Quest for the New World

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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

Quest for the New World
Exploration national idea
Quest for the New World.png
Quest for the New World
Introduced EU3.gif
Requirement(s) Trade technology level ≥ 7
Effects Allows recruitment of
conquistadors and explorers
Effects since IN.gif Colonial range: +50%
Allows recruitment of
conquistadors and explorers

Quest for the New World (QftNW) is a national idea, which is can be chosen once the country has a trade technology level of 7 (as of In Nomine) and a free national idea spot. It allows to recruit conquistadors and explorers which are endowed with the ability to explore Terra incognita on land respectively sea.

This national idea is needed to explore the new world and, most importantly, colonize it. Since all exploration will be shared with neighbours over the long run, this idea is not needed to colonize the new world. But if one do not get it, most good land will have been taken by the time one receive information about explored provinces.

Some nations are well positioned to exploit colonial opportunities. Any sizeable nation that has good access to the colonizeable lands in the Americas, tropical Africa or Siberia should consider getting this idea ahead of any of their neighbours. Castille, Portugal, England, Burgundy, France, Japan, Muscovy are all reasonable candidates for early exploration. Colonies are an opportunity to acquire provinces without acquiring reputation.

This national idea also grants the colonialism casus belli for adjacent overseas colonies.

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  • Enables Colonial missions: Discover $PROVINCENAME$; Colonize $PROVINCENAME$; Establish a colony in the Caribbean; Found an East-American colony; Establish a presence in Canada
  • Enables Dutch missions: Discover the Caribbean; Discover North America; Discover Australia
  • Enables British/English missions: Discover North America; Discover the Caribbean; Discover India; Chart Southern Ocean
  • Enables French missions: Discover North America; Discover the Caribbean
  • Enables Ming mission: Discover India
  • Enables Portuguese missions: Discover the Azores!; Discover Madeira; We must venture further South; Go westward; Portuguese Brazil; Push to India; Discover the Spice Islands; Onward to Cathay
  • Enables Russian missions: Russia discovers Western Siberia; Russian colony in West Siberia; Russia discovers Eastern Siberia; Russian colony in East Siberia
  • Enables Spanish missions: Discover America!; Establish a Caribbean colony; Discover the mainland!; Establish colonies on the mainland; Discover La Plata region; Colonise the South Continent

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