The revolution is here

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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

The Revolution is here is a country event.

DW 5.1

ID Conditions MTTH Modifiers Notes


  • Has country flag = revolution
  • Government tech = 53
  • Revolution target exists = no
  • Capital scope = { continent Europe
  • Num of cities = 10
  • Or:
  • Not = { tag fra
  • Exists = rfr

24 months

  • -10% if has_country_flag = religious_revolution
  • -10% if has_country_flag = serfdom
  • -10% if has_country_flag = social_reform
  • -10% if has_country_flag = royal_bureaucracy
  • -10% if has_country_flag = deplorable_reign
  • -10% if has_country_flag = road_to_bankruptcy
  • -10% if has_country_flag = financial_crisis

This event can be found in revolutionpart2.txt.


The Revolution is here

The growing revolutionary activity in our country has caused the collapse of the regime. The revolutionary masses stormed a major prison in our capital and this sent shockwaves throughout the government. The offer to form a new, slightly more constitutional, monarchy was initially accepted, but then our old corrupt monarch just couldn't quite resist the urge to try and bring the good old days back. We were left with no choice but to limit the old King's ability to influence the government by removing his head. Although diehard monarchists were convinced that the King would soon grow another one, this was not the case. Now a purely temporary committee of public safety has been appointed, which includes the leaders of the initial revolution and an over-ambitious general. Our regime's future of liberty and equality at home would be bright but we seem to have annoyed every crowned head of Europe. Even now we hear reports that they are preparing for war against us, so we must now prepare to defend the republic. On the bright side, liberal forces are looking to us to export the benefits of the revolution to them, so we will be able to gain support in such a way.
Option A: Vive la Revolution
  • Set revolution target = this
  • Serfdom freesubjects = 10
  • Quality quantity = -10
  • Land naval = -10
  • Offensive defensive = -10
  • Mercantilism freetrade = -10
  • Innovative narrowminded = -10
  • Centralization decentralization = -10
  • Aristocracy plutocracy = 10
  • Clr country flag = revolution
  • Clr country flag = religious revolution
  • Clr country flag = serfdom
  • Clr country flag = social reform
  • Clr country flag = royal bureaucracy
  • Clr country flag = deplorable reign
  • Clr country flag = road to bankruptcy
  • Clr country flag = financial crisis
  • Stability = 6
  • Government = revolutionary republic
  • Kill ruler = this