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This article is only accurate for EU3 and Napoleon’s Ambition, version 2.2.
Please help update this page to include information on the IN, HTTT and DW expansions.

Revolutionary countries are a feature added in Napoleon's Ambition whereby a country changes its form of government to become a Revolutionary Republic. The country can later change to a Revolutionary Empire. The best known example of a revolutionary country is Revolutionary France, which exists in game as a separate country completely, though technically any country can undergo a revolution.


To change government form to revolutionary republic, a country must have its capital in Europe, at least one technology at level 45 (IN.gif: 60), be a monarchy, and get the revolution chain of events (from some kind of revolution, that was included in EU3, to the storming of Bastille). The player should note that the required technology generally only occurs towards the end of the game, and that revolutions are difficult to undergo before the 1700s.

What's the point?

Revolutionary countries were added to help the player recreate the Napoleonic wars. When the player undergoes revolution, there are events to help his country become more powerful, and especially so if he is at war with a monarchy. Similarly, non-revolutionary countries at war with a revolutionary country will receive events to help them. When changing to a revolutionary government one should be prepared to be at war with multiple countries exploiting the events.

How do I revert from revolution?

Once the player has undergone a revolution, he cannot undo it himself. However, if a non-revolutionary country occupies his capital for a certain amount of time his government will revert to its previous, non-revolutionary form. The nation which restores the government will earn substantial amounts of prestige by doing so.

Revolution in numbers

To become a revolutionary country requires 2 steps, the first of which is getting a revolution like so:

The player must have one of the following forms of government:

and each of the following:

After a MTTH of 360 months (+/- modifiers) you get a revolution. The revolution ends if you get stability of +1 or higher and have 0 rebels (you don't want it to end!).

Having sliders set towards Aristocracy, Decentralization and Serfdom decreases MTTH and high revolt risk and low stability also decreases MTTH. The national idea Humanist Tolerance increases MTTH.

The second event you need to fire requires the following:

  • Have a revolution
  • Government technology 53 or higher
  • There is no other revolutionary country
  • Your capital is in Europe
  • You have 10 or more provinces
  • You're not France (France gets a different event with the same requirements and effects)

After a mean time of 24 months, which is decreased for each of the 7 events that can fire due to the revolution, you become a Revolutionary Republic, get +3 stability, a new ruler and these sliders maxed: