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Teacher gets caught with a massive boner, by Locust20. So I'm a middle school computer science teacher and I have a really big cock and huge balls. That's not a good combination. I try hard to hide my huge dick, but there's only so much you can do with an 8 inch flaccid and 11.5 inch hard cock and balls almost the size of baseballs. If I wear tighty whities, it creates a huge round bulge in the front. If I wear boxers, I have to put my cock going down one of my pant legs and there is no elasticity to smush it down and it shows VERY obviously. My best way to deal with it is boxer briefs. They do not make the huge central bulge, so I hang down one of my legs. However, there's some elasticity there to hold my cock in place so it doesn't obviously swing and sway when I move and also so it is smushed down a bit when I am completely flaccid. That being said, if you look for it, you can still see it no matter what I do short of wearing MC Hammer pants. On occasion I have overheard boys AND girls discussing my size. Every time I've always pretended to not hear and turn away. That's just something I DO NOT want to have to deal with. One time I even found a crumpled up letter on the ground that said, amongst many other scribbles, "Look at Mr. Summers' pants!" "What? Why?" "You can see his thing down his pants leg!" "OMG you are right! It is huge! Gross!" As much as I try to not let it, these things turn me on tremendously. I can't help but imagine these incredibly sexy 14 year olds going home and novicely playing with their little clits thinking about my cock. Okay, let me stop you now. You are probably thinking, "Gross pedofile! Those are little girls!" Yes they are... and no they aren't. All 8th grade girls are just kids mentally. I would never dream of abusing them, getting into a relationship with, or making any moves on them. I am not attracted to them in a real way. However, for some of them, their bodies are NOT little girl bodies. Most 8th grade girls bodies are somewhat matured and some hardly at all. That does not turn me on in the least. It is the girls whose bodies are bursting with sexuality that get me going weather I want them to or not. Some girls of this age have giant tits that are unimaginably perky, tiny waists, and these nice round asses completely devoid of cellulite, veins, or wrinkles. Also, they dress like complete sluts. How am I SUPPOSED to look at a girl with 32DD breasts, a size 2 waist, and a neck line that shows all the way down to her belly button when she bends over. No man, let me repeat that, NO MAN would not see that and not get their minds blown away to some degree. Mother nature says these girls are ready to have sex... my body agrees when my mind says no. So anyway, this story starts with a girl named Christa. Christa was a fairly quiet, sweet girl who did well in my class. She was white, had brown hair, and was very pretty though she acted like she didn't know it. She had those huge DD tits and a size 2 waist like I was telling you about, but I ignored it and she usually didn't dress too provocatively. Well this happened on a Friday which was always jeans day for teachers. I usually didn't partake in jeans day because jeans show off my huge cock and balls a lot more than baggy khakis or dress slacks. However, this Friday I thought I'd try it. So it comes to the second to last period of the day. With 8th grade I teach touch typing. Well near the beginning of the class I noticed that Christa was wearing a skin tight pink shirt that had a very low neck line. Looking at her straight on you could see a huge crease between her huge tits that were obviously pushed up and together by her bra. I tried to ignore it and went on teaching. That's when she bent down to get something out of her book bag for a good thirty seconds. For those entire thirty seconds, I got a straight view down her shirt and saw all of her silvery bra holding up those massive melons. I saw all the way down her tiny belly to her belt beneath. The sight held me spellbound. I could not keep my eyes off of the massive hanging tits. It was hotter than any porn or other girl in person before. The whole class was doing a typing assignment, so I was not in the middle of teaching or talking so I could get a good long look. As soon as I realized my cock was hardening, I finally pulled my eyes away and walked to my desk to sit and hide the inevitable boner that I felt coming on. That's when I realized I was in trouble. I had let a student use my desk that day and use my personal laptop because her regular computer was not working. I was stuck standing with a quickly hardening 11.5 inch massive cock running down my leg. I looked around the room to see if anyone was looking at me, then risked a quick glance down at my leg to see how visible it was. I could clearly see the thick tube going down my leg halfway to my knee. It was not fully hard, but about half the way there. I quickly looked back up and to my horror locked eyes with another girl in the class. Emily. I stood in shock as a grin spread on her face. I could see the evil in Emily's eyes as she realized what power she suddenly had over me. I quickly looked away trying to act like what