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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine and Heir to the Throne 4.1b.
Please help update this page to include information on the DW expansion.

This page lists all of the codes which may be inputted into the Console Window, a special debugging window which may be accessed by hitting Alt+21. (This is true for most people; see the FAQ below for other cases.) Many codes can be unloaded by repeating the command, but sometimes reloading the save or exiting the game is necessary.

The syntax for these commands is: code [Required Parameter] [OptionalParameter]

Where the "[" and "]" characters are not entered, but used on this page to denote the parameters (specifications) of the command. Codes and other parameters should ALWAYS be entered in lower-case, with the important exception of country tags which should ALWAYS be in upper-case. To achieve additional effects not covered by the standard console commands, you can use the event command to execute events. A list of useful events and ID #'s follows this list.

WARNING: As these codes originally existed for debugging, they're not without errors, and you may experience a CTD (crash-to-desktop) or less minor problems. Be very careful about entering a parameter with an out-of-bounds value—especially ID #'s—as this will cause a CTD. If in doubt, save your game before doing anything!

Console Commands

General Codes

Command [RequiredParameter] [OptionalParameter] Description
annex [Country_TAG] Annex target country. You do not gain cores. (DW) See Tag for a list of country tags.
authority Gives maximum imperial authority to the HRE Emperor.
cash Adds 5000 ducats to player's treasury.
colonist Adds +5 colonists to player's stock of colonists.
conversion_success Makes all currently-active missionaries terminate successfully.
decision [Decision_Name] [Country_TAG OR Province_ID#] Executes decisions, optionally directed at a different country (default is the player's) or in a particular province; note that you don't have to own the province. These are defined in the common\decisions folder, where you can find all the decision names.
die [Country_TAG] Kills ruler of target country.
diplomat Adds +5 diplomats to player's stock of diplomats.
discover [Province_ID#] Player country discovers the targeted province.
emperor [Country_TAG] Makes target country the Emperor of the HRE.
event [Event_ID#] [Country_TAG OR Province_ID#] Executes events, optionally directed at a different country (default is the player's) or in a particular province; note that you don't have to own the province. These are defined in the common\events folder, where you can find all the event id #'s. Some useful event ID's are also provided in the next section.
focus [Province_ID#] Changes player's National Focus province.
fow [Province_ID#] Turns on/off Fog of War over a province for 1 day (if you're not paused, you might miss it).
government [Country_TAG] [Government_Type] Changes the government of the target country. Government types are defined in the common\governments.txt file (and are listed below).
heir [Country_TAG] New heir is born for the target country (this is only effective on monarchies).
heir_succeeds [Country_TAG] The current heir succeeds to the throne of the target country; note that the current age of the heir doesn't matter (no risk of Regency Council).
infamy [Amount] Changes infamy by 0 or optionally by the amount specified. Note that you can change it by both positive and negative amounts, but it can't go below 0.
influence Gives maximum papal influence to the player's country.
invest [Tech_Type] [Amount] Invests the amount specified into a technology. Note that this is a bit bugged—no matter which tech you specify, it will actually divert the total according to your slider positions in the budget window.
kill_advisor [Advisor_ID#] Kills the targeted advisor in any country.
kill_heir [Country_TAG] Kills the current heir of the target country.
magistrate Adds +5 magistrates to the player's stock of magistrates. (official also does this.)
merchant Adds +5 merchants to the player's stock of merchants.
mission [Mission_Name] Executes (completes) missions for the player's country, which are defined in the common\missions folder where you can find all the mission names.
missionary Adds +5 missionaries to the player's stock of missionaries.
morehumans [Parameter] Unknown effect which requires unknown parameter. Appears to be related to adding new human players during multiplayer gameplay.
native Switches all resident natives (unoccupied provinces or colonies) in the game to automatically attack any entering army.
official Adds +5 magistrates to the player's stock of magistrates. (magistrate also does this.)
pirate Switches all pirates to roam sea provinces.
prestige Increases prestige of player country by 17.5%.
revolt [Province_ID#] Spawns a revolt in the targeted province; note that this works for non-player provinces as well.
spy Adds +5 spies to the player's stock of spies.
stability Player country gains +6 stability.
tag [Country_TAG] Allows the player to switch between countries in-game. WARNING: While this command doesn't cause a CTD, it has some minor bugs. Be careful about accidentally switching to non-existent countries (or countries which have disappeared) or the game will end immediately. There are some bugs with loading/unloading graphics interfaces—if you switch culture groups, the provincial city window graphics will be black as the new culture's graphics window is unloaded. In addition, the discovered map of the prior country will "follow" the player to the new country as the map graphics aren't updated. (However, the actual "discovered provinces" of the new country are kept intact for other purposes.) Also, the displayed tech level on the budget window isn't updated.
tech [Country_TAG] Prints a small summary of the target country's current tech progress to the Console Window.
ti Switches on/off Terra Incognita; that is, it reveals the whole map for all countries in the world (not just the player's country). It also lifts Fog of War everywhere for 1 day.
undiscover [Province_ID#] Player country "undiscovers" the target province.
view [Country_TAG] Prints a small summary of the target country's income/savings to the Console Window.
view_ai Switches on a descriptive mode where you can get extra information about an AI's initialized behaviors from a tooltip which appears if you hover the mouse cursor over their diplomatic shield. Note that you must exit the game in order to reset this mode.

