideaevents.txt country
Excellent Viceroys 6142 ideaevents.txt country
Corrupt Viceroys 6143 ideaevents.txt country
Production improvements 6144 ideaevents.txt country
Production stifled 6145 ideaevents.txt country
Successful bureaucracy 6146 ideaevents.txt country
Corrupt bureaucracy 6147 ideaevents.txt country
Successful bureaucracy 6197 ideaevents.txt country
Successful bureaucracy 6198 ideaevents.txt country
National Bank pays dividends 6148 ideaevents.txt country
National Bank in trouble 6149 ideaevents.txt country
Trade Policy Sucess 6150 ideaevents.txt country
Trade Policy is failing 6151 ideaevents.txt country
New Spy techniques 6152 ideaevents.txt country
Spy Defections 6153 ideaevents.txt country
Cabinet Dynamism 6154 ideaevents.txt country
Government Corruption 6155 ideaevents.txt country
Minority Prospers 6156 ideaevents.txt province
Backlash 6157 ideaevents.txt province
Church Mobilises Population 6158 ideaevents.txt country
Liberal Backlash 6159 ideaevents.txt country
Religious Zeal 6160 ideaevents.txt country
Conservative Backlash 6161 ideaevents.txt country
His Holiness is concerned 6163 ideaevents.txt province
His Holiness is outraged 6164 ideaevents.txt province
His Holiness is shocked 6165 ideaevents.txt province
The Orthodox Faith is Rocked 6166 ideaevents.txt province
The Patriarch is complaining 6167 ideaevents.txt province
The Patriarch is concerned 6168 ideaevents.txt province
Bishops feel we are losing ground 6169 ideaevents.txt province
Bishops shocked 6170 ideaevents.txt province
Bishops concerned 6171 ideaevents.txt province
Church Elders think the apocalypse is coming. 6172 ideaevents.txt province
God Punishing us? 6173 ideaevents.txt province
Church Elders concered. 6174 ideaevents.txt province
Ulema Concerned 6175 ideaevents.txt province
Ayatollahs are concerned 6176 ideaevents.txt province
Monks concerned 6177 ideaevents.txt province
People turn to philosophy! 6178 ideaevents.txt province
The People turn to spirit worship 6179 ideaevents.txt province
People turn their back on Brahman 6180 ideaevents.txt province
People turn to philosophy 6181 ideaevents.txt province
Gurus complain! 6182 ideaevents.txt province
People turn to Buddhism 6183 ideaevents.txt province
People start worshiping Hinduism 6184 ideaevents.txt province
Our people embrace Shintoism 6185 ideaevents.txt province
Our Priests express mild displeasure 6186 ideaevents.txt province
Priests politely raise complaint 6187 ideaevents.txt province
Our Priests suffer mild outrage 6188 ideaevents.txt province
The Spirits of Nature are concerned 6189 ideaevents.txt province
Unhappy news from the hunting ground 6190 ideaevents.txt province
The Scientific Revolution Continues 6191 ideaevents.txt country
Scientific Revolution Halts 6192 ideaevents.txt country
Epic Art Produced 6193 ideaevents.txt country
No Art worth Patronising 6194 ideaevents.txt country
Support for the war 6195 ideaevents.txt country
People Angered by our failure to wage war 6196 ideaevents.txt country
Unprofitable Trade 4043 indiantradecompany.txt country
Unprofitable Trade 4044 indiantradecompany.txt country
Religious Turmoil 2036 interconfessionalwars.txt province
Preparation for the Ascent of Mount Fuji 10001 JapanEvents.txt country
Ascent of Mount Fuji 10002 JapanEvents.txt country
Fleeing Sherpas 10003 JapanEvents.txt country
$CAPITAL$ is on fire! 10004 JapanEvents.txt province
Rebuild $CAPITAL$ 10005 JapanEvents.txt country
A New Temple 10006 JapanEvents.txt country
Invitation to the Hanami Festival 10007 JapanEvents.txt country
Ill omen at the Hanami Festival 10008 JapanEvents.txt country
A sign from the above 10009 JapanEvents.txt country
Daimyo $COUNTRY$s invitation to the Hanami Festival 10010 JapanEvents.txt country
Disaster at the Hanami Festival 10011 JapanEvents.txt country
The Hanami Festival 10012 JapanEvents.txt country
Assassination attempt on the Kanrei 10013 JapanEvents.txt country
Failed assassination attempt 10014 JapanEvents.txt country
Successful assassination of the Kanrei 10015 JapanEvents.txt country
Assassination attempt discovered 10016 JapanEvents.txt country
Ikko-ikkis rising! 10017 JapanEvents.txt province
Ikko-ikkis spreading! 10018 JapanEvents.txt province
All hail the Seii Taishogun! 10019 JapanEvents.txt country
Forced abdication 10020 JapanEvents.txt country
Abdicate or commit seppuku 10021 JapanEvents.txt country
Endorse Shogun 10022 JapanEvents.txt country
