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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

Rev. France
Rev. France.png
At the start of the Grand Campaign – 14 October 1399
Basic Stats
Government type Revolutionary Republic
Technology group Western
Capital province Île-de-France
Center of Trade Île-de-France
State religion Catholic
Primary culture Cosmopolitaine


Centralization <♦▪▪▪▪▫▪▪▪▪▪>
extremely centralized

Aristocracy <▪▪▪▪▪▫▪▪▪▪♦>
extremely plutocratic

Serfdom <▪▪▪▪▪▫▪▪▪▪♦>
extremely free subjects
Free Subject

Innovative <♦▪▪▪▪▫▪▪▪▪▪>
extremely innovative

Mercantilism <♦▪▪▪▪▫▪▪▪▪▪>
extremely mercantilistic
Free Trade

Offensive <♦▪▪▪▪▫▪▪▪▪▪>
extremely offensive

Land <♦▪▪▪▪▫▪▪▪▪▪>
extremely land oriented

Quality <♦▪▪▪▪▫▪▪▪▪▪>
extremely quality oriented

Rev. France is a special case of a country undergoing the Revolution. France is reborn with a new Government and surrounded by enemies. There are two cases of how to play as Rev. France. Either select them in the timeline, or play a game as France that encourages the Revolution (event chain).

As France from Grand Campaign

Any France from the Grand Campaign can be expected to be very strong by the late game time that the Revolution starts. Depending on the approach the player may have to face the remains of the Holy Roman Empire or a resurgent Austria/Bohemia. An unchecked France even after the revolution can stand against any foe and is likely able to withstand attacks from two or three major players at once. Being a Revolutionary Republic or Revolutionary Empire it is possible to use the Revolutionary War casus belli to take any desired province from nations that are or are not monarchies respectively.

Late start

Rev. France is likely weaker than a France that has been played through and the Holy Roman Empire is still extant. The aim of the game is to survive the first wars before taking the fight to the enemy. Rev. France will be attacked by numerous countries. Use the French Army and manpower to take enemies down in Europe and do not be afraid to lose colonies as long as the mainland is preserved. If possible encourage enemies to spread their forces and then focus on damaging European holdings. Is possible also stagger peace deals to ensure that wars are no longer declared as a group in the remainder of the timeline. Targets for expansion are Italy and the Netherlands both of which are rich and vulnerable. For the rest of the game see the France strategy for end game goals.


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