Two Sicilies

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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

The Two Sicilies region consists of the following provinces:

Two Sicilies region
ID Name Culture Religion Base tax Base MP Trade good
120 Abruzzi Umbrian Catholic 5 3 Wine
121 Napoli Sicilian Catholic 9 7 Wine
122 Apulia Sicilian Catholic 3 3 Salt
123 Calabria Sicilian Catholic 2 3 Fish
124 Messina Sicilian Catholic 6 5 Fish
125 Palermo Sicilian Catholic 8 6 Wine
126 Malta Maltese Catholic 3 2 Fish

The table content is out of the files regions.txt in the map folder and the relevant files of the history\provinces folder.