Emily saw didn't exist, but I knew she'd caught me with my huge, heavy cock and me checking to see if it was noticeable. I figured the shock and horror of what just happened would send my cock back down, but it only kept growing. I knew every kid in class would soon see what I had unless I did something quickly. Thinking fast, I opened my door into the hallway. Luckily there's another teacher right next door so if I ever have an emergency and have to go to the bathroom, she is there to watch my room for a couple minutes. I opened her door and leaned sideways to hide my crotch by the wall, then motioned her over. Her students were copying powerpoint notes, so she didn't seem bothered. "What's up?" she asked quietly as she got close. I turned my back away from her toward my classroom door so she wouldn't see and said, "I really have to use the bathroom. Can you just watch my class for a minute? They are doing an assignment on their own, so..." She cut me off, "No problem. Go, Mr. Summers." "Thanks. You're the best." I made off quickly down the hall toward the faculty restroom as Ms. Walker stood by both of our doors. I quickly made it down the hall and closed and locked the door to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror with horror. My mostly hard cock stood out obviously under the material of my jeans. I thought about jerking off really quick to make it go down, but that would probably take too long. Instead I vowed to just think of anything else. Awful things. My mom dying. Dead puppies. Anything. I replayed my grandmother's funeral in my head. My mind wandered off and I remembered all of the sadness of that day. After about a minute, I felt my cock had shrunk down and felt the hornyness drift off. I sighed, got a quick drink of water from the sink, then opened the door. I was suddenly pushed back into the bathroom. The door shut behind Emily. She pressed her back against the now closed door and looked at me with a huge grin. "What the hell, Emily?" I almost never cussed while teaching, but this one slipped out. "Mr. Summers. You know I saw it. So what did you do to get rid of that huge thing? Jerk off in here?" My stomach turned in knots. No student had ever talked to me directly about my cock before. I had no idea what to do. I managed to say a feeble, "Emily, you can't do this!" "Sure I can. As soon as I saw you getting a boner in class from looking at Christa bending over, I knew I could do whatever I wanted." She spoke confidently and yet there was a hint of nervousness in her voice too. "You have to do whatever I say or else I go tell the principal you got a boner from looking at a fourteen year old girl bending over in your class." "I don't know what you saw, Emily. But...." I didn't know how to finish. We both knew there was no way out of this. She had complete power over me. "Okay. What do you want? I'm a teacher, I can't give you much money. Please don't tell anyone," I pleaded. "I need this job." Emily smiled and said, "Don't worry Mr. Summers. I won't tell anyone if you give me what I want." "Okay. Thank you. But what do you want?" "I want to see it." I heart jumped into my throat. I knew exactly what she meant by "it." I was unbelievably horrified. I could lose my job over this. I should just get out now, go straight to my principal, and tell him what was happening. However, the pervert in my was very very excited. I tried to ignore that side of me, but I could only do so much since I didn't walk out right then. I took the bait. "What do you mean by 'it?'" "You know what I mean." Then she held her hands apart, palms toward each other, about a foot apart. "This." I sighed. There was no easy way out of this. I struggled for something to say, but all that came out was, "Why are you doing this to me?" Emily smiled again and finally stopped leaning on the door since she was sure she had me by that point. She went over and sat on a small cabinet that held toilet paper and paper towels. She said, "I have had a crush on you ever since the sixth grade, Mr. Summers. Ever since I saw you walking down the hall and that huge thing was swinging in your pants I was mesmerized." Yeah, I'd tried boxer shorts for a while during that school year, then quickly stopped. "Your cock was the first one I'd ever noticed on a grown man. I've tried at every opportunity to see your crotch during these past three years, but every time all I see is that vague lump that goes down one of your legs. I have fantasized about you and your big cock almost every night during these three years. Hell, I discovered my clit after the first time I noticed your dick. That night I went home and was so wet and horny, I tried rubbing myself because it felt good and had my first orgasm picturing your cock in my mind." I couldn't help myself. I was turned on. I then looked Emily up and down. She was a bit lanky with a long slender torso that led up to perky probably 32C cup tits. She was very pretty in the face too. If I did this right, I might not lose my job or go to jail because of this, and I might have a bit of fun with this sexy, young thing. Then Emily took out her cell phone from her pocket. "What are you doing?" I asked. "You said you wouldn't tell anyone." She laughed and said, "I promised