What is new in Divine Wind?

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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

What is new and what has changed in Divine Wind?

The Far East

  • Japan divided in four Daimyos vying for control of the Shogunate[1]
  • Ming becomes a Celestial Empire with factions struggling for government control. Some actions like trading, colonizing, religious conversion or war declarations are only available with a certain faction in control.[2]


Trade & Buildings

Diplomacy & War

  • Ability to call allies into war when needed if you are the war leader[7]
  • Possibility of integrating countries you're in personal union with after 50 years[7]

Sphere of Influence & Vassals

  • Each country in the player's Sphere of Influence will now provide increased magistrates and diplomacy skill[8]
  • Sphere of Influence cost is scaled by amount of countries in it[8]
  • Sphere of Influence range is now the same as your trade range[8]
  • Vassals will no longer give military access to a country its master is at war with[8]
  • Masters can call on vassals in a war even if they're not the leader
  • Half of a vassal's support limit will count towards its master's[8] without subtracting from its own[9]

Domestic policies

  • Mercantilists receive trade bonuses for owning provinces[6]
  • Free traders receive increased merchant chance and greater range[6]

The Holy Roman Empire

  • Leaving the HRE is no longer a province decision[7]
  • When a HRE country inherits another country, the imperial provinces are automatically cored[10]
  • New peace option to force the Holy Roman Emperor to revoke the last decision[8]


  • Each rebel type now have their own unique flag[10]
  • Different rebel types will now fight each other[10]


  • Some province decisions becomes buildings[4] but provinces decisions as a concept stay in the game [11]
  • Sea provinces have increased colonial distance[10]
  • New trade winds have been added and altered to make England closer to North America and the Iberian Peninsula closer to South America[10]

Graphics and interface

  • New map and unit textures[12]
  • New peace negotiation interface[13]
  • Imperial authority and papal influence is now displayed in the main interface[14]
  • Army size is now displayed on the map, similar to Victoria 2[10]
  • March 4 beta patch adds new map modes, to see fortification levels, province wealth, and other informations to more efficiently administrate your empire


Bug fixes

  • The "open markets" bug in multiplayer is fixed[18]

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