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This is the documentation page for Template:National idea.
When it is viewed directly, links using variables may appear broken; do not replace these with hardcoded page names or URLs.

This template creates an infobox for national ideas articles and adds them to the category:National ideas as well as a subcategory according to its type.


This table may be added by copy-pasting the template as shown below into any country guide, entering the information after the equal signs.

{{National idea
|name          = 
|type          = 
|image         = 
|image_size    = 
|introduced    = 
|effects       = 
|effects na    = 
|effects in    = 
|effects httt  = 
|effects dw    = 
|requirement   = 


  • name = Name of the national idea
  • type = Type of idea: Naval, Land, Exploration, State or Culture
  • image = Image of the national idea, optional
  • image_size = Resize image is default 64px doesn't fit, optional
  • introduced = When the idea was introduced: EU3, NA, IN, HTTT or DW
  • effects = Effect of the idea
  • effects na = Effect of the idea since its modification in NA. (optional)(not used)
  • effects in = Effect of the idea since its modification in IN. (optional)
  • effects httt = Effect of the idea since its modification in HTTT. (optional)
  • effects dw = Effect of the idea since its modification in DW. (optional)
  • requirement = Requirement (optional)

Default values

  • name: “PAGENAME”
  • image_size: “64px” – change only in exceptional cases


The code:

{{national idea
|name=Humanist tolerance
|image=Humanist Tolerance.png
|effects=[[Tolerance]] of heathens: {{green|+1}}
|effects in=Tolerance of heathens: {{green|+2}}
|effects httt= Tolerance of heathens: {{green|+2}}<br> [[Papal influence]]: {{red|-5}}% yearly 
|requirement= [[Government technology]] level ≥ 7

yields: see right side

Humanist tolerance
Culture national idea
Humanist Tolerance.png
Humanist tolerance
Introduced EU3.gif
Requirement(s) Government technology level = 7
Effects Tolerance of heathens: +1
Effects since IN.gif Tolerance of heathens: +2
Effects since HTTT.png Tolerance of heathens: +2
Papal influence: −5% yearly