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This file defines the types of advisors, or "Great Men", that can be hired to a court. The format of a definition is like this:

philosopher = {
    prestige = 0.005

Philosopher is the name of the advisor type, and is the name used for this type in the other game files. Between the curly brackets we define the effect of the advisor. We can use any exported modifiers as effects. Examples of modifiers can be e.g. added prestige, investment bonuses or resource persons like merchants and diplomats.

The values listed are base values, and these are adjusted with multipliers based on advisor rating. The same goes for cost.

Modding advisor types

It is possible to add or change advisor types. To do this you must also add a graphic representation or portrait for that type. The existing types are defined in the file \gfx\interface\, each type with a 64*64 pixel image. Keep in mind that the types are given in the same order in these files. If you change order or add something in the text file, you will have to update the graphic file to reflect this.