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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine and Heir to the Throne 4.1b.
Please help update this page to include information on the DW expansion.

This list of hotkeys may be incomplete, please add more if you know them

  • F1 = Domestic Management interface
  • F11 = Save a screenshot to the game's Screenshots folder
  • F12 = Save a picture of the world map (since In Nomine) to the game's Screenshots folder
  • Shift + F12 = mapshot of your empire and vassals (since In Nomine)
  • QWERTYUIO = Pages in domestic management interface, if opened
  • QWERTYUIOP = Change map modes when domestic panel is closed
  • C = Curia overview
  • G = Merge multiple armies that are selected and in the same province
  • H = HRE panel
  • L = Ledger
  • R = Split selected unit
  • SPACE = Pause/unpause
  • ESCAPE = Cancel/"no" to most popups and windows
  • ENTER = "Ok" to single-choice popups
  • HOME = Center map view on capital
  • PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN = Step through armies and navies
  • TAB = Open chat in MP
  • Pause/Break key = Pause the game
  • + = speed up the game
  • - = slow down the game
  • mouse wheel = zoom in/out