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This is a meta-template for other templates to give a hexadecimal color from a set name.

Every set has a main (darker) color and a secondary (lighter) color.

Every set is pastel/bright enough to make easily-readable backgrounds.

I named the sets myself, so it doesn't correspond to any webcolor or sth.


{{bgcolor|<color-shade-digit>|<set name>}}
  • <color-shade-digit> is 1 for the main color, and 2 for the lite color.
  • <set name> is the name of the set, between the following selection:
grey red  orange gold yellow lime green forest aquamarine turquoise sky  royal slate purple violet pink coral

As the template only returns a number, if you want to use it to generate a colored background you should use it this way:

style="background-color:#{{bgcolor|<color-shade-digit>|<set name>}};"