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History\provinces folder is a subfolder of the History folder. It contains the files which detail the history of each province in the game. Each province has its own file, which contains information on the status at game start and events which happen historically to the province.

General information

add_core = SWE
owner = SWE
controller = SWE
culture = swedish
religion = catholic
hre = no
base_tax = 5
trade_goods = grain
manpower = 3
fort1 = yes
capital = "Stockholm"
citysize = 5500
temple = yes #"Domkyrkan i Uppsala"
workshop = yes #"Stockholms borgarskap"
marketplace = yes
discovered_by = eastern
discovered_by = western
discovered_by = muslim
discovered_by = ottoman

Therefore this province is owned, a core and controlled by Sweden. The list details trade goods, tax, manpower and province improvements. Finally the technology groups which know of the province are listed.

Dated information

1436.4.27  = { revolt = { type = nationalist_rebels size = 2 } controller = REB } # Engelbrekt and Karl marsh on Stockholm

Only one event is listed here, more are in the original file. This start date would show Stockholm controlled by rebels.

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