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This is directly taken from forums. Thanks Johan for providing the patch notes.

Changes for 2.2

This new patch has many updates. Requires Napoleon's Ambition.

Gameplay Balancing

  • Decreased technology costs over time with 25%.
  • Bankruptcy hit on inflation is now only 1% for each loan and nothing else.
  • A one-province state receiving such a shattering disaster as a bankruptcy will now have its culture and religion set to the dominating one in their only province.
  • Incoming diplomatic actions are now saved properly.
  • You will no longer end up at war together with an enemy due to warnings or guarantees.
  • Alliance offers now automatically cancel if you go to war with that nation.
  • Vassals can no longer use warnings and guarantees.
  • If the target of a succession war is annexed in another war, that war will turn into a normal war the next day.
  • Annexing a union overlord now generates a new monarch for the junior partner.
  • Annexing a country now converts all constructions to the annexing country.
  • Accumulated losses in a battle is now saved in savegames.
  • Fixed a problem with cancelled movement of retreating units.
  • Troops on a ship moving in and out of a port will not engage in battle.
  • Multiple discoveries should not stack in history log now.
  • Missionaries are now cheaper but takes longer to convert.
  • CoT's can no longer spawn in non-core provinces.

Interface Enhancements

  • Fullscreen refresh rate was sometimes set to 0 in settings.
  • Changed DirectSound cooperative level from DSSCL_NORMAL to DSSCL_PRIORITY.
  • CGraphicsSettings::EnumerateDisplayModes now enumerates possible display modes from 50 Hz instead of 60 Hz, since the former is used on some laptops.
  • Changed the Idea graphics from a strip to separate icons in order to fix a glitch many people with ATI graphics card have reported.
  • "primitive" culture groups reverted to tech era 1 unit graphics in era 4 (they now keep using era 3.)
  • Fixed a selection bug causing the wrong sound to play.
  • Increased the size of the diplomatic dialog, and made more room for the description text.
  • Basechance for colonisation success is now displayed correctly.
  • Many improvements to the colonist success report dialog.
  • Colonial range, trade efficiency and production efficiency should now always be displayed correctly in a tech advance popup.
  • The wrong country's monarch title was used for new papal controller message.
  • Captured ships are now tallied properly in the naval battle summary.
  • You now get popups when sending spies to rebel-controlled territory.
  • Fixed a glitch showing an empty province view for a very short time when deselecting a besieged province.
  • The overseas modifier tooltips are now only shown when valid.
  • Improved the tooltip for discipline in a country.
  • Guarantee tooltip on the map in diplomatic mapmode now is showing correctly.
  • Fixed the tooltip for colonial range when new naval tech levels are reached (always showed +0).
  • Fixed the tooltip for province culture change event effects using THIS.
  • Player set column sort order in ledgers is now remembered (but not persistent between sessions).
  • The legends (colored lines) in ledger graph were in the completely wrong place.
  • Number of colonists in a colony should now be properly sorted in the ledger.
  • fixed some spelling errors and typos, and improved support for French and German versioms.

AI Improvements

  • Rewrote the economical AI from scratch, to not rely on crutches to never go below zero in gold for maintenance costs.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the AI to not recruit leaders if it had a lot of money.
  • AI will now only build up to 125% of force limits instead of 200%.
  • AI no longer cheats on sending colonies, merchants, spies or recruiting merchants.
  • AI can now go bankrupt.
  • AI now learned to save up money for building buildings if needed.
  • AI now reduced maintenance when at peace and not preparing for war.
  • AI now values tax-increasing buildings a bit higher when evaluating what to build.
  • AI countries would always accept loans offered at 1% interest, that has now changed. AI will now also decline short duration loans, and loans offered by countries it hates.
  • The AI will no longer declare war on someones vassal if it is allied with the vassal's liege.
  • AI will no longer disband regiments in an area with fronts, or if land maintenance is not the real issue.
  • Expansion AI will stop colonizing if loan interest reaches 1/3 of the total monthly income.
  • Fixed the vassalization peace cost evaluation for the AI. (i.e., it wont no longer view it as a whitepeace)
  • Alleviated AI open market request spam.
  • The military AI got a severe workover, with lots of functionality improved.
  • AI now properly understands that rebels are enemies, and will attack them if they have a chance to win.
  • AI is now a bit more optimal in creating armies.
  • Units assigned to front Ai should no longer get stuck.
  • Tweaked evaluation formulas for determening best armies to attack with.
  • Fixed a few glitches in the AI when sieges occupied forts on its own territory would cause it to break down.
  • Improved recklessness checks in front AI to be more aggressive against besieging forces.
  • When assigned to a front AI, units moving in the wrong direction will cancel movement.
  • AI will no longer split its armies to sort out low morale regiments during sieges.
  • Fixed some issues where the front AI viewed human units as empty.
  • Added move cache and checks to the front AI.
  • Front will now synchronize (initial) attacks from multiple directions like in HoI2.
  • Increased acceptable attacks odds for front.
  • Added river crossing check to front odds calculations.
  • The AI will now withdraw from hopeless land battles (if it can).
  • Naval AI now takes account of ship hull size, damage and morale (in addition to number of cannons) when judging its own and enemy fleet power.
  • Naval AI is now very careful about moving ships out of harbor if there is an enemy fleet blockading.
  • Invasion AI was completely blind to human enemy forces, and should no longer be that. (i.e., human armies are NOT size 0 always!)
  • Fixed a bug in the transport AI that would not properly move inland armies to the coast and then transport them from there.
  • Fixed a problem with stuck AI fleets. It was trying to move fleets multiple times, thus resetting movement.
  • Naval AI should be more obsessive about annihilating the enemy navy before forming blockade fleets.
  • Transport AI fleets will now correctly finish loading troops before moving.
  • Rewrote large parts of the Transport and Invasion AIs. Dramatic improvements should be apparent.


  • Tweaked the history of Ferghana
  • Extended union and alliance between GBR and HAN
  • Government changes in the late history for the Netherlands.
  • Changed the map color of Tirol to distinguish it from Austria.
  • Tweaked historical ideas for Ming and Manchu.
  • Added some forts in South-East Asia.
  • Fixed the port roration in tauisk.
  • Fixed bug in EVENTDESC6100
  • Event 1075 no longer lets you build manufactories in colonies.
  • Reduced spamming of events 3075, 3076 and 5062 in large empires.
  • Added cores to Persian nation forming event 1008.