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This article is accurate for the latest versions of EU3, Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind.

Westernising is a complex and involved process that is required for any lower-technology nation to be able to compete with the Europeans towards the end of the game. Westernising combines both Westernisation and Military Modernisation; while it is possible to play with the lower technology group military, it is strongly advised that units be upgraded as soon as possible. This guide deals with the fastest method of total westernisation and does not Modernise Military at each step. Each step of westernisation requires +3 stability and causes a -5 reduction, so having low stability costs is hugely important; westernising is easy with a small nation such as Pegu and hard with a massive empire such as Ming.

Westernising requirements and effects




  • Move up one technology group (Eastern/Ottomans to Western, Muslim to Eastern, Everything else to Muslim)
  • One province gains 1 base tax
  • Innovative -1
  • Stability -5
  • Gain the western_influences modifier until the end of the game, giving

Modernise Military to Western


  • Not Western military
  • Stability +3
  • Centralization vs. Decentralization -5
  • Have a ruler with administrative skills of 7 or more
  • Nation is not under the effect of Resisting Western Influences


  • Western units
  • Stability -6
  • Centralization vs. Decentralization +2
  • Add action_and_reaction modifier giving the following for 4 years
  • Remove country modifier = "western_influences"

As New World

Your Westernisation is entirely reliant on colonisation by European powers, the best strategy is to get your sliders ready as soon as possible while concentrating on Land technology 3 for Forts. Forts make your land much harder to take and is useful against small colonial detachments. You also need a good Monarch so send the useless ones to go fight natives until they learn to be suitable. Next go to As Muslim technology.

As African

As Sub Sahran African you are able to go looking for Europeans which means Westernising can be done quicker than in the New World. Once sliders are ready and a suitable monarch is on the throne try to border a European nation, try North Africa where the Iberians like to expand. Next go to As Muslim technology.

As Nomad

Nomads can take the fight to the Europeans, a good tactic here is to border an Eastern technology province for the first couple of Westernisation decisions, this is particularly true for the Golden Horde or Timurids. Dealing with extra revolts takes skill but it is possible. Once Westernised go to As Muslim technology.

As Chinese or Indian

Chinese and Indian nations have access to ships, this means they can go hunting for Europeans. A common tactic is to get Military Access along from the Mamluks and the North African nations while trying to find a lower technology nation bordering a European nation in West Africa and to steal a couple of provinces. This gives the border without needing a large continent spanning empire. Next go to As Muslim technology.

As Muslim

If you start as Muslim then your first goal is to get sliders and monarch ready and try to find a European neighbour. Muslim nations start with higher technology than Europeans and you will have to wait about 50 years for the Europeans to develop a technology gap suitable for westernising. Muslim religion countries should consider going to +1 Narrowminded first and using a theologian to enact two religious decisions which allow Missionaries to be produced even while fully Innovative.

If you have Westernised to Muslim then soon you will get one of the following events:

Regardless of the event, select the option Accept their demands. This gives you ten years to complete the Westernisation chain without further nasty events. You especially cannot afford to give up Centralisation. You will also need Stability of +3 to Westernise again so work hard on recovering stability as fast as possible. Next go to As Eastern technology

As Eastern

If you start in Eastern technology it will take a long time for the Europeans to be sufficiently advanced to allow Westernisation, use the time to become a republic and select a suitable ruler. In addition get the sliders ready. It is possible if you stay small and trade effectively to become technology leader without needing to Westernise.

If you have started in something other than Muslim technology then the events listed above will not fire until 10 years after the last time you accepted their demands. If you have started as Muslim then the events above will fire and you should select accept demands. Now you need to complete your final westernisation to Western technology and 100% research rate. Next go to Military Modernisation.

Military Modernisation

Once you are in the Western technology group you need to modernise your military. This requires stability of +3 and a ruler with Administrative skill of 7 or above. This is harder than Westernisning but worthwhile as it prevents the events listed above from firing. Most important is the -5 Centralisation. You have now completely westernised.

General hints

  • Keeping your country small with a large number of vassals is a good idea as they provide income and support you in wars while keeping stability cost low.
  • The National Idea Church Attendance Duty reduces stability costs by 33% which offsets the increase in costs from going Innovative
  • Staying Serfdom will keep stability costs down too which is important.
  • The Patron of the Arts idea combined with a good Monarch can get the Architectural Development event to fire for 2 free Innovative.
  • If you are near Europe try to trade in Wine which further reduces stability costs.
  • Build Churches everywhere, and if you're advanced enough the Spy Agencies also help.
    • If your European nation has a core on your province and you've completed westernisation but not military modernisation it may be worth selling the province off as you do not need a border to modernise military.

Lost stability

You lose 5 stability every time you westernise and 6 when you modernise your military. This means that technology groups below Muslim have to recover 21 stability, Muslim technology nations need to recover 16 and Eastern technology nations need to recover 11.

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