Sword Hunt - The Bad Hunt(er) 10023 JapanEvents.txt country
Sword Hunt - Captured Prey 10024 JapanEvents.txt country
Sword Hunt - Disrupted Hunt 10025 JapanEvents.txt country
Interrupted Tea Ceremony 10026 JapanEvents.txt country
A gift given in hope of friendship 10027 JapanEvents.txt country
The Horse Incident 10028 JapanEvents.txt country
Shinobi! 10029 JapanEvents.txt country
The Kanrei's Head 10030 JapanEvents.txt country
Province Converts 10031 JapanEvents.txt province
Relations sabotaged 10032 JapanEvents.txt province
Relations sabotaged 10033 JapanEvents.txt province
Ninja strike! 10034 JapanEvents.txt country
Ninja strike! 10035 JapanEvents.txt country
Ninja strike! 10036 JapanEvents.txt country
Dominates Tea Trade 10037 JapanEvents.txt country
Tea With the Emperor 8040 JapanEvents.txt country
State Council 10500 KoreanEvents.txt country
The King's Approval 10501 KoreanEvents.txt country
Sinmun Office 10502 KoreanEvents.txt country
Manchu Nomad Raids 10504 KoreanEvents.txt province
Chinese Nomad Raids 10505 KoreanEvents.txt province
Pirate Raid 10506 KoreanEvents.txt province
Prepare Wokou Expedition 10507 KoreanEvents.txt country
Wokou Expedition 10508 KoreanEvents.txt country
Wokou Expedition Returns 10509 KoreanEvents.txt country
Wokou Expedition Returns 10510 KoreanEvents.txt country
Legatus Natus 763 LegatusNatus.txt country
Title of Legatus Natus Lost 764 LegatusNatus.txt country
Envoy from the Pope 765 LegatusNatus.txt country
Position as Legatus Natus Revoked 964 LegatusNatus.txt country
Aspiration for Liberty 1061 liberalism.txt country
Governmental Incompetence 1062 liberalism.txt country
Battles on Foreign Ground 1063 liberalism.txt country
Order is Restored 1064 liberalism.txt country
Further concessions demanded 6501 libirumveto.txt country
Noble Support 6502 libirumveto.txt country
Reform 6503 libirumveto.txt country
End of the Liberum Veto 6504 libirumveto.txt country
Nomad Raids 10700 ManchuEvents.txt province
Military Reform 4011 MilitaryReform.txt country
Missionary Falls Ill 2060 missionaries.txt province
Religious Resistance 2061 missionaries.txt province
Native Attack 2062 missionaries.txt province
Religious Uproar 2063 missionaries.txt province
Wicked Rumours 2064 missionaries.txt province
Religious Tensions 2065 missionaries.txt province
Neighbour Disrupting the Peace 2066 missionaries.txt province
Missionary Activities 2067 missionaries.txt province
Colonial expansion 6400 Napoleonevents.txt province
Colonial Migration 6401 Napoleonevents.txt province
Relgious enemies 6403 Napoleonevents.txt province
Local support 6404 Napoleonevents.txt province
Protestant Faith? 6405 Napoleonevents.txt country
The Reformed Religion 6406 Napoleonevents.txt country
The Catholic Faith 6407 Napoleonevents.txt country
Temple Built 6408 Napoleonevents.txt province
Workshop built 6409 Napoleonevents.txt province
Poor People Helped 6410 Napoleonevents.txt province
Shipyard Built 6411 Napoleonevents.txt province
Constable built 6412 Napoleonevents.txt province
Market Place Appears 6413 Napoleonevents.txt province
Court System improved 6414 Napoleonevents.txt province
Local Churchmen give practical demonstration of sermon 6415 Napoleonevents.txt province
Smuggling problem? 6416 Napoleonevents.txt province
Market Place Appears 6417 Napoleonevents.txt province
Bumper year 6418 Napoleonevents.txt province
Excellent vintage 6419 Napoleonevents.txt province
Poor vintage 6420 Napoleonevents.txt province
Quality wool 6421 Napoleonevents.txt province
Poor uniforms 6422 Napoleonevents.txt province
Hardy seamen 6423 Napoleonevents.txt province
Natives not assisting 6424 Napoleonevents.txt province
Salt crisis 6425 Napoleonevents.txt province
Excellent supplies 6426 Napoleonevents.txt province
Poor quality copper 6427 Napoleonevents.txt province
GOLD RUSH! 6428 Napoleonevents.txt province
Iron ore quality problems 6429 Napoleonevents.txt province
Disease 6430 Napoleonevents.txt province
Quality ivory 6431 Napoleonevents.txt province
Tea party 6432 Napoleonevents.txt province
Storms 6433 Napoleonevents.txt province
Harvest failure 6434 Napoleonevents.txt province
Slave uprising 6435 Napoleonevents.txt province
National Bank (event) 4042 nationalbank.txt country
Debased Currency 9478 nationalbank.txt country
Tensions along the $PROVINCENAME$ border 9471 NationalFocus.txt province
Benign neglect 9472 NationalFocus.txt province
School Charter 9473 NationalFocus.txt province