you I wouldn't tell anyone... except Ashley. She has almost as much of a crush on you as I do. We've talked about you for a couple years and how big we thought your cock was. She has to come too." Ashley was one of the hottest girls in the school. All the students and teachers knew it. She was a bundle of energy and sexuality. She always wore skin tight shirts that showed off her tiny waist and huge (for the frame) 32 D tits. Wherever she went, the boys eyes followed. My cock swelled a bit more. "I guess that is okay. NO one else can know though, okay?" She smiled for a brief moment, then put her phone back away. "Yeah. I promise. But when Ashley gets here, you have to hold up your side of the promise too." I closed my eyes realizing I was about to submit to a verbal agreement that would land me in jail. Throwing caution to the wind, I said, "Fine." Emily got a huge smile on her face and looked back at her phone when it chimed a text message. "She's coming right now." "Okay." I adjusted my thickening dick in my pants so it rested down my left pant leg more comfortably. No use being bashful any more. "So how big is it exactly?" Emily's voice cracked. I looked at her and realized she was suddenly very nervous. "Well, it's 8 or so when it's soft. 11.5 hard." "Holy shit! We guessed around 10 inches. My last boyfriend was only 5 inches!" "Well how old was he?" "He was 16. How big are most men? "Well I am very large. Most men are between 5 or 6. So your last boyfriend was on the small size of average. Plus, he might grow some more as he gets older." "Wow." She was staring at my pant leg which only made it get thicker and stiffer. "How thick is it?" "Well, it's almost as thick as a soda can, but if you want a measurement, it's 6.5 inches around when fully hard." My pervert got the better of me again. It didn't matter any more. Whatever I said or did wasn't going to get out, so fuck it. "What all did you and your last boyfriend do? You said you saw his cock." "Yeah, I jerked him off a few times. Once was in the third floor bathroom!" She laughed nervously. "Yeah, he never did anything for me except squeeze my boobs like an idiot." I was getting more and more turned on and my hornyness was getting the better of me. "So you've never been kissed by someone who knew what they were doing?" "Not really." "Never given an orgasm by someone else?" "No." Again, fuck it. I took a couple steps forward and put one hand on Emily's waist and one hand on her neck. She pulled back at first, then moved in. I kissed her gently on the lips for a long moment. I felt my heart pounding furiously in my chest. Her lips felt tiny and soft and amazing. Our kiss was interrupted by a shy knock on the bathroom door. I pulled away from Emily's lips and said, "Would that be Ashley?" Emily cleared her throat bashfully and said, "Probably." I went to the door and grabbed the handle. Suddenly I realized I had this one last opportunity to make a break for it. Run upstairs and tell my principal what was going on. Instead I gently opened the door and saw Ashley standing there looking incredibly nervous. She asked, "Is Emily in here?" I opened the door to let her in. "Yes, and I'm in a heaping mess it seems." Ashley came in and I closed and locked the door behind her. She was wearing a crinkly textured skirt that went to her calves, an incredibly tight spaghetti strap camisole that was stretched over her huge tits but still wrapped tightly on her tiny flat stomach. She had a sleeveless jacket on over that. The massive hard cock in my pants was very excited about showing off for these two sexual goddesses. The two girls got close to each other and talked quietly, but I could still hear them. "So you told him...." "Yeah, he's agreed to, you know." Ashley looked at me and then down to the obvious rod going down my pants, then looked back to Emily again. "It's huge," she whispered with intensity. I decided to take the reigns. "So Ashley, Emily has agreed to not tell ANYONE about this. I could lose my job over this. You do understand that, right?" "Yes Mr. Summers." "So you promise not to tell anyone?" "Yes. I promise I won't tell anyone." Well, I figured if this was going to happen, I wanted to at least have fun with it. I wasn't completely hard yet, so I said, "Girls, before I show you, come over here and feel it from outside my pants. I'm not completely hard yet." They both looked at each other and giggled, but then they came over and knelt down in front of me. I suddenly felt like a sexual god standing there with two insanely sexy girls on their knees staring at my massive rod going down my leg. Tentatively both girls reached their hands up and placed them on my lump through my jeans. My dick was so big, they both stroked it and squeezed it and felt it in different places without touching each others' hands. They giggled and looked at each other over and over. My cock quickly reached full size and soon their squeezing barely pressed in at all because it was rock hard. That was it. I was so horny now it was time. "Are you girls ready to see it?" Emily nodded and Ashely said, "Yeah!" I unbuttoned my top button, unzipped, then pulled my jeans down to my knees. My cock sprung up a bit more, still in the confines of my boxer