Debug Codes

Code [RequiredParameter] Description
crash This is a CTD.
fullscreen Switches windowed mode on/off. Note that windowed mode is not well-supported for general Windows play.
reload Reloads graphics.
reloadfx Reloads special effects graphics.
reloadinterface Reloads graphics interfaces. (This command may be disabled.)
reloadmap* Reloads map. (This may not be the actual command, though this function exists in the executable.)
set_global_flag [FlagName] Sets flag FlagName in the current game.
clr_global_flag [FlagName] Clears flag FlagName in the current game.
has_global_flag [FlagName] Checks whether FlagName is set in the current game.
window [WindowReference] Opens interface windows from the console. Requires additional commands open and close.

Supplementary Parameter Information

Government Types

  • absolute_monarchy
  • administrative_monarchy
  • administrative_republic
  • bureaucratic_despotism
  • constitutional_monarchy
  • constitutional_republic
  • despotic_monarchy
  • enlightened_despotism
  • feudal_monarchy
  • imperial_government
  • merchant_republic
  • noble_republic
  • papal_government
  • republican_dictatorship
  • revolutionary_empire
  • revolutionary_republic
  • theocratic_government
  • tribal_democracy
  • tribal_despotism
  • tribal_federation

Tech Types

  • government_tech
  • land_tech
  • naval_tech
  • production_tech
  • trade_tech

Event ID #'s

A full list of event ID #'s may be found here. Some common/useful events are grouped here by category.


ID # Options
6003 Centralization +1/Decentralization +1
722 Aristocracy/Decentralization
5082 Aristocracy/Plutocracy
5058 Aristocracy +1
723 Aristocracy +2/Serfdom +2
5089 Free Subjects
5051 Free Subjects +1
4034 Serfdom/Free Subjects
5097 Serfdom/Free Subjects
724 Innovative/Narrowminded
5056 Narrowminded +1
5099 Mercantilism/Free Trade
714 Offensive/Defensive
6002 Offensive/Defensive
6309 Naval
6311 Land
4035 Quality/Quantity


ID # Options
5037-5039 Agricultural Revolutions
6428 +400 ducats
9472 +10% tax in national focus province
9473 University built in capital
5022 Rush of colonists
6100 Ship build speed -30%
6112 unit build speed -30%
4042 Inflation -5
9509 Gold produced in province