Veterans of Foreign Wars 9474 NationalFocus.txt province
Natives Encountering our Colonies 3071 natives.txt province
Native Raids 3072 natives.txt province
Native Exploitation 3073 natives.txt province
Colonial Expansion 3074 natives.txt province
Lucrative Trade 3075 natives.txt province
Spread of Disease 3076 natives.txt province
Religious Influences 3077 natives.txt province
Religious Influences 3078 natives.txt province
Spread of Disease 3079 natives.txt province
Papal State (event) 1081 papalstate.txt country
The Papal State (event) 1082 papalstate.txt country
Lacking Support 1083 papalstate.txt country
Possible Infiltrator 1084 papalstate.txt country
Peasants' War 3021 peasantswar.txt country
Peasant protests 3022 peasantswar.txt country
Religious revolt 3023 peasantswar.txt country
Obsolete forces 3024 peasantswar.txt country
National decentralisation 3025 peasantswar.txt country
The end of the Peasants' War 3026 peasantswar.txt country
Noble uprising 800 PolicyChanges.txt country
Loss of prestige 801 PolicyChanges.txt country
Merchants benefit 802 PolicyChanges.txt country
Loss of stability 803 PolicyChanges.txt country
The burghers rise! 804 PolicyChanges.txt country
More nobility in the army 805 PolicyChanges.txt country
Country destabilized 806 PolicyChanges.txt country
Large revolt 807 PolicyChanges.txt country
Local pretender rises 808 PolicyChanges.txt country
Local tax increase 809 PolicyChanges.txt country
More local recruiting 810 PolicyChanges.txt country
Stability increase 811 PolicyChanges.txt country
Peasant revolt 812 PolicyChanges.txt country
Attracting the right people 813 PolicyChanges.txt country
Major revolt 814 PolicyChanges.txt country
People are disappearing 815 PolicyChanges.txt country
Losing control 816 PolicyChanges.txt country
Better administration 817 PolicyChanges.txt country
Dangerous ideas are spreading! 818 PolicyChanges.txt country
We look weak 819 PolicyChanges.txt country
New thinkers arise 820 PolicyChanges.txt country
Heresy 821 PolicyChanges.txt country
Disorder 822 PolicyChanges.txt country
A holy man has arrived 823 PolicyChanges.txt country
Merchants suffering 824 PolicyChanges.txt country
No one wants to work 825 PolicyChanges.txt country
Taking advantage of our trade 826 PolicyChanges.txt country
Lack of protection 827 PolicyChanges.txt country
Merchants leaving 828 PolicyChanges.txt country
Promising trader 829 PolicyChanges.txt country
Nobles are worried 830 PolicyChanges.txt country
Too many cowards 831 PolicyChanges.txt country
Glory to us 832 PolicyChanges.txt country
Aristocrats don’t want to serve 833 PolicyChanges.txt country
Peasants upset 834 PolicyChanges.txt country
Fortification expert 835 PolicyChanges.txt country
Naval thought suffering 836 PolicyChanges.txt country
Naval officers are retiring 837 PolicyChanges.txt country
An example to us all 838 PolicyChanges.txt country
Arsenals are being deserted 839 PolicyChanges.txt country
General retires 840 PolicyChanges.txt country
Isn’t he grand? 841 PolicyChanges.txt country
Unsuitable recruits 842 PolicyChanges.txt country
Nobles worried 843 PolicyChanges.txt country
New commandant 844 PolicyChanges.txt country
People laugh at our army 845 PolicyChanges.txt country
Leaders harder to find 846 PolicyChanges.txt country
New organisation 847 PolicyChanges.txt country
Primas Germaniae 759 PrimasGermaniae.txt country
Title of Primas Germaniae questioned 760 PrimasGermaniae.txt country
Primas Germaniae 761 PrimasGermaniae.txt country
Primas Germaniae lost 762 PrimasGermaniae.txt country
Title of Primas Germaniae lost 962 PrimasGermaniae.txt country
The Protestant Reformation 2001 Protestant.txt country
The Protestant Reformation 2008 Protestant.txt country
Impact of War 743 PurelyNasty.txt country
This War is Futile! 744 PurelyNasty.txt country
War causes fractions. 745 PurelyNasty.txt country
$FROM$ defects to $COUNTRY$ 747 PurelyNasty.txt province
Troops Deserting 748 PurelyNasty.txt country
Widespread Opposition 749 PurelyNasty.txt country
Bad Reputation! 750 PurelyNasty.txt country
Inflation 751 PurelyNasty.txt country
Officers Deserting 752 PurelyNasty.txt country
Merchants Resented 753 PurelyNasty.txt country
Merchants Assassinated! 773 PurelyNasty.txt country
Legitimacy Questioned 754 PurelyNasty.txt country
Magistrates Resigns 755 PurelyNasty.txt country
Adviser Resigns 756 PurelyNasty.txt country
Gift to the State 5008 RandomEvents.txt country
