Europa Universalis 3 Wiki

The gfx folder in the game directory contains many folders that contain the graphics for the game. Changing the files in these folders will make the game use a different graphic for that part of the user interface next time it loads. Each subfolder is a section below.



These are the animations used in game, for Army, Navy, Agents and trade goods. There are separate versions for different culture types such as African, Chinese, Eastern, Indian, Latin, Muslim, North and South American.


This folder contains two folder, objects and scenes which both contain graphics files for African, Chinese, Eastern, Indian, Latin, Muslim, North and South American Province improvements.


These are cur cursor and ani (animated cursor) files. Replace each with the cursor of your choice.

It is unknown if the extension matters, that is to say can a non-animated cursor be replaced with an animated one and vice-versa.


This directory contains tga (Truevision Targa) files. Each one represents one flag. Each one has a size of 64x64 pixels. The folder also contains Flagfiles.txt which has the contains of appearance of the flags in the file.


This folder contains the fonts used in game including several versions for different font sizes.


The FX folder contains fx and a subfolder of textures used throughout the game.


The interface folder contains the information used in the interfaces for the historic versions of the game, EU3, Napoleon's Ambition, in Nomine and Heir to the Throne along with Divine Wind. There are also folders for Advisors and National Ideas.


Loading screens contains the loading screens shown in the background while the game loads.


The mapitems folder contains the tga files and x files that are rendered onto the map. A napolean subfolder contains trade goods shown in game.


The test folder contains other items used to test the rendering engine used in game, it is unclear if these files are used in game under normal operation.