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Stability cost

I'm currently cleaning the files on my computer and found this from 15 months ago:

Flat modifiers

+5Ducats.png base cost for a land province
−4Ducats.png with a temple
−2Ducats.png with a spy agency
+10Ducats.png with non-accepted culture
+10Ducats.png with Republican Cultural Sufferance as a non-tribal republic
+10Ducats.png for each level of intolerance (negative religious tolerance)
+10Ducats.png for Animist and Shamanist provinces
+15Ducats.png for Orthodox, Buddhist, Confucian and Shinto provinces
+20Ducats.png for Catholic, Sunni and Shiite provinces
+25Ducats.png for Hindu provinces
+30Ducats.png for Protestant and Reformed provinces
+5Ducats.png with the event modifier: State council
+10Ducats.png with the event modifier: Benign neglect
+20Ducats.png with the event modifier: Suppress free thinkers
+25Ducats.png with the event modifier: Bureaucratic expansion
+30Ducats.png with the event modifier: Oppose our monarch

Stability cost modifiers

+1.0% for each percentage point of inflation
+2.0% for each step of infamy
+5.0% for each step of war exhaustion
−0.1% for each step of prestige
−5.0% as curia controller
−0.2% for each step of legitimacy above 50−
+0.2% for each step of legitimacy below 50
−50.0% as lucky nation
+50.0% with the country modifier: Discontent
+5.0% for each step towards free subjects
−5.0% for each step towards serfdom
+5.0% for each step towards innovative
−5.0% for each step towards narrowminded
−33.0% for having the idea church attendance duty
−20.0% for having bureaucratic despotism as form of government
+50.0% for being a tribal federation
−33.0% for being a tribal democracy

Perpahs I will find some time to integrate it in the page. (It's for DW5.2) – Lillebror (talk) 09:43, 29 July 2016 (CEST)