Temporary Insanity of Monarch 5014 RandomEvents.txt country
Excellent Minister 5015 RandomEvents.txt country
Scandal at the Court 5017 RandomEvents.txt country
Wave of Obscurantism 5018 RandomEvents.txt country
Exceptional Year 5019 RandomEvents.txt country
Exceptional Year 5020 RandomEvents.txt country
Exceptional Year 5021 RandomEvents.txt country
Rush of Colonists 5022 RandomEvents.txt country
Rush of Merchants 5023 RandomEvents.txt country
Diplomatic Move 5024 RandomEvents.txt country
Excellent Diplomacy 5025 RandomEvents.txt country
Reformation of the Army 5027 RandomEvents.txt country
Reformation of the Navy 5032 RandomEvents.txt country
Good Government Policies 5040 RandomEvents.txt country
Poor Government Policies 5045 RandomEvents.txt country
Unhappiness Among the Clergy 5050 RandomEvents.txt country
Unhappiness Among the Artisans 5051 RandomEvents.txt country
Unhappiness Among the Peasantry 5052 RandomEvents.txt country
Unhappiness Among the Merchants 5053 RandomEvents.txt country
Political Crisis 5054 RandomEvents.txt country
Corruption 5055 RandomEvents.txt country
Diplomatic Insult 5056 RandomEvents.txt country
Nobles Demand Privileges 5058 RandomEvents.txt country
Trading Company's bubble bursts 5059 RandomEvents.txt country
Comet Sighted 5060 RandomEvents.txt country
Saint Performs Miracle 5061 RandomEvents.txt country
Nobles Ally with Foreign Power 5064 RandomEvents.txt country
Assassination of Noble 5065 RandomEvents.txt country
Cessation of Church Functions 5066 RandomEvents.txt country
Sale of Offices 5068 RandomEvents.txt country
Monopoly Company Formed 5070 RandomEvents.txt country
Nobles Demand Increased Pensions 5071 RandomEvents.txt country
Grant Export Licences 5072 RandomEvents.txt country
Establish Cantonments 5074 RandomEvents.txt country
Nobles Demand Old Rights 5075 RandomEvents.txt country
Cities Demand Old Rights 5076 RandomEvents.txt country
Non-enforcement of Ordinances 5077 RandomEvents.txt country
Bourgeoisie Request Privileges 5082 RandomEvents.txt country
Italian Engineer Available 5083 RandomEvents.txt country
Foreign Drill Instructor Available 5084 RandomEvents.txt country
Build a Great Palace 5085 RandomEvents.txt country
Uncooperative Philosopher 5086 RandomEvents.txt country
Merchants harassed 5088 RandomEvents.txt country
Petition for Redress 5089 RandomEvents.txt country
Noble Family Requests Aid 5090 RandomEvents.txt country
Support for Dissidents Abroad 5091 RandomEvents.txt country
Foreign Trade Competition Rises 5092 RandomEvents.txt country
Removal of Advisor 5093 RandomEvents.txt country
Heretic Advisor 5094 RandomEvents.txt country
Statesman gains power 5095 RandomEvents.txt country
Influenced elections 5096 RandomEvents.txt country
Peasants getting uppity 5097 RandomEvents.txt country
Corruption in the Church 5098 RandomEvents.txt country
Merchant Fractures 5099 RandomEvents.txt country
Naval Traditions Scorned 6000 RandomEvents.txt country
Land Traditions Scorned 6001 RandomEvents.txt country
Opposing Military Schools 6002 RandomEvents.txt country
National Institutions 6003 RandomEvents.txt country
Vatican Infiltration 6004 RandomEvents.txt country
City-state Wants Independence 6005 RandomEvents.txt country
City-state Wants Independence 6006 RandomEvents.txt country
Court Painter Available 6012 RandomEvents.txt country
Grand Ball in $CAPITAL$ 6013 RandomEvents.txt country
Festivities 6015 RandomEvents.txt country
Complaints about Bailiff 710 RandomEvents.txt country
Priests are preaching Heresy! 711 RandomEvents.txt country
Dramatic Currency Revaluation 712 RandomEvents.txt country
Decadence 713 RandomEvents.txt country
Military Divided! 714 RandomEvents.txt country
$MONARCH$ embarasses the court. 715 RandomEvents.txt country
Nobles Demand Recompensation 716 RandomEvents.txt country
Monetary Reforms 717 RandomEvents.txt country
The Fortunes of War 718 RandomEvents.txt country
Strong Military Leadership. 719 RandomEvents.txt country
The Naval Tradition. 720 RandomEvents.txt country
Sickness of $MONARCHTITLE$ 722 RandomEvents.txt country
Regional Nobles challenge $COUNTRY$ 723 RandomEvents.txt country
Clergy condemns philosopher as heretic! 724 RandomEvents.txt country
Growth of Cities attracts Serfs 725 RandomEvents.txt country
$MONARCHTITLE$'s reputation tarnished! 726 RandomEvents.txt country
Fight the Good Fight! 727 RandomEvents.txt country
Claims on Our Rivals! 728 RandomEvents.txt country
Improve the Capital 729 RandomEvents.txt country
Land Technology Research Useless 730 RandomEvents.txt country
Naval Research Wrong! 731 RandomEvents.txt country
New Trade Research is Heretical 732 RandomEvents.txt country
Production Research Flawed 733 RandomEvents.txt country
There should be a Stable Government 734 RandomEvents.txt country
A Generation of Cowards 735 RandomEvents.txt country
Death of a Merchant 736 RandomEvents.txt country
Local fortification expert discovered. 737 RandomEvents.txt country
Naive Relative 738 RandomEvents.txt country
Saint Proclaimed 739 RandomEvents.txt country
Smugglers running rampant. 740 RandomEvents.txt country
Printing Press gives Benefits 741 RandomEvents.txt country
Extraordinary Recruiting Policies 742 RandomEvents.txt country
Glory for $DYNASTY$ 850 RandomEvents.txt country
$DYNASTY$ is shaken. 851 RandomEvents.txt country
Briliant Government. 852 RandomEvents.txt country
Great Economic Policy 853 RandomEvents.txt country
A Golden Era for Culture! 854 RandomEvents.txt country
Warriors do not read books 855 RandomEvents.txt country
Competent Diplomacy! 857 RandomEvents.txt country
Incompetent Diplomacy! 858 RandomEvents.txt country
Warweary Population 859 RandomEvents.txt country
There is still hope 860 RandomEvents.txt country
Visit from some shady people 861 RandomEvents.txt country
The New World beckons! 862 RandomEvents.txt country
Merchants spread thin 863 RandomEvents.txt country
Relations Improved 864 RandomEvents.txt country
Influential Preacher 865 RandomEvents.txt country
Improvements in Land Technology 866 RandomEvents.txt country
Improvements in Trade Technology 867 RandomEvents.txt country
Improvements in Trade Technology 868 RandomEvents.txt country
Improvements in Government Technology 869 RandomEvents.txt country
Improvements in Production Technology 870 RandomEvents.txt country
Sale of Titles 871 RandomEvents.txt country
A travelling minstrel 872 RandomEvents.txt country
A bountiful harvest 873 RandomEvents.txt country
Tensions between nobles and clergy 874 RandomEvents.txt country
The Maid of $CAPITAL CITY$ 875 RandomEvents.txt country
Bible printed! 876 RandomEvents.txt country
The Sweating Sickness spreads through $CAPITAL$ 877 RandomEvents.txt country
Disagreeing advisor 878 RandomEvents.txt country
Privateers bring profits 879 RandomEvents.txt country
Privateers captured 880 RandomEvents.txt country
Merchant arranges an expedition. 881 RandomEvents.txt country
Renaissance Prince 883 RandomEvents.txt country
Expanding influence 882 RandomEvents.txt country
Local Noble's Power Grows 884 RandomEvents.txt country
Colonial Discovery! 885 RandomEvents.txt country
Christian influences 5001 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Christian influences 5002 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Muslim influences 5003 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Muslim influences 5004 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Revolt in $PROVINCENAME$ 5005 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Revolt in $PROVINCENAME$ 5006 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Revolt in $PROVINCENAME$ 5007 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Bad harvest 5016 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Plague! 5026 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Agricultural revolution 5037 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Agricultural revolution 5038 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Agricultural revolution 5039 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Random_province_events#Fortification_effort 5057 RandomProvinceEvents.txt country
Regulation of the medical profession 5062 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Noble families feud 5063 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
New land claimed 5073 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Boundary dispute 5087 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
A formal request 6007 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Territory integrated 6008 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Good harvest 6014 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Buddhist influences 6016 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Boundary dispute 6032 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Boundary dispute 6033 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
