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Bookmarks.txt is a file in the game's common folder.

As EU3 has a full historic database, you can start the game at any date in the timeline you like. To make the choice easier, a few bookmarks are provided at interesting points in history. The bookmark definition looks like this:

bookmark = {
    name = "NEWWORLD_NAME"
    desc = "NEWWORLD_DESC"
    date = 1492.1.1

    country = CAS
    country = ENG
    country = FRA
    country = POR

The name and desc declarations gives links to the localisation files where all ingame text is defined. If you don't want to change these files, you can also add the text you want right in, if it is not too long. It is advised that you keep most of the text in the localisation folder.

The country list defines the countries that shows as preselected at the bottom of the screen for that particular bookmark. The player may choose any other country as he or she pleases.