Death and Taxes

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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

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  • Ideas have more stringent requirements, but are significantly more powerful.
  • Sliders have a much bigger impact.
  • Sardinia-Piedmont is formable and has unique missions!
  • Byzantium can restore the Roman Empire, complete with decisions and missions!
  • More decisions for Poland and formable Jagiellonian Empire.
  • Revamped Papal State - end the Great Schism, form the Kingdom of God and keep the Holy See!
  • Better missions for Castile and Aragon!
  • No more Castilian North Africa (hopefully)
  • Overhaul of generic missions (in progress).
  • New generic decisions - Industrialise!

User guide

To do list

  • Fix localisation files.
  • Bugfixes.
  • Modify German formation.
  • Finish work on Ming faction system.
  • More unique decisions.
  • Complete overhaul of missions and events.