briefs. Down the left pant leg, the end of my cock was out about 3 inches. My huge cock head looked massive in front of these girls faces. I felt very proud as their jaws dropped as they looked up and down my massive cock. "Holy shit!" Emily said. "No way!" Ashely added. Then their hands went to the part of my cock that was showing. They squeezed and stroked it and giggled. Then I pulled down my boxer briefs and the entire massive length of my cock sprung free. It actually hit Ashley in the face with a light smacking sound. "Holy fucking shit!" Ashley exclaimed. My teacher instincts kicked in oddly. "Ashley! You can't say that. I'm still your teacher, you know." She looked up at me sadly like she'd just been slightly hurt. "I'm sorry Mr. Summers. It's just so big!" Emily laughed and grabbed my dick firmly near the base. "Yeah, so much bigger than Eric's, huh?" She laughed evily like she was making fun of Ashley somehow. Ashley giggled shyly and said, "Yeah. Just a bit." I asked, "Why? What about Eric?" I knew the kid they were talking about. Ashley rolled her eyes and said, "At a pool party last summer, Eric and I were making out in my mom's basement, then he just suddenly whips his cock out. It was fully hard and I'm not joking it was four inches long!" They both shared in a big laugh. "Well there was David, too," Emily said. "Yeah," Ashley nodded her head coyly. "David's was nice! Eight inches!" Again, I knew which David they were talking about. Eight inches on an 8th grader was very impressive. I said, "That's huge for an 8th grader!" Ashley turned back to my cock and said, "Yeah, but it's nothing compared to this huge grown man cock." That did it. "Do you girls know how to actually give a hand job?" They giggled and looked at each other. "Yeah," they each said. "Well...." I implied as I thrust my massive shaft farther through Emily's hand. Ashley reached back up and placed her hand near the end of my cock, just under the head. Emily's hand was still near the base. Even with my cock head sticking out the end and two girl hands around my cock, there was still about five inches between their hands. I gently grabbed Emily's other hand and wrapped it around the exposed middle part. Ashley laughed and put her other hand over my cock head. At that moment, I had four insanely sexy girls' hands stacked up the length of my cock. They started pumping up and down and I looked down both their shirts below me. I could see both of their bras down their shirts. Their soft hands went up and down over and over. Every once in a while they would look at each other and shyly giggle, but I could tell they were both getting very very turned on. I started thrusting into their four hands as well and I was in total bliss. For a few moments, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed this moment which I was pretty sure was going to cost me my job. Then Ashley did something that blew my mind even more. She took one hand off and wrapped her small lips around the head of my cock. Her lips and jaw spread as wide as they would go and she could only get about two inches in before she gagged, but in was absolutely amazing. Emily had long since stopped giggling and watched Ashley suck on my huge cock lustfully. She continued to pump on the lower part of my cock as she watched the upper part of my dick disappear into her friend's mouth. Soon, I realized I was going to cum if this continued. The girls weren't particularly skillful with their hands or mouth, but the thought that two of my students were doing this was more than I could handle. I gently pulled back so Ashley's mouth came off of my dick. I left Emily's hands around my shaft and just held them steady with my hands. They looked at me with confusion. When I spoke, I was surprised by the huskiness of my own voice. "How far do you two want to go with this?" They both looked at each other for confirmation. I added, "Emily said she'd never really been kissed well and never given an orgasm by someone else. I wouldn't mind doing that with both of you." They again looked at each other, then Ashley responded, "Yeah. That'd be nice." She was a bit nervous, I could tell. I finally withdrew Ashley's hands from my cock and pulled them both up so they were standing. I said, "Don't be nervous," then moved in to kiss Ashley. I placed both hands around her amazingly skinny waist and pulled her in. As our lips met, I felt her firm, perky tits press against my abdomen. They felt amazing. My cock inadvertently went up between her legs and pushed up her skirt. She ignored it and I felt my cock slide between her warm thighs and press against her panties. I kissed her long and sweetly and within a minute slipped in my tongue. We made out for a couple minutes. One of my hands slipped down to her ass and sqeezed gently. My other went to the side of her tit that was sticking out beside her as she pressed her chest against me. She pulled back quickly while keeping our lips locked so I could slide my hand over fully onto her right breast. I squeezed the amazing, soft flesh through her stiff push up bra and she pressed against me again. I sqeezed and massaged her ass and right tit while we kissed and wrapped our tongues around each others. I even grinded slightly