Too much religious freedom

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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine and Heir to the Throne 4.1b.
Please help update this page to include information on the DW expansion.

This is a random country event based on being a Theocratic government.

HTTT v.4.1b

ID Prerequisites MTTH Modifiers Notes


  • NOT Ecumenism
  • NOT active missionary
  • NOT country modifier Religious Tolerance
  • NOT country modifier Religious Intolerance
  • NOT country flag Religious Restrictions
  • Theocratic government
  • Own a province not of primary religion

180 months (Recurrent)

  • +50% if Trade Efficiency ≥ 60%
  • +100% if lucky nation

This is a one-time event triggered by Theocratic government without religious uniformity. It is prevented by Ecumenism. It is one of two Theocratic government events, the other being Problematic Relations.

Too Much Religious Freedom

"One of your advisor's has asked you to consider the matter of religious freedom a bit more thoroughly. He is claiming that having a large group of people that doesn't adhere to our state religion is having a severe impact on our national stability."
Option A: Take his advise under consideration
  • Set country flag Religious Restrictions
  • Set country modifier Religious Restriction for 730 days, giving:
    +0.4 Missionaries
    -10% Missionary cost
    +15% Stability cost modifier
Option B: It's not of any consequence
  • Set country flag Religious Restrictions
  • Chance (40%) of level 1 revolt in random owned province not of primary religion

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