$PROVINCENAME$ defects 746 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
$PROVINCENAME$ revolts! 757 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
We have been chosen! 758 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
$PROVINCENAME$ defects 949 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
The Highlanders arrive 960 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
People sampling new religions 6331 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Native assimilation in $PROVINCENAME$ 4900 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
Accomodation with natives in $PROVINCENAME$ 4901 RandomProvinceEvents.txt province
The Reformation Branches Out 2011 Reformed.txt country
The Reformation Branches Out 2009 Reformed.txt country
Financial Reforms 4033 reforms.txt country
Social Reform 4034 reforms.txt country
Military Development 4035 reforms.txt country
Architectural Development 4036 reforms.txt country
The Counter-Reformation Ends 2050 religious.txt country
The Counter-Reformation Ends 2051 religious.txt country
Religious Civil Disorder 2031 ReligiousWars.txt province
Growing Number of Heretics 2032 ReligiousWars.txt province
Heretic Subjugation 2033 ReligiousWars.txt province
Rise of Religious Intolerance 2034 ReligiousWars.txt province
Empty Words 2036 ReligiousWars.txt country
Religious Civil Disorder (Muslim) 2037 ReligiousWars.txt province
End of Religious Turmoil 2038 ReligiousWars.txt country
Trade focus 9550 republics.txt country
Trade expansion 9551 republics.txt country
Budgetary disagreements 9552 republics.txt country
Disagreements in the parliament 9553 republics.txt country
Misdirected focus 9554 republics.txt country
Parliamentary problems 9555 republics.txt country
Heated debates 9556 republics.txt country
Offense or defense 9557 republics.txt country
Conflicting opinions 9558 republics.txt country
An infiltrator in parliament 9559 republics.txt country
A Traitor in the parliament 9560 republics.txt country
Political chaos 9561 republics.txt country
Influenced decisions 9562 republics.txt country
Financial disagreements 9563 republics.txt country
Military spending 9564 republics.txt country
A strong army or navy? 9565 republics.txt country
Military leniency 9566 republics.txt country
Too many liberties 9567 republics.txt country
Economic decisions 9568 republics.txt country
Military expenses 9569 republics.txt country
Sympathisers of the old government 9570 republics.txt province
A new constitution 9571 republics.txt country
Areas of research 9572 republics.txt country
Lack of Support 9573 republics.txt country
Anxious parliament 9574 republics.txt country
Troublesome parliament 9575 republics.txt country
Overspending 9576 republics.txt country
Embezzlement 9577 republics.txt country
Planned coup 9578 republics.txt country
Possible traitors 9579 republics.txt country
Center of trade lost 9580 republics.txt country
Revolution in $COUNTRY$ 3011 revolution.txt country
Religious intolerance 3012 revolution.txt country
Serfdom 3013 revolution.txt country
Social reform 3014 revolution.txt country
Royal bureaucracy 3015 revolution.txt country
Deplorable reign 3016 revolution.txt country
The road to bankruptcy 3017 revolution.txt country
Financial crisis 3018 revolution.txt country
The end of the revolution 3019 revolution.txt country
The Revolution is here 6601 revolutionpart2.txt country
Defence of the revolution 6602 revolutionpart2.txt country
The Revolution must be contained 6603 revolutionpart2.txt country
The revolution is over 6604 revolutionpart2.txt country
Order has triumphed! 6605 revolutionpart2.txt country
The Storming of the Bastille 6606 revolutionpart2.txt country
The restoration 6607 revolutionpart2.txt country
The end of the monarchy 6608 revolutionpart2.txt country
The exile of the revolutionaries 6609 revolutionpart2.txt country
The Revolution Advances 6610 revolutionpart2.txt country
Heirless Shogunate 8000 ShogunEvents.txt country
Losing Face 8010 ShogunEvents.txt country
Levying Additional Taxes 8020 ShogunEvents.txt country
Sword of The Shogun 8030 ShogunEvents.txt country
Lacquerware For the Emperor 8050 ShogunEvents.txt country
The First Sake 8060 ShogunEvents.txt country
A Shinobi's Suggestion 8070 ShogunEvents.txt country
A Shade of Jade 8080 ShogunEvents.txt country
Dispute with the Emperor 8090 ShogunEvents.txt country
Spreading Rumors 8100 ShogunEvents.txt country
Reciting Poetry 8110 ShogunEvents.txt country
A Mon for our Son 8120 ShogunEvents.txt country
Sharpening Swords 8130 ShogunEvents.txt country
An Unexpected Rain 8140 ShogunEvents.txt country
Hangings in the Han 8150 ShogunEvents.txt country
New Generation of Samurai 8160 ShogunEvents.txt country
Maintaining the Temples 8170 ShogunEvents.txt country
Strengthening the Shogunate 8180 ShogunEvents.txt country
Changing Customs 8190 ShogunEvents.txt country
Death or Glory? 8200 ShogunEvents.txt country
Shogunate Wanes 8210 ShogunEvents.txt country
Shogunate Waxes 8220 ShogunEvents.txt country
Unruly Samurai 8230 ShogunEvents.txt country
Calling up Recruits 8240 ShogunEvents.txt country
Serfs Properly Exploited 6300 sliders.txt country
Serfs Upset 6301 sliders.txt country
Our People Revel in Freedom 6302 sliders.txt country
Nobles Concerned 6303 sliders.txt country
More men for the Army 6304 sliders.txt country
Decline in Army Quality 6305 sliders.txt country
The Quality of our troops is Impressive 6306 sliders.txt country
Recruiting crisis 6307 sliders.txt country
Army is the way to Glory 6308 sliders.txt country
Admirals Concerned 6309 sliders.txt country
Our Fleet is the pride of the Nation. 6310 sliders.txt country
Generals Bothered 6311 sliders.txt country
Our Army's Élan strikes fear into the enemy 6312 sliders.txt country
Fortification neglected 6313 sliders.txt province
Fortification Effort. 6319 sliders.txt country
Generals Concerned by our unmanly tactics 6325 sliders.txt province
Our Mercantilist Policies Strengthen trade 6326 sliders.txt country
Merchant defects 6327 sliders.txt country
Trade Expansion 6328 sliders.txt country
Merchants worried about lack of protection 6329 sliders.txt country
Innovation Wave 6330 sliders.txt country
People feel safe 6332 sliders.txt country
Liberals Angry 6333 sliders.txt country
Centralisation yields benefits 6334 sliders.txt country
Provinces Frustrated by lack of autonomy 6335 sliders.txt country
Provinces want even more autonomy 6337 sliders.txt country
Aristocrats grateful for our favour 6338 sliders.txt country
Merchants complain 6339 sliders.txt country
Merchants pleased 6340 sliders.txt country
Arisocrats concerned 6341 sliders.txt country
Lack of Prestige impacts our Sphere of Influence 400 Spheres.txt country
The Prestige of $DYNASTY$ is waning. 401 Spheres.txt country
The Pope is questioning our Sphere of Influence 402 Spheres.txt country
Low Prestige in $COUNTRY$ 403 Spheres.txt country
Spread of the Reformation 2012 SpreadOfCalvinism.txt province
Spread of the Reformation 2013 SpreadOfCalvinism.txt province
Spread of Protestantism 2002 SpreadOfProtestantism.txt province
Spread of Protestantism 2003 SpreadOfProtestantism.txt province
Financial Ruin 3081 statebankruptcy.txt country
Financial Ruin 3082 statebankruptcy.txt country
Too Much Religious Freedom 1090 Theocracies.txt country
Problematic Relations 1091 Theocracies.txt country
Time of troubles 3001 timeoftroubles.txt country
Religious struggles 3002 timeoftroubles.txt province
National instability 3003 timeoftroubles.txt country
Unrest among the peasants 3004 timeoftroubles.txt country
War exhaustion 3005 timeoftroubles.txt country
Conspiracies 3006 timeoftroubles.txt country
Famine strikes $COUNTRY$ 3007 timeoftroubles.txt country
The end of the time of troubles 3008 timeoftroubles.txt country
The Black Sea trade 1500 TollEvents.txt country
Loss of hegemony in the Black Sea 1500 TollEvents.txt country
The Baltic Sea trade 1500 TollEvents.txt country
Loss of hegemony in the Baltic Sea 1500 TollEvents.txt country
Civil war brings our nation to its knees 6018 totalwar.txt Country
Civil disorder transfer into chaos 6019 totalwar.txt Country
New factional powers 6020 totalwar.txt Country
Faction requests financial aid 6021 totalwar.txt Country
Favoured faction threatens to splinter 6022 totalwar.txt Province
Total war emerges internally 6023 totalwar.txt Province
Chaos in neighbouring country 6024 totalwar.txt Country
Our country has splintered apart 6025 totalwar.txt Province
Dominant factions emerge 6026 totalwar.txt Country
Negotiations break down 6027 totalwar.txt Province
War ends with negotiated peace 6028 totalwar.txt Province
War ends with negotiated peace 6029 totalwar.txt Province
War ends with negotiated peace 6030 totalwar.txt Province
War ends with negotiated peace 6031 totalwar.txt Province
Sound dues 1500 TollEvents.txt country