against her warm pussy with my cock that was between her legs. She responded by slightly squeezing her legs together around my thick cock. Eventually, we both heard a cute little cough. Ashley and I stopped and looked at Emily. "Can I have a turn?" It was so cute I almost came right then. I reluctantly let Emily go and turned to Ashley. My gigantic cock still stood out proudly in front of me. Ashley stepped forward, put my cock between her legs just like it had been with Emily, squeezed my cock with her legs, put her arms around my neck, closed her eyes, and moved in lustfully for a kiss. The sight was insanely sexy. I met her kiss and immediately felt her tongue in my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist and pulled her hard against me. My cock slid between her legs and out the back under her tight, firm ass. Ashley's tits were bigger than Emily's and I felt them large and firm against my chest. As we made out, I realized how I wanted to see these sexy young girls' tits more and more. Not caring any more about if this would get me fired and arrested in the future, I slowly pulled up on Ashley's shirt. I got to the bottom of her tits and Ashley reluctantly pulled away from our kiss. She lifted her arms and smiled as if to say, "It's fine. Go ahead." I lifted her shirt up over her head and saw her sexy black bra with pink polka dots. Her tits were pushed up and out so she had massive clevage. I was also amazed at how insanely flat and tiny this girl's tummy was compared to these large D cup tits. Most women my age who had tits like that usually had body fat elsewhere to match. Not a 14 year old. Ashley's brown hair fell down on the tops of her tits and I realized nothing could possibly be hotter. This girl was the hottest woman on the planet. If only girls' minds were developed and ready for a serious relationship at this age. "Wow," I said as I stared. Ashley smiled in response. I moved my hands up over her tits, pressing each on the outside of her bra. "This has to come off. I have to see these." "Okay," Ashley said, then reached behind her to unhook her bra. Within a moment, she shifted her shoulders a bit so the straps fell off and she tossed the bra to the bathroom floor in the corner. I had thought her bra had been a push up bra, but I was amazed to see they didn't need any pushing up. The bra did little more than bring them together a bit. These huge tits stood proudly and firmly out from her tiny chest. The underside of her tits had a perfect curve up to the small nipple. That curve didn't slope toward the ground at all. The twenty somethings and young thirty year olds that I had fucked recently had absolutely no comparison to these large perky beauties. Emily had come around to see too. "Wow, Ashley. Nice. I wish I was as big as you." I said, "They are nice, but yours are really nice too, Emily." "Not like hers." "Well let's see them," I risked. She giggled then said, "Fine. But don't compare mine to hers!" I put up my hand like I was giving an oath. "Promise." Emily then proceeded to take off her shirt and bra. While she worked on it, I couldn't help but start kissing Ashley again and sneaking my hands up to cup her huge tits and rub her small nipples. She put one hand down on my cock and tugged on it slowly as we kissed. I snuck a peek at Emily. She was now topless and had one hand up and was slightly pinching and twisting one of her nipples. Her tits were insanely perky and firm. They were plenty big compared to most other girls in her grade. At a solid C cup, she had plenty and would probably grow more as she got older. They would certainly be a hand full and more than a mouth full. I broke the kiss with Ashley and went to Emily. "Emily, you are amazing! Your tits are plenty big enough." "Are they?" She gave a frown and cupped one of her tits as if to say, "This is all there is." In response, I immediately bent down to the nipple that she had been twisting since I knew it'd be warmed up. I took it in my mouth and pulled her in close. She let out a giggle at first which then quickly changed into a moan. I sucked on her nipple aggressively, tonguing the stiff tissue and sucking as much of the tit as I could into my mouth. A large part of it went in filling my mouth as I sucked, but I couldn't get all of it in. It was certainly plenty! I pulled away and Emily said, "Oh my God! You sure know how to do that!" I laughed. "Oh yeah?" "Yeah, my last boyfriend just like kissed it and licked it. It did almost nothing for me." Ashley came to me and grabbed one of her tits and held it slightly up (the tiny bit that those firm, perky tits could be lifted) toward me. She said, "My turn." "Yes ma`am," I said jokingly. I bent down and took one of the girls small nipples into my mouth. There was something really hot about how big her tits were but how small her nipples were. I sucked on it just like I had with Emily's. When I sucked on her tit to see how much I could take into my mouth, I got much less than I had with Emily's. It sill must have felt good because I felt Ashley's body shudder and she let out a moan. This girl had to be SOAKING wet. I wanted to make this girl cum. I stood back up from sucking on Ashley's tit and started making out with her again. She