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This is the documentation page for Template:G.
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Displays icons for given game versions. It can be used e.g. to highlight in which specific game/expansion a certain feature exist.




Parameter Description Default Status
1 shortcut of the first game/expansion empty required
2 shortcut of the second game/expansion empty optional
3 shortcut of the third game/expansion empty optional
4 shortcut of the forth game/expansion empty optional
5 shortcut of the fifth game/expansion empty optional


Possible values for all parameters are: EU3, NA, IN, HTTT or DW.


Single game/expansion

The code:


yields: EU3.gif

Several expansions

The code:


yields: HTTT.png and DW.png

The code:


yields: EU3.gif, NA.gif, IN.gif, HTTT.png and DW.png


The code:


yields: (unrecognized string “EU2” for {{G}}, please use only EU3, NA, IN, HTTT or DW.)