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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

Westphalia[1] is the name of a country event, and also of the nation that can be released after this event occurs. This event does not form a nation that a player can change into deliberately, like Great Britain or Germany. Rather, it is more like the colonial quest for independence events in that they give cores to non-existing nations, allowing them to be released voluntarily or in peace treaties, or possibly freed by rebels.


ID: 1012
Type: Country

Initially it was a small duchy established in the 12th century east of the Rhine River but over time the area grew in importance especially during the Middle Ages as several cities in the Westphalian region such as Münster and Osnabrück prospered as members of the Hanseatic League.

Trigger conditions:
  • is the revolution target.
  • owns the provinces Lüneburg (53), Osnabrück (56), Hessen (81), Westfalen (82) and Münster (86).
  • Westphalia does not exist.
Mean time to happen:
  • 180 Months
  • owns the province Altmark (52): ×0.95
  • owns the province Stade (54): ×0.95
  • owns the province Brunswick (57): ×0.95
  • owns the province Nassau (83): ×0.95

Support the idea of a Westphalian Nation:

The following provinces become core provinces of Westphalia:

  • Altmark (52), Lüneburg (53), Stade (54), Osnabrück (56), Brunswick (57), Hessen (81), Westfalen (82), Nassau (83) and Münster (86).

Comment: The province Stade (54) was named Bremen in EU3, IN, NA and HTTT. The province Westfalen (82) was named Lippe in EU3 and IN.



The map below (old, NA.gif) shows the provinces one needs to own before the event will fire (darker colour), and also which provinces will receive Westphalian cores (lighter colour). Note that the map shows correctly that no one can 'form' Westphalia.


  1. This event can be found in ../events/westphalia.txt.