responded with lustful intensity. She pressed her body hard against me. My cock went out to my right side this time instead of between her legs. I rubbed the girl's sexy back up and down for a while, then ventured a hand down to the top of her skirt. I stayed there for a moment before pushing my hand under the waist of the skirt. She moaned approvingly, so I continued down under her panties. My hand felt trimmed pubes and continued down to feel the warm stickyness of a woman that was very ready to be fucked. Not quite yet.... I pressed my hand against the whole area of her pussy, knowing that that simple act alone would tease her and drive her wild. As I suspected, she grunted in my mouth as our tongues intertwined. I slowly rubbed her whole pussy up and down covering my hand in her warm liquids. Then I started my targeted attack. I started rubbing her engorged clit up and down with my middle finger. She immediately started whimpering and moaning in my mouth. During this process, I felt first Emily's hand, then her warm mouth on my cock that stuck out the side of Ashley's and my bodies pressed together. I risked a quick break from the kiss with Ashley to look down. The sight was amazing. First, Ashley's topless body squirming in ecstasy pressed against my body with my hand down her skirt then to the topless Emily's hair and back bobbing back and forth on the four inches or so that stuck out. Her waist was so small and sexy and I could just barely see the side of her tit from under her arm that was raised and wrapped around my cock below the part that was in her mouth. At that moment, I realized this was totally worth losing my job if it came to that. My focus went back to Ashley as I felt her body start to quiver and her legs buckle. She started moaning very loud and I knew she was coming. She was getting very loud and I was suddenly aware that someone outside could probably hear it easily. Quickly I said, "Honey, you have to be quiet. Someone will hear." She didn't respond and kept moaning in ecstasy, so I quickly pressed her face into my shirt as she climaxed. She let out one huge moan into my shirt as I held her hair on the back of her head to keep from letting the sound out. With my other hand I held her waist so she wouldn't fall. Her legs were quivering almost uncontrollably by that point. I realized the mouth on the end of my cock had been removed. Emily was looking up at Ashley with her jaw dropped. She still absentmindedly squeezed my shaft with one of her hands. Soon Ashley went limp in my arms, then she started giggling. "Holy shit!" she managed to get out between giggles. Emily started tugging on my cock again as she smiled up at her friend. "I guess it was good? Better than by yourself or any of your other boyfriends?" "Oh hell yes!" she said, finally taking her face away from my chest. She stood on her own feet and looked up into my eyes. She stared into my eyes for a long moment then said, "How are you one of our teachers and how have we not been doing this for three years now?" I laughed nervously. "Well, it's bad enough that you two are fourteen... it would be even worse if we had done this when you were younger." Emily stood up but still kept one hand wrapped around my huge cock. She said, "But we were horny in sixth grade. Ashley and I masturbated all the time thinking about you and other boys. We were ready then!" "No, and you're not really ready now either. Girls, this can only be for fun. I am a grown man and you really are still little girls. This can not be more than just for fun." Ashley looked a little hurt for a moment, though she tried to hide it, then she said, "Yeah, you're right." There was a slightly awkward silence for a moment and I looked at the two topless girls who were lost in thought. Ashley still had her skirt on and Emily still had her jeans and belt on. Their tits stood out proudly and firmly from their chests. They were so insanely hot. "So Emily, are you next?" She grinned. "Hell yeah!" "Okay," I responded, "but you need to take off your belt, jeans, and panties." She looked at me confused. "Why?" "Because I'm going to show you what a real orgasm is." Ashley said, "A real orgasm? So what was that you just gave me?" I laughed. Emily started to unbuckle her belt. "That was just a clitoral orgasm." "There are more kinds?" Emily said as she pulled the belt from her pants and started to unbutton them. "Yes, there are a few. Girls have clitoral orgasms, g spot orgasms, deep vaginal orgasms, and anal orgasms. I'm going to give you a clitoral orgasm at the same time as a g spot orgasm." Emily pulled off her pants. She wore small red panties. "Holy shit!" She pulled off her panties. To my surprise she was completely shaved! "You shave?" I asked. "Yeah, one of my last boyfriends said I should even though he never did anything down there." "You don't have to," I responded. I pointed at Ashley whom I had felt was trimmed. "Nice trimming is enough like Ashley has. But shaving is hot too." I looked at the situation for a moment trying to think of how I was going to do what I had in mind. "Okay, Emily sit on the cabinet so I can eat you out. I will kneel in front of you. Ashley, if you would get below me, I'd love it if you would suck my cock while I worked on Emily." She giggled shyly which jostled her big tits slightly. "Yeah, sure." Emily sat excitedly on the cabinet with her legs closed. I moved to her and pulled her ass to the edge of the cabinet. Then I pulled her legs apart. The instant musky smell of arousal hit me and I was suddenly very excited to taste this little fourteen year old girl's pussy. I knelt down onto my knees and spread them so Ashley could lay on the floor below me. My cock was so long that it was only a couple inches from touching the floor since my knees were out to the sides. It was the perfect amount for Ashley to suck on from beneath. With everything set, I turned back to the warm shaved pussy in front of me. I kissed a few times around the sides and Emily let out a few subdued purrs. Then I suddenly put my hot mouth right around her clit and sucked hard. Emily gasped and threw her head back. Her perky tits pointed up toward the ceiling. I sucked and licked her clit, occasionally dropping down to lick her slit and stick my tongue in her pussy a couple times before I moved back up to her clit. After a minute, I felt two hands grab my cock shaft and then the head was guided into Ashley's mouth below me. She put my cock down in her mouth and sucked hard, milking my shaft up and down with her two fists above her. This girl knows how to suck a huge cock I thought. Where the hell would she learn that? I dismissed the thought and just enjoyed the warm pleasure of my cock wrapped in fourteen year old fists and mouth. It was time to get serious with Emily who was squirming from my mouth. I moved one hand up and stuck my middle finger just a couple inches into Emily's vagina. She cooed in response and said, "Fuck yeah." I then rubbed my middle finger against the top part of her vagina, trying to stimulate her g spot. Soon I felt the tissue responding and growing. Emily grunted and whined above me. I took my mouth away for a moment to say, "Push through it. I know it's uncomfortable now, but you're about to have the most amazing orgasm of your life, Emily." "Okay," she whimpered above me. I went back to sucking on her clit and fingered her g spot more vigorously. She groaned and sighed and squeaked above me more and louder as I went and I knew she was getting close. As I felt, watched, and heard Emily getting close to an amazing double orgasm, I felt my own cock getting the tingle of an upcoming orgasm. Ashley was double fist jerking me off and sucking and bobbing her head up and down on my cock head. She was milking my huge shaft like a pro. Then Emily started to go. First her legs started to quiver, then her abdoman pushed in and out and her breathing was very intense. She threw her head back and put a rough hand against the back of my head smashing my face against her pussy. Then she let out a huge gutteral groan like an animal. I felt her legs spasm and her pussy throb against my face. A tiny bit of female ejaculate came out onto my face and down onto the cabinet. She continued to come and I felt my own climax coming because of the insane experience. I quickly stood up so my cock would suddenly be inaccessible to Ashley below me. If I had let her go even one more stroke, I would have blew my load. Instead, I wanted to fuck one of these girls first, if they could fit me. Emily pulsed and writhed on the small cabinet below me. Ashley stood up and watched Emily squirm. She slowly calmed down to just a fast breathing whimper. With glazed over eyes, she looked up at me and said in a sleepy voice, "Holy shit, dude. What the hell was that?" I smiled and said, "That was what you're missing by fucking around with little middle school boys." "Oh my god," Emily cooed. I turned to Ashley who was obviously ready for more. I didn't even need to say anything. My cock stood out hard and throbbing between us. I simply put my hands under her skirt, pulled down her panties, pushed up her skirt, and pulled her down on top of me onto the floor. She straddled me naturally. Her wet hot pussy went down on top of the side of my shaft. My cock went up past my belly button pointing toward my chest. Ashley started to grind her pussy up and down the under side of my cock. She moaned and leaned down to put one of her big tits into my mouth. I took her left one in my lips and sucked on it. Again I felt a climax coming again as she grinded up and down the almost foot long shaft below her. I stopped her so I wouldn't cum and pulled my head back from her tit. I said, "Ashley, do you want to lose your virginity today?" "Yes," she said hungrily. Then I pushed her up and pulled up my cock so it was vertical. Ashley kneeled slightly and angled her pussy above my cock. Then she pushed down slowly onto my massive pole. She grunted and pushed down and gasped. Only the tip of the head would go in. I was afraid of that. Many adult women had trouble fitting my massive girth. I didn't think these virgin fourteen year olds would be able to fit me. Ashley pushed gently over and over and tried different angles. Finally she looked down at me with sadness and said, "You're too big." "I was afraid of that." Emily had apparently recovered from her whole body orgasm and came over. She stood above us and said, "Can I try? I have fit three fingers in me before." I chuckled sadly. "Honey, I'm a lot bigger than three fingers." Emily said, "Just let me try." Ashley stood and got out of the way. Emily manuvered her skinny body over my massive cock. I swear it looked like my cock was half as thick as her tiny waist. She pushed down against my cock head and made a face of pain. She pushed down and relaxed over and over. To my amazement, each time a slight big more of my cock head went inside her. Then all of a sudden, "Pop." My head was inside her. She ghasped and looked at me with a huge smile. "See?" she said. "Holy shit, girl. You're amazing." Emily grinned that evil grin that I had seen in my classroom just a half hour or so earlier when I got a boner in front of her. She then pushed her pussy down my cock shaft. It was much easier since my cock head was the thickest part. She pushed down again and again and soon she was taking half of my length into her. I watched as she slid down over and over down the 6 inches of my thick cock that she could fit inside her. Her perky C cup tits bounced firmly above me as she moved up and down. She started to moan and closed her eyes. I felt my orgasm building once again. Emily moved faster and harder and I realized she was now taking about three fourths of my cock inside her over and over. She was fucking about 9 inches of huge, thick cock. As I watched my huge rod go in and out over and over, I realized her tiny belly was bulging slightly from the massive cock inside her. I had never seen anything like that and I realized it was going to be the finishing trick that made me cum. I quickly said, "I'm gonna cum, Emily!" She just kept fucking and kept her eyes closed. "It's fine, I'm on birth control." That did it. I felt my cock push several heavy, thick spurts of cum deep inside this fourteen year old sexual goddess. I usually cum a lot, but I knew this time was immense. All the foreplay and buildup ever since the boner in class had fortified my cum load. Now I felt spurt after spurt shoot into Emily. I must have had ten full shots before the contractions subsided. I then realized I'd been groaning deep and low almost like a growl and to my amazement, Emily now rested her pussy all the way down against the base around my cock. Somehow she had forced all 11.5 inches inside of her in the final moments of my orgasm. I looked up at her in amazement. She had a look of total bliss on her face, not the excruciating pain that I had expected. I looked at her tummy and about four inches of my huge shaft could be seen clearly bulging out of her abdomen. I reached up and touched it and felt my own cock head and the last couple inches of shaft through the tummy of this fourteen year old girl. There was no way this girl had never put big things inside her. I had never had an adult woman get ALL of me inside her before, though a couple had gotten close. It was Ashley who broke the silence. "That was fucking incredible. How the hell did you get that huge thing inside of you, Emily?" She gave a long, deep sigh and looked down at me. "I told you I've had a crush on Mr. Summers since 6th grade. I've been pretending objects were him for all that time. I've slowly worked up to bigger and bigger objects until I could fit almost a foot of a baseball bat inside me. I figured that was pretty close to what Mr. Summers' cock was." "That's amazing, Emily," I said in shock. Slowly, Emily stood up, pulling her pussy off my giant cock that had not yet started to shrink. When she got to the cock head, it popped out with a wet noise, then a massive wave of cum ran down my cock from out of her pussy. It had to be a fourth of a cup of warm, white cum that went down my huge cock nearly covering it. It was surely my hugest load ever, and more was still probably inside of her. I finally stood up and got some toilet paper to clean off the massive amount of cum from my dick. It slowly drooped and hung heavily down toward the floor. The two girls cleaned themselves up and got dressed again. I quickly formulated a plan to tell where I'd been to Ms. Walker. I figured I'd say I threw up but I'm okay now. Finally with everyone dressed, I looked back at the two girls, still insanely sexy even while they were dressed. I said, "Okay, I think I did what you wanted plus a ton more. You two have have HAVE to not tell ANYONE about this. I could get fired and arrested and put in jail. Do you understand that?" "Yes," Ashley said. "Yes," Emily also said then added with that evil grin again, "but...." "But nothing, Emily. I could go to JAIL!" "But," she continued, "You have to promise to do this with us every day for the rest of the year." Getting to fuck these two amazing girls every day while at work sounded like a dream come true. As long as I never got caught and these two never told anyone, I was in Heaven. "Yes, I can do that if you don't tell anyone." The two girls smiled, giggled at each other, then left the bathroom. I stood there a long moment trying to digest all that had just happened. Now that it was over, it seemed like a dream. Oddly, the door opened again and Emily's head popped in. Again she had that evil grin that I was beginning to feel uncomfortable about. She quickly said, "Oh, and I lied about the birth control." Fuck.