Sound dues from $FROMCOUNTRY$ 1500 TollEvents.txt country
Expulsion of Merchants 140 trade.txt country
Trade Crisis 140 trade.txt country
Merchant Bankrupt! 140 trade.txt country
Merchant Shipwrecked! 140 trade.txt country
Polish Grain Trade Disappears 140 trade.txt country
Grain 9500 TradeGoods.txt Province
Fish 9501 TradeGoods.txt Province
Wine 9502 TradeGoods.txt Province
Wool 9503 TradeGoods.txt Province
Cloth 9504 TradeGoods.txt Province
Fur 9505 TradeGoods.txt Province
Salt 9506 TradeGoods.txt Province
Naval Supplies 9507 TradeGoods.txt Province
Copped 9508 TradeGoods.txt Province
Gold 9509 TradeGoods.txt Province
Iron 9510 TradeGoods.txt Province
Slaves 9511 TradeGoods.txt Province
Ivory 9512 TradeGoods.txt Province
Tea 9513 TradeGoods.txt Province
Chinaware 9514 TradeGoods.txt Province
Spices 9515 TradeGoods.txt Province
Coffee 9516 TradeGoods.txt Province
Cotton 9517 TradeGoods.txt Province
Sugar 9518 TradeGoods.txt Province
Tobacco 9519 TradeGoods.txt Province
Slavery Abolished in $PROVINCENAME$ 9520 TradeGoods.txt Province
Lack of Production 9521 TradeGoods.txt Province
League Trade Stations Close 1093 TradeLeagues.txt country
Trade Station Founded 1094 TradeLeagues.txt province
Tribal Succession Crisis 600 tribalsuccession.txt country
Wealthy Neighbours 9200 Tribes.txt province
Weaker Neighbours 9201 Tribes.txt country
$MONARCHTITLE$ $MONARCH$ shows weakness. 9202 Tribes.txt country
$DYNASTY$ is a house of peace. 9203 Tribes.txt country
The tribe is losing respect for $DYNASTY$ 9204 Tribes.txt country
Sacking of $PROVINCENAME$ 9205 Tribes.txt province
Local Nobles Protesting 7001 unionevents.txt country
$MONARCH$ ignores $COUNTRY$ 7002 unionevents.txt country
$COUNTRY$ neglected economically. 7003 unionevents.txt country
Cultural Differences 7004 unionevents.txt country
Our Union has a bad reputation. 7005 unionevents.txt country
Nobles resist westernization 4001 westernisation.txt country
Provinces resist westernization 4002 westernisation.txt country
Peasants resist westernization 4003 westernisation.txt country
The people resist westernization 4004 westernisation.txt country
Reactionaries resist westernization 4005 westernisation.txt country
Merchants resist westernization 4006 westernisation.txt country
Cultural establishment resist westernization 4007 westernisation.txt country
Government officials resist westernization 4008 westernisation.txt country
High command resist westernization 4009 westernisation.txt country
Advisers resist westernization 4010 westernisation.txt country
Westphalia 1012 westphalia.txt country

Former events

Events in this section have been removed since their initial use. Note this section does not contain information on changes of existing events. Event numbers are listed where known.

Removed in Divine Wind

ID Title
6011 Creation of Stock Exchange
6118 Fortification effort
6119 Fortification enhancement
6120 Our engineers are busy
6121 Fortification works
6122 Epic fortification built
6123 New bastions built
6124 Fort falls into disrepair
6125 Fort decays
6126 Fort crumbles
6127 Fort weakens
6128 Complacent engineers
6129 Fortification crisis
6314 Fortification suffering
6315 Fortifications are doing poorly
6316 Who cares about forts?
6317 Our Generals are refusing to maintain our forts
6318 Generals frown upon unmanly fortifications
6320 Fortification upgrade
6321 Fortification Enhancement
6322 Fortification Improvement
6323 Large scale fortification improvement
6324 Epic Fortification enhancement
9466 The Rats in The Walls
721 No Need for the March!
9474 Road Rage
6009 Road Constructions
2004 Spread of Protestantism III
2005 Spread of Protestantism IV
2006 Spread of Protestantism V
2007 Spread of Protestantism VI
2014 Spread of the Reformation III
2015 Spread of the Reformation IV
2016 Spread of the Reformation V
2017 Spread of the Reformation VI

Removed in HTTT

ID Title
1093 Hanseatic Kontor
1094 Rifts in the Alliance
1095 Kontor in $PROVINCENAME$

Removed in IN

ID Title
1001 Russian Nation
1002 Dutch Nation
1003 Spanish Nation
1004 English Nation
1005 French Nation
1006 Italian Nation
1007 German Nation
1008 Persian Nation
1009 Mughal Nation
1010 Irish Nation
1011 British Nation
1051 Join the Holy Roman Empire
1052 Abandon the Holy Roman Empire
1053 Abandon the Holy Roman Empire
4001 Waves of Influence
4002 Western Influences
4003 Western Culture
6500 It Begins


  1. All event are located in the events folder “...\events”.