ID # Options
742 +2000 manpower
727 War exhaustion -1
6195 War exhaustion -2
728 Gain cores on neighbours
746 Enemy province defection (only if you're occupying it)
5015 +10 army, +10 navy tradition
6602 War exhaustion
5087 Boundary Dispute (gain core on neighbouring province) (province event, you will gain core on one of the provinces BORDERING the province ID you use)
5025 Lose 3 infamy and gives some prestige
5056 Gives diplomatic insult CB / improves relations with neighbors
5031 Army Tradition and minor investment (5027 in Divine Wind)
5036 Navy Tradition (5032 in Divine Wind)
6601 Turns selected country into a Revolutionary Republic
6604 Turns selected country into a Constitutional Monarchy


ID # Options
2001 Sets capital + random province to Protestant, enables Reformation
2008 Sets capital + country religion to Protestant, gives Reformation money, enables Reformation


ID # Options
9470 Sets new legal heir from your dynasty in random country with royal marriage
9464 + 1 Magistrate / +10 Cultural Tradition
9469 New heir named Alexander / New heir named Caesar

Province ID #'s

A full list may be found on the Provinces page.


How do I bring up the Console Window?

Hit Alt+21 (that is, hold down the 'Alt' key while hitting '2' and '1' on the numpad in sequence). Alternatively, you can hit Alt+0167 or the '§' key (if available).
A detachable numpad on a standard-sized keyboard.

I have a notebook, and no numpad. What do I do?

Since notebooks normally don't have a dedicated numpad, you need to use the numpad "embedded" in the regular keyboard. Often the assignment is m→0, j→1, k→2, l→3, u→4, i→5, o→6, 7→7, 8→8, 9→9, but it can vary—these assignments are usually printed in a corner of the keys themselves. The exact procedure to activate these assignments varies by notebook; depending on the notebook you may need to either use the 'Fn' key or activate 'numlock' (or both) to access this built-in numpad. For example, many users will need to hit Alt+Fn+kj to open the console, while others may need to activate numlock (which may itself require the Fn key, such as Fn+ScrLk on a Thinkpad X61 or Fn+F6 on a MacBook) and then hit Alt+kj. Newer Dell notebooks may use Fn+F4 to activate NumLock (symbol for NumLock is a number 9 in a padlock). There's also this from the forum
Activating the console on a notebook.

Some of these codes don't work! How do I get them to work?

All of the 'General Cheats' are verified, so make sure that your spelling of the code is right. Remember that codes are in lower-case exclusively, and country tags are in upper-case exclusively. Also, if there's a required parameter, you must enter this parameter or the console won't process the command. Be careful too to only insert spaces between a command and parameter(s), and not within a code or a parameter, as spaces are used by the game to distinguish between the elements you enter.

I can't seem to get codes with country tags to work. What's wrong?

Country tags have be entered in CAPS. For example,

heir_succeeds ENG

will force an heir succession for England, but it will fail to work without the country tag in caps.

EU3:NA List of Commands

  • merchant - Sets the player's number of merchants to 5.
  • colonist - Sets the player's number of colonists to 5.
  • spy - Sets the player's number of spies to 5.
  • diplomat - Sets the player's number of diplomats to 5.
  • missionary - Sets the player's number of missionaries to 5.
  • cash - Gives you 5000 ducats.
  • prestige - Increases the player's prestige.
  • help - Displays "no help for you" message.
  • fow <province ID> - Toggle Fog of War on/off for the given province. (Leave out the < and >)
  • native <province ID> - Makes natives attack a certain province. (Leave out the < and >)
  • event <event ID> - Starts an event even if the trigger is not met. (Leave out the < and >)

For the event command you can specify a province ID or a country ID, depending on the type of event. For example, typing in event 1054 ENG (case sensitive) would fire event 1054 ("Become an elector") for England. Missing out ENG would make the event fire for the player.

  • tag <country ID> - Switch and play as a different country without reloading (note that this sometimes leads to Crash-To-Desktop (CTD) Problems, especially when clicking on the "war overview" shield with NA). (Leave out the < and >)
  • die <country ID> - The country's current ruler dies (Leave out the < and >)