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The various File formats in EU3 require different tools to edit.

Save Converters

  • EU2VIC - EU2VIC Converter. Page also has details on an EU3ToRev Converter Forum
  • EU3toRev

Save Analyzers

Inferis' Simple Map Viewer

  • It allows you to view the map files (the .bmp files) in the map folder in a unified UI. This makes it simpler to browse your maps. Unchanged since 2008, only for vanilla (EU3.gif) and NA (NA.gif) More about this tool

.dds utilities

Direct3D .x utilities

Text Editing

Windows comes with Notepad and Wordpad. These are fine for changing a few things in EU3 text files. But if you are doing a lot of editing, you should look at some more advanced tools. They'll let you do complex search and replace (including across the ends of lines, plus including tab characters and searching for complex varieties of strings), and many other things that the standard Windows text editors never dreamt of:

  • UltraEdit by IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.
  • Crimson Editor a full-featured open source professional text editor.
  • Emacs - The extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor. Download (look for the "bin" or "fullbin"-files) - FAQ for Windows version
  • DNOTE - Duncans Notepad - (Shareware) Allows editing of multiple text files simultaneously. Like the province files or the country and adviser files
  • Scintilla and Scite - another multiple text file editor with syntax formating, and bracket checking.
  • Notepad++ - a perennial favorite
  • gVim - this is one of the most complicated editors, but with complexity comes power!
  • TextPad - Another text editor that's way better than NotePad

Keyboard Macros

Essential to nullifying some of the keystroke sequences you probably hit in EU or other programs. Stop leaning across the keyboard to hit the Pause key! Turn any keyboard, mouse, or joystick button into